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[Okay, so this sudden bout of paranoia was not a good thing. Especially since it was getting worse and she was starting to become uneasy around people she considered her friends, which sucked. But there was at least a few people she still felt comfortable and at ease around, which she was grateful for. And even with this paranoia, she still had gifts to give out.

So April will be going around to people's rooms and delivering these gifts to them;

Here are gifts! )
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*You may have noticed a drought of Weird Things Happening In Town as of late... well, aside from the Shadows, they've all been right on schedule. However, if you were missing the hotel being toilet papered or the streets being covered in rainbows, never fear. Through the streets of Prospero, you may hear something.

And then see something.

"Something", in this case, being a Pop-Tart cat robot the size of a semi, with long rainbow flags trailing behind it, clunking and rolling down the streets blasting the song. The cat head is transparent enough to allow one April Sinclair and the usual suspect, Mila, to be seen directing the thing with a control panel and laughing at passersby's reactions.

React here and/or post calling them -- does Prospero even have laws about driving while on your cell phone?*
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[It's the Dark Hour, in which the number of Shadows is far higher than usual, and April can be seen around the city fighting them as she usually does.

Except she just seems to be... poking at them and watching them flinch away. Since April has recently started to give anything she touches a static shock, she's apparently testing out this ability on the Shadows. Which is why she's merely poking at them and shocking them.

She doesn't look particularly amused by this, but considering she hasn't really been able to touch anything lately, that isn't surprising. So she'll just be going around and giving any Shadows she comes across static shocks.]
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[When April appears on the feed she looks, well, scruffier than usual, with some smudges of dirt on her cheek and her hair a bit messier than usual. But she still has her usual cheery smile.]

Right, so, I got a couple of things to say today, let's see...

... So, ah, can anyone who knows how to sew help me make a Halloween costume, please? I would really appreciate it and I promise to pay you back somehow.

Next thing, who thinks a horror movie marathon in the hotel lobby is something we should have? Since I've heard they're pretty fun.

And- [She's cut off when this little guy pops his head into view to sniff at the phone, before April pulls him away with a quiet laugh.] I found this guy when I was going out for a walk and it looks like he's homeless, so, uh... Hey, Ledah, is it okay if I at least give him a bath at our place?

[The puppy leans forward to try to sniff and lick at the phone again, while April tries to stop him.]
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[The video flickers on to show April happily smiling at the camera, and for those who know her, this is probably the happiest anyone has seen her.]

So, ah, some of you probably saw the post Ledah put up yesterday and um... Well, ah, this is to announce that Ledah and I are now engaged. We're not exactly sure when the wedding will be, but it's possibly during early spring... He or I will let people know what the exact details later.

… Oh, um, I should also announce that he and I are going off the island for a few days on a trip. We'll be back on the afternoon of the 31st and we'll have our phones with us too, if anyone needs to talk to either of us!
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[It's the Dark Hour when this video is recorded, and it shows April looking rather frazzled and panicked, with her Persona hovering behind her. For people who have seen her Persona, who is basically a humanoid rainbow, the naked lady covered in stars is a bit of a change. April is clearly worried about this change.]

M-my Persona changed from a rainbow into a... a naked star lady! And her name is Nut now! I-is this a normal thing or should I be worried?

… And I've also lost a few of my higher level spells... And one of them was a strong lightning spell...

[She groans quietly while Nut continues to float behind her, looking as sheepish as a naked star lady can be.]
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Warnings for tl;dr, angst and death (though not graphic) )

[The video soon flickers onto April, staring at the screen with wide eyes as tears run down her face, her expression shocked and horrified. She quickly realizes that the feed is recording her now, and so with a muffled curse as she quickly wipes her eyes, she turns off the feed.]
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[April had come back from her trip a couple of days ago, but with moving out of her old room and moving in with Beatrice and Chitose, she's been very busy. But, now that everything has been done, April will be going around and leaving gifts at peoples doors in a little box with a note saying “Hope you like this! - April” So, certain people will have their doors knocked and will just find a box outside their door:

Here be plushies. )

And later on in the day, one small redhead can be found curled up in one of the chairs in the lobby. Looks like she's worn herself out with all the running around she's been doing lately and is now just... taking a nap in the chair. Not the best place to sleep, but at least she isn't snoring or anything.]
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[After a long visual absence, a certain witch will make her presence known on the local video feed.]

Good evening, Prospero. If I may, I'd like to request a bit of assistance.
You see, I'm moving. Not only this, but I'm taking on some roommates and we all have quite a bit of things to carry.
So, I'm looking for a few strong men or possibly women to move some of the bigger items.

I will, of course have refreshments for anyone who is up to such a task. And this witch would be forever grateful.~ ♥

I'll be in room 709 packing with the girls.

Oh, but one thing. The reflection figurine...please don't touch that. I'll be glad to move that on my own.

[A pause.]

Anyway, I'll be waiting~! ♥

[[ooc: Chitose, April, and Beatrice will be responding to any and/or all posts. Threadjacking and the like is encouraged. Anyone is welcome to pop in and lend a hand!]]
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[April doesn't look like herself when the feed switches on. Her eyes are red and tearful, despite her rubbing at her eyes to hide it, and she can't even muster up her usual cheerful smile. Instead, she bites on her lip as she tries to stop her shaky breathes.]

