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[Allen’s on edge.

Ever since people start attacking and losing their temper, Allen’s been on edge. It doesn’t help at all when he saw the video about V/V and Albedo. That encounter’s fresh on his mind and it get to him. There are times when he can’t possibly protect everyone?

The murders. The assault on V/V. All the arguments.

He’s getting sick of it, that it’s affecting his usual mask; a friendly smile and poker face.

Allen doesn’t want to end up arguing with someone, anyone over the network, or with Kanda, right now. So he decided to head outside and train. Timcampy will follow him, like the loyal golem he is. At least with Timcampy nearby, he can find his way around.

Only the golem doesn’t help when his Persona turn against him. It’s around this time that his phone turns on to record.


[Ignoring his surprised shouts, the Phrygian god will try to stab Allen with his dagger. Seeing the attack, Allen readies his claws and dodge the attack.] Why aren’t you listening to me?!

[Not answering him, Attis just attacks and attacks. Um, someone help?]

(OOC: Allen will respond to video replies after the battle.)

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[AAt Bayview Hotel in the afternoon, you might see something flying around inside the building.

Something small.

Something yellow.

Something...wait, what is that small, yellow flying thing?

A while later, his owner would come out for his dear friend.

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[At the hotel’s kitchen, someone seems to be hard at work. If anyone care to come, they would see Allen making something and putting down strawberry slices on some kind of cake.

By the end, the results turn out to be strawberry shortcake snake. Or rather, snakes. He attempted it earlier, with his results turning out average or not looking quite right in his eyes. In the end, he made...more than he expected.

So after watching his hands, he picks up his phone and turn on the video feed.]

Is anyone interested in having some strawberry...shortcake snakes? [One of the snakes appear on the screen.] I made too many of them. [Which isn’t a lot by his standard, but to anyone else?] Not all of them look good, but they taste great!


Kanda! There's one for you, so you better come here and get it.

[And you better like it you jerk.]


Dec. 24th, 2011 02:43 pm
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[Kanda's looking pretty frazzled today. Too much holiday work, it seems.]

Oi. I know you idiots are busy with Christmas or whatever holiday you're celebrating. But do us all a favor and go tell that idiot beansprout-- Allen Walker-- "happy birthday". If I see him moping around the room one more goddamn time, I'll gut him.

[He's not even joking. Anyhow, that's all.]

...Have a merry Christmas, Hanukkah, whatever.
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…Can we talk?

Good afternoon, everyone. [Allen smile, standing outside of a bakery.] There’s a special sale happening over here, so I was wondering if anyone would be interested in these.

[He move his phone to show…doughnuts. Kitty doughnuts.] I’m going to buy a lot and I’m willing to share them with everyone.

[Because doughnuts.]


Nov. 17th, 2011 12:03 pm
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[There’s a glimpse of something white on the screen. There’s the familiar hair of Allen’s (or is it Neah?) white hair.

Then there’s his clothes. White cape, a mask not unlike those from masquerade over his face, he quirks a smile at the phone. Through the eye holes are glimpses of yellow eyes.


Sensitive little devices, aren’t they? Yet quite durable enough to withstand abuse, but not always. Press something down as much as possible, and they will break.

Always. [His smile grew, twirling the phone in his hand, making those who’s watching the video see a spinning view before he stops.] Not like that matters. After all, there’s things to do and no one want a broken puppet to help them.

No one.
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[There's the sound of quicken breathing, before it slowly calms down to a more steady pace.]

I...I'm alive...

[The unmistakeable voice of Allen Walker. For him, that's the second time he came back to life. His first belongs to a certain Noah, which brought up its own memories of that moment.

This time, the memories of the zombies is still oh so fresh on his mind, as well as--


[He sit up in his bed and looks around, paying no heed to the blood--his blood--all over his clothes. Then, he see his phone and blinks, before smiling. To some people, it's an all too familiar smile.

The damned smile that hides how he really feels.

Allen pick up his phone.

Everyone...I'm back. [A pause.] Are they...gone? Back to normal?

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[Allen looks quite thoughtful.]

Would you stay here, knowing it means being 'normal'? I'm not talking about our Personas, but...our powers we have back home.

[His Innocence and his curse. He lived this long without them. It's still strange to him; it feels...both lighter in burden and yet?]

I admit, I miss having my Innocence and [it's not something he admits openly, but he feels like saying it] the curse on my eye. My arm still looks different, but it's not the same without using my Innocence.

It's like I'm missing a part of myself.
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[Allen's phone seems to have turned on behind his back. It seems like he set it, and his bag, aside for something at the school. There's sounds of giggling, laughter and people apologising inbetween.]

A-Allen, sorry, but you l-look...ahahaha!

I know, I know...But they're not permenant, are they?

[When he come into view, his normally white hair is...well, surprisingly colourful. Red, green, blue, yellow, there's a mess of colours on his head and his face.]

...I'll clean up after we're done.

(ooc: ICly, Allen will reply a little later. Basically, spraypaint happened.)
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[It's in the late afternoon, after school is over for the day, when Allen turns on his phone as he walks to the Golden Heaven.]

Did anyone notice anything about the people in the city? A lot of people seem to be coming to the casino.

[While he don't mind it, since it mean potentially a bigger paycheck, it's so strange to see this large number of people coming to gamble early this week. Usually, Fridays and the weekends have a bigger crowd from his experience.

Later on, throughout the evening, Allen will be dealing out cards to people in the casino with a friendly smile. Care to play a game with him?]

(OOC: WARNING, for those who do want to play cards with Allen, he can and will cheat to win like a pro.)
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[In their hotel room, Allen give Kanda an annoyed look.]

Kanda, you're not even ready to go to work!

[Seriously, he need to get going and Allen's (grudgingly) need Kanda to walk him to school.]


[Later on in the day, Allen switch on his phone at school. His voice sound a bit worried and curious.]

Is there a sickness going around? I noticed that a lot of people are absent from school today.
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[The video is side ways, and the women shown in it is peering down into the camera as if it might jump out and eat her.]

Is this blasted thing even on? What's it doing? I think it's doing something.

[She turns, screen careening to the sky.]

You. You there! Would you help me work this contraption? Better yet, tell me where on God's green earth I am?

[There's a boy's voice answering her for a second, and then the sound of someone running off after a short, rather primal shout.]

Where in the hell is Prospero? I bet one of those little brats did this. Just wait until I get back there. I'll have them in detention until they have kids.

[The video is now mostly obscured by dark, checker print cloth. She's holding the device to her hip.]

Honestly, how rude can those kids be to a little old lady?
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[ basil's been ignoring his notice to go to school for a days now, but ever since, he's constantly hounded by the so-called authorities about his plans. what he'd really like to do is just go home, but that doesn't seem possible at the moment. he's done with school and there's nothing more he wishes to do or learn, and yet there's always something adamant on getting in the way of his free time. not cool, man.

he's also not very interested in getting to know the people here, but even he's smart enough to realize he needs at least one person that has his benefits in mind. maybe two. it doesn't seem like he can get anything done here on his own, in any case. so here's a audio-only broadcast to his fellow prospero inhabitants. ]

Uuuuh- so, summer classes. Anyone going...
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Has anyone seen or experienced anything strange lately?

Stranger than usual?

Also, I heard some people are missing things. Did any of you arrive without any changes?

Even if you don't have anything to say, please message me back. I'd like to get an idea of how many people are actively using this as a means of communication.

Thank you.
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If we're going to stay here for a while, we should find a place to live.

The hotel is apparently free of charge. I have asked the staff there, but they don't seem to know.

[Which is both surprising and suspicious.]


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