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... What's Christmas?



Also why the hell does he have a pony lol playercest.

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...the lights everywhere didn't give you a clue, dreck?

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[Facepalm forever]

It's obviously like the Festival of Lights back home, you idiot.

[...nevermind it took him a few weeks to make that connection as well.]

[Video] 1/2

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Should have mentioned this was [Video], eh?

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S-shut up, dreck!


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D-don't be an idiot! It didn't take me long at all!


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It's a big, important celebation!

How could you not know!


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Whoa! Where are you from?



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Doesn't sound like anywhere I know. And it doesn't sound American, I think.

...Are you from Europe or something? I'm pretty sure they do have Christmas...
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It's an important holiday everyone can celebrate.
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It's to celebrate the birth of Jesus Christ. But people like spending the day with their loved ones and giving each other gifts.
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Yes. They accept dollars over here.

[video] - They see me trollin'

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Something about goodwill on Earth and some fat man breaking into people's houses and eating their sugary confections.

[video] The comm did I just had bad timing :x

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Some guy in a red suit, or something along those lines. Breaks in, eats up some food, leaves either toys or coal behind.


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What tradition? Sneaking in like a burglar? Nah, that's all reserved for the one guy.

As far as I can tell, everyone else just spends time with family and friends, maybe exchanges tokens of affection with them.


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Sure. That's a simpler way of saying it.


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Eh, me? ...Nothing in particular, really. World peace, and for everyone to have a nice hot meal?

[The most nonchalant of shrugs. Every possible indicator says that he's telling the whole truth.]


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Christmas is a both a religious and cultural holiday that happens on the 25th of December every year. The religious part can get a rather long, but the basic customs are gift giving, and being together with family or those close to us.


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No problem at all. If you have any questions about this world's holidays, you can always ask me. I'm Saori, by the way.

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Christmas is the holiday to celebrate the birth of Jesus Christ, the only son of God. [Luke it's time to listen to Christianity 101 courtesy of a saint...]

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The son of God, sent from our Lord so that he may die for our sins and allow a chance for man to reach salvation.

oh god this is so late I'M SO SORRY

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He is the greatest man to have ever been, yes. [If only she knew...] However, if you truly have never heard of him, might I guess that you are not from Earth?


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A holiday born of false hope and falser beliefs.

It would be best to ignore it.