Ah, um, j-just to let people know, L-Ledah Rozwelli has left. [Another sharp intake of breath, before she steadies herself again.]

I'll... b-be leaving town for a while, s-so I'm sorry in advance if you need me for a-anything later.

[And the feed cuts off here.]
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[When the video feed turns on, the image is blurred, as though the phone is being moved fast. Though it soon steadies and focuses on one April leaning against a wall, who looks worn-out and covered in cuts and scrapes, and there's one heavily bleeding wound on her shoulder, but she still manages to give a wry smile.]

So, ah, I'm guessing the newest thing is having your Personas attack you, huh? Ugh, I didn't know they would hit this hard... [There's a slight grimace in pain, before she keeps speaking.] Anyway, I think maybe-

[She's cut off by a bright flash of light which completely obscures the video, and a loud crack, and when the feed clears again, the phone is on the ground a few feet away from April, who is picking herself back up from the ground with a pained groan and a muffled curse. And in front of her is a humanoid rainbow, her Persona. And electricity is already crackling around it again as April gets onto her feet and readies her rifle, glaring up at it.]

Agh, son of a- Fine, c'mon then!

[And it's with another blinding flash of electricity that the feed ends. Any phone replies might be late, due to Persona fighting.]
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[Seems like the phone still records things without people being unaware, as the phone flickers on and shows two women, Beatrice and April, who both seem to be in Beatrice's room. And April, well... seems to be wearing a red, lace teddy and looking incredibly flustered and nervous about it. Especially when Beatrice just casually goes to readjust April's chest.]

... What're you doing?

You're squishing them. Let me fix them. It doesn't look right unless you're almost spilling out.

... W-w-w-why do they have to be, uh, s-spilling out?

You want to be enticing, riiiiiight~?

I-I guess, but... T-t-this just feels kinda embarrassing, and what if h-he doesn't like it?

Then women aren't his preference and you should consider moving out.

I-I couldn't move out! …
… A-are you done, um, f-fixing them?

Juuuust about....there. [Beatrice stops with the readjusting and moves away from the incredibly nervous looking redhead.] Perfect. A little dusting of powder and you'll be a knock out.~ ♥

...... Y-you sure?

Of course! You look like a delicious gift. All you have to do is go home and let him...unwrap you.~

W-w-w-what? I-I, um-[And this is when April spots the phone and notices it's recording. She promptly makes a sound that almost sounds like vocalized key-smashing and is hiding behind the curtain within the next moment. Beatrice, on the other hand, is completely calm about this and just smiles as she turns to look at the phone.]

Oh, my, my, my! Look at this! You have an audience. Now we can get a proper opinion, hm~? ♥

W-WHAT?! N-n-n-no!

(OOC: Joint post with April and Beatrice, and they will both be replying to responses.)
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[Really, it was just an average patrol during the Dark Hour. Nothing strange or unusual about it and April was just about to continue patrolling after having finished a fight with some Shaodws... until she caught what looked like pale green glowing eyes in the reflection on a nearby window. That wasn't normal.

So, April responded in her typical manner; by jumping away and freaking out a bit.]

What the hell-?! [Wait.

Waaaaait that's... her? A closer examination of the reflection shows that, yep, the glowing eyes are her own staring right back at her. The glow soon fades and her eyes are back to her usual color, but that hadn't happened here before. Her eyes glowing were normal back home when she was using her powers though...]

What the... how did...?

[Of course, the loud yell she made and her not paying attention quickly lead to her being surrounded by Shadows. Cue a sigh as Iris appears behind her, her eyes taking on that glow again. She's strong enough to fight them off, but fighting them on her own won't be that easy.]
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[April is incredibly nervous today, since, y'know, it's Valentine's Day. Usually she wouldn't care, but now she's got a boyfriend, so she wanted to get him something special. Sadly, she lacks the actual nerve to give said gift to him..

So, anybody down in the lobby today will see her just pacing around with a large-ish bag clenched in her hands, and looking clearly indecisive of what she should be doing. Sometimes she looks like she's gonna head towards the stairs, before she changes her mind and sometimes she gets her phone out, before quickly putting it away again.

So, she's just gonna continue pacing... and pacing. She may be at this for a while.]

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[April has been busy the last few days; with all this stuff about the church going on, April needed to get her computer lab set up for some info gathering. Plus, there's that whole Valentine's thing, which has made her more anxious, and she needed to get something she promised she'd get for someone. So today, April can be seen around town either:

1.) Walking down the streets carrying a pile of boxes; this wouldn't be too much of a problem if the boxes didn't block her vision, so she currently can't see where she's going. Luckily, she has been able to to avoid bumping into anyone, even though a few times her tower of boxes almost looks ready to topple over and it doesn't help that she's carrying a few bags too. Don't worry though, she'll try not to walk into anyone.


