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Back-dated to after Saber's date; Closed

[Kiritsugu rests his sniper scope on the roof of a building located at three-quarters of the way from Shirou's high school to a bookstore. Having analyzed Saber's daily route long before Maiya came, he has opted to choose this location as the best spot to strike. His hands lack any sort of trembling as he holds the WA2000 in his hands, the exceedingly rare model looking directly at an isolated street. The sound would be enough to alert anyone nearby of what is going on, but by the time they reach the scene, he would be long gone. Once Saber eventually revives, covering the points between this location and Shirou's house and the police station should give them a nearly endless amount of opportunities to keep her dead.]

[It's not simply a matter of getting rid of Servants, he realizes. Sure, most of them are a potential threat, which Kiritsugu has never suffered, but Saber in particular would never hurt Shirou.]

[Not directly, anyways.]

[By staying with him, Saber denies Shirou adequate protection. Yes, she may have been nigh-unbeatable back in their world, but here, Kiritsugu has the advantage. He realizes how modern times work better. He knows how to deal with both magi and Servants, especially while the latter are denied their powers.]

[That's why he has to do this. To give Shirou a reason to come back. It's not about his own feelings, he convinces himself, as he has done so many times before. It's simply the most logical conclusion.]

[The sound of a radio. Old-fashioned, undoubtedly, but the inability to be tracked should be helpful.]

Maiya. What's your current location?

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First floor.

[ Her voice is calm, unwavering, and without a hint of emotion to it. This was the best way to handle things - killing Saber first was ideal. If they struck at anyone else, she would be the one to give them away. ]

I won't be detected. [ She's only this low in order to chase after and to drag the body away. It can't be found with a bullet or two in it - that sort of thing would be obvious to some. ] No signs of witnesses from my view.

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[ Her voice is sharp with the full intent of drawing his attention not to what he was doing, but to her instead. A tactic she rarely pulled out in order to keep it fresh for when she did. ]

There's no going back from this. [ Now she's softer with him as to allow the realization to sink in. ] Are you ready to take on that burden?