May. 8th, 2012

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[Sup, Prospero. It looks like you have another newcomer, because there's going to be a pair of curious blue eyes showing up on the feed. Eventually it pulls away to reveal a well-built young man who seems both confused and fascinated by the phone he's just gotten. He doesn't seem to realize everyone can see him...]

Huh. I've never seen technology like this before...looks kind of like a communicator, but...

[He trails off, and he frowns and shakes his head as though to clear it of these thoughts.] What? No, I can't think about that! I don't even know where I am! I've never seen people like the ones here before, I still even on Third Earth?

[He runs a hand down his arm, apparently unused to the fact that it's completely bare.] And how did I lose most of my fur, anyway...?
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[ Evening, Prospero! Have the screeching girl lost in the maze of the Dark Hour from a previous video post now making her official non-Dark Hour debut. ]

Umm... Hi... I'm Yukiho Hagiwara.. I.. I apologize about before...

[ Yukiho looks a little hesitant. ]

Th-The weather sure is getting warm, huh?

[ She finally smiles. ]

I was planning a trip to the beach with a friend later, but then I remembered that the two of us aren't the only ones who have been brought here... So...

[ She pauses, taking a quiet breath in, then out, then she alights with sheer excitement. ]

H-How about if we all go to the beach?! I think it would be a lot of fun! We could go swimming, and dig and bury things and play in the sand, build sand castles, and even have a barbecue! Plus, we could get to know each other a little bit better!


But I would have to get a swimsuit, since I wasn't brought here with one... Hmmm... Uuu...

U-Umm... Would anyone like to go swimsuit shopping with me?

[ The feed blips out. ]

[ An hour later after the video post, this comes up. ]
There will be a beach Party on Saturday, May 19, from sun up to sun down. Please bring your swimsuit and any beach activities, and most importantly, a friend! Let's have some fun as we get to know each other better!

[[ OOC: OOC announcement & plot thread here! ]]
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is it me, or did a whole lot of people disappear in the last few days?
i know people leave sometimes, but isn't this kind of weird?
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Waking up in the beach. )

A) [Video Call | Everyone | Dawn]

[Then he notices the strange object laying on the ground. Picking up the device, he hits a button and a video screen turns on.

He puts his face close to the camera and shouts.]

Hey! Hey! HEY!

Are you behind this? Where am I?

B) [Action | Bayview Hotel | Morning]

[Next step is finding a place to stay. Strangers thankfully point him to the hotel.

He doesn't bother to check in at first, just going up and banging on doors at random to see which ones are empty.

Probably disturbing quite a few people.]


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