2.) Later in the day, April has decided to go to the park and is now seated underneath one of the tress there. And she's tinkering with... something, humming to herself as she does so. Judging by the faint frown on her face, the tinkering doesn't seem to be going to well (the thing may have just sparked at her for a moment there), but she continues to hum while she works.]
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[April rarely ever got sick; the last time she got sick was when she was a child. But messing around in the snow plus having been up for most of the night before resulted in April catching her first cold in years. She had felt fine that morning, but by the time she was at work, her boss told her to leave before she coughed and sneezed all over everything and everybody.

So now she found herself in the hotel lobby, having taken a seat in one of the chairs and finding that she just felt too tired to move. And any attempts to use the phone to ask for good ways to get rid of a cold only resulted in her staring at the phone for a few moments before putting it away, her head far too achy and fuzzy to be able to word anything properly.

So, she curls up in her chair with a sigh... followed by a loud sneeze.]

... Ugh... I forgot how much being sick sucked...
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[April has never really celebrated a holiday where you give gifts to others, so she wasn't really sure what to give people at first. Combine that with the fact that she really wants to give people good gifts for Christmas resulted in a rather panicky April, but she soon decided to make things for people. So, today she'll be going around and delivering these gifts to people, each wrapped simple wrapping and in small-ish packages:

In which April cooks quite a few things. )

Feel free to meet her at your door, or to contact her on the phone later in the day.]
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[Today is April's birthday, and while April has never even really celebrated her birthday before, she thought that after that whole 'fighting with your doubles and face your issues' thing, it would be nice to have a bit of fun. So, she decides to buy one new dress for herself (since it's thick enough to protect against the cold), and also decides to buy this thing called a 'kite'. It had caught her eye when she was walking past the store and after asking the store owner about it, it sounded like it could be fun.

So, she's found a large-ish open area in the park and is now trying to fly the kite. 'Try' being the keyword here since she manages to keep it in the air for a while before it crashes into a nearby tree... o-or into anybody nearby. So if you're in the park today and see a kite crash land into a tree or get whacked in the back of the head by a kite, the sheepish looking redhead is the reason behind it.]
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[When the video flickers on (looks like it got turned on by accident) it shows the image of April pressed up against a wall... with what seems to be pole skewered through the area beneath her shoulder, which is pinning her there. She looks more annoyed than in pain though as she tries to pull it out, but she's not having much luck. And standing in front of her is her Shadow, with electricity faintly flickering around it and chains laying at it's feet.]

Of course I would have to force to make you listen, we're always far too stubborn to go along with things we don't want to do.

[She doesn't give a reply and just stares coldly at her Shadow as she continues trying to pull the pole out.]

But you know I'm right. How could I be anything else but a monster after what I've done? After all the people I've hurt and killed over the years...

[April visibly winces at that, and there's now a look of guilt and pain on her face. The funny thing is that she knows how to get rid of her double, but she just couldn't accept it, not after keeping this all bottled up for years and years.]

... I-I know that-

And despite feeling guilty, I continue to hurt others. I couldn't be the daughter my parents or Quinton wanted, I can't be the leader my group needs, I can't protect those I promised to look after, I can't be the friend that the people I care about deserve. So I fight and kill, since I can't do anything else right. I want to help others, I want to be accepted and mean something to someone, despite what I am and what I've done, but who would care about someone like me? So I hide everything away; wanting to reach out to others but too scared of being thrown away again. A sad, cowardly, pathetic monster; that's all I am.

S-shut-up! Just stop it! I'm not- [And her sentence gets cut short by the chains that move from her doubles feet to wrap tightly around her neck; despite her attempts trying to pull the chains off, they don't budge and just seem to become tighter instead..]

... If you won't accept me, then I guess it'll be alright to kill you instead.

[In reply there's a few gasping and strangled sounds from April as she struggles to say something.]

What was that-

Ga... G-Garu!

[And with that, her persona appears and a violent wind knocks her Shadow back and the chains drop to the ground, as well as allowing her to finally be able to pull out the pole that was pinning her to the wall. She stumbles forward with a sharp, pained gasp and a few harsh coughs, before finally taking notice of the phone laying on the ground and reaching down to grab it. This is when the feed cuts off.]

(OOC: She'll respond to anyone that calls her back, but she won't be able to talk for long due to being busy with her Shadow.)
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[When April went out during the Dark Hour, she was just expecting to fight some Shadows as usual. She was not expecting to run into a Shadow that turned into, well, herself. But it wasn't her; her doubles eyes were a cold and eerie bright gold and her expression was so... blank and emotionless; the complete opposite of how she usually is. And when her double started to speak, she did not like what she had to say.

So people out during the Dark Hour may see two Aprils standing face-to-face, the normal one glaring and on-edge while her double is impassive. Though her Shadow soon vanishes, leaving April to just blink at the empty spot in shock.]

... W-what the...?


[Sometime after the encounter with her Shadow, April decides to speak to the others in Prospero. While she tries to hide it, it's clear that she's spooked.]

So, uh, you guys remember that message we got sent a few days ago? About facing ourselves or whatever? Well, I, um, think it meant that literally; I-I saw a Shadow that turned into me a-and it said stuff only I would know...

H-has anyone else seen something like this?


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