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1st Wolf - Not Immortal [Action | Video]

[Free washes up on shore, laying on his back and spitting out sea water. Looking around, he really does not remember how he got here. Did the Kishin cause this? Is he still in some nightmare?

Maybe he has actually washed up on a deserted island! Then there is only one thing to do. Collect coconuts and make a raft with them, then put a harness on a shark and let it guide him home.

Rolling over, he stands up, psyched and ready.

And then he sees the city. Muttering bitterly.]

What sort of deserted island paradise is this?

A) [Video Call | Everyone | Dawn]

[Then he notices the strange object laying on the ground. Picking up the device, he hits a button and a video screen turns on.

He puts his face close to the camera and shouts.]

Hey! Hey! HEY!

Are you behind this? Where am I?

B) [Action | Bayview Hotel | Morning]

[Next step is finding a place to stay. Strangers thankfully point him to the hotel.

He doesn't bother to check in at first, just going up and banging on doors at random to see which ones are empty.

Probably disturbing quite a few people.]
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[Miki's not had a good week, what with spending it dead then waking up to find one of her friends has disappeared. Now there is a crazy man banging on her door.

So, so free will see a ragged looking young woman fling open her door and immediately attempt to knee Free in the gut.]
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Why didn't you just ask the person at the front desk?!
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A) [Video Call | Everyone | Dawn]

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Um, no? And you are in Prospero.
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I am fairly sure that won't work.
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What I'm saying is I haven't heard of a place called Death City. I'm pretty sure you won't find it here.
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Or you could take the ferry like a human being.
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Prospero, part of the old Merican conurbation.

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[Goddammit he's in hospital, with some injuries on his head. And he got this!?]

SHUT THE FUCK UP! [Fire against fire, always worked.]
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Yup, no response. Shizuo's probably laid his head back on his pillow with the video still on.]
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Hell should I know.

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[His blood is boiling already, alright.]

How about this: Tell me where you are and I'll give you a good look on what can I do.
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Video > Action

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Do not trouble yourself. I am going to be fucking there.

[Closing video connection, and he's going to storm to the beach. Wait a minute or two, Free. There might be someone in bartender suit coming with a weapon called bicycle.

You read it right, he's dragging a bicycle with one hand.]
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[Sorry, they might have already passed each other, but when Shizu's mad, he barely look around.

There, you have a head start, Free.]
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[Rapunzel comes to the door when she hears the banging on it, opening it without checking like the still rather naive, sheltered young lady she is and smiling warmly at the man on the other side.]

Hello. May I help you with anything? Are you looking for someone particular?

[just ignore the giant trail of hair that kind of... drapes all over the room behind her. She unbraided it for the night already okay. :|]
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[the first question is ordinary enough, but the second makes her blink, startled.]

Ah... my mother isn't here. On Prospero, I mean. I'm here alone. ... Why?
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I do, actually!

[her confused expression clears up into a sunny smile. Rapunzel is all about being helpful.] There's a few right down this hallway, follow me!

[well... follow the giant trail of hair, really. As she scurries down the hall - in bare feet, of course - her hair just kind of... drags along behind her. And drags. And drags. There really is quite a lot of it...]
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Oh, I love stories!

[she moves so easily in spite of all the hair, practically skipping down the hallway in her bare feet until she reaches a particular door. She knocks lightly once to make extra sure no one's there, then opens the door - it's unlocked]

The rooms all pretty much look the same, but I think the corner one at the very end of this hallway is free too if you want something a bit bigger!
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A [Video]

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[Natalia isn't entirely awake when the phone goes off. But considering the time, it must be important! She answers, trying to appear alert, even though she'd truly like nothing more than to go back to bed.]

Please, calm yourself. There's no need to shout. You are currently located on the island of Prospero, and as far as I've heard, none of us know the identity of the persons re... [At this point she does her best to stifle a yawn with her other hand.]
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Well... [She recovers from the yawn and continues as patiently as possible, though she still sounds a bit sleepy.]

It's just that there are a great number of us to have "washed up" onto this island, so there must be a party responsible for it. I don't believe it's a coincidence.

And what is that?