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[ At least this time there's less surprise - not that it's actually noticable no matter what, since David is pretty much always calm - when he finds himself in this place. And it's not actually like he minds being here in good company and he figures he was probably summoned here for some good reason again, so.. he seems reasonably content as he speaks. ]

I assume I found myself in Prospero once more. [ not that he has that much of a sense what happened inbetween his last visit and now.. ] So do not worry about having to provide an explanation to another person. Instead I am merely curious as to how many other people are still in this place as well.

[ short and to the point. ]
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[ What better way is there to deal with woes but to focus on a task, right?

And so David decided he should at least take care of the Shadows troubling people, so during the Dark Hour he is out all across town with his new toy. Or rather, actual weapon, considering he has much more than one of those toy kiddy slingshots; his own slingshot. Hamesh Avanim. And even though it's not exactly the same as back home, it still works easily to take out Shadows - with a little help from his angel Persona as well. It's much easier to just continue doing this, to help people out in a way, to not have to think of anything else.

You might come across him slinging rocks at Shadows with said slingshot or his Persona Michael.

... Or you might find a rock flying riiight past your head - a decently sized one too, the kind that could knock you out pretty easily - only to hit a Shadow a little distance away from you. It's okay, David's aim with his own slingshot is perfect, so he'd never actually hit someone on purpose.

(Feel free to yell at him for it, though.) ]
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[ Since David's in town, that can only mean one thing. He has to test the locally manufactured slingshots, right?

So if you're out around town today, just during the day, you might find David - although he's actually gotten a coat and pants now, okay, nobody walks around barechested with shorts in the middle of December (but it's okay, David looks pretty good no matter what he wears) - all over town; in the park, in the streets, anywhere at all. He has a slingshot in his hand, but you will probably notice very quickly it's the kind of slingshot a kid would buy at a toy store rather than an actual weapon. Not like he knows it's a toy, he just thinks the quality of slingshots around here sucks now. :|

Either way he will entertain himself a little by testing it though, and even with a crappy kiddy slingshot he is still very good. He manages to hit slight small icicles that have formed from roofs or trees with precision even from a fair distance and other targets, both small and big. (Although he won't aim at anything living right now, don't worry..)

Feel free to witness him in the act. Or strike up a conversation about it with him. ]
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[ When the video feed clicks on, there's actually some more silence for a few moments as the man frowns slightly - as if in concentration - at the device. But then when he notices it's working now, that he figured it out, his expression eases up a little to form a more neutral face. This person doesn't seem panicked about the situation in the slightest, even if he might be curious. ]

I assume this device is working now. [ Thankfully the grail's influence and all that helps slightly with figuring out this sort of things. He takes a deep breath, as if preparing himself to speak. His voice is rather composed, reassured. ] I have been summoned to this place. For what purpose, I do not know yet. [ But there is a purpose, there has to be, he knows. Even if he's not here as a Servant exactly, there's always some sort of purpose when God is involved. All he has to do is figure out what, and that thought steadies him, makes him as calm as always. ]

It seems this summoning was quite.. unconventional though. And though I do know that I should be giving out my name first before asking any questions as a sign of good will, I am not quite sure if it would be right to refer to myself as 'Archer' when I have not entirely been summoned as such this time. Still, any information at all concerning my current predicament would be appreciated.

[ a slight nod, almost to himself more than anything. ]

The living God will surely repay you for your kindness.


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