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[ Wow, look at this. A new video feed starts suddenly from what it seems to be a desk. Around the device, many papers and ink can be seen, so it's correct to assume that the owner of this record is someone who has been written a lot of stuff.

Maybe that familiar voice will clear any doubts. There is a sound of some papers, as if he's organizing what he's going to read. ]

'Oh, Goddess who gaze upon mine heart,
hast thy harshness know no limit?,
This mere man who found love in thine land,
dost he have to struggle so far for thy benediction?'

'Thou art a curious one, mine human acquaintance,
to come here and kneel for a goddess you dost not worship,
yet, here I find mine self, gracing thee with mine voice,
for an answer to thy questions.
Let it be known! What I claim as mine shall always be mine,
and he wilt do as I say, if I were to listen to his pray.'

'So cold yet so kind, wilt thou ever display such act
in those pieces thee seem to like?
If a voice appears to be calm, thy will is to make them disappear,
but if their voices pleases thy ears,
then thy wish is for them to depart thine land.
If I were to say, mine dear friend, thee art known for being
such an impulsive one!'

'No other man has ever speak to me in such way,
I give thee such brevity and will, man of words,
yet, as I see it, thee art not different of what you once were,
am I right, puppeteer of many worlds?'

'Flatter as I am, I must accept your words,
but in this stage, thy pieces are far different from mine ones,
Let us give this array a chance to prove themselves,
worthy of the praise they so deserve.'

[ Before he could continue, Shakespeare yawns a bit. It appears to be that someone has been working so hard in writing a new play that he hasn't been sleeping for a while. He glaces the rest of his papers, when he notices that the device is recording. Oh... ]

How careless am I, to have not notice my audience sooner. Mine apologizes, Prospero, and in exchange, you have been part of my new play. Ah, it seems I have lost track of time in this cage of mine. [ He lets a small chuckle out at that. ]

Will someone be so kind to explain this mere playwright what did he miss?

[ A smile, and then he politely ends the feed.

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[ Well, after the incident of the love confession that got broadcasted, William Shakespeare had some quite busy weeks, but in this day, April 23rd, he starts a new video feed, of course sitting on his Theater. He seems to be singing some papers and sipping a cup of wine before he addresses the camera. ]

Such calm days bring such new faces, is it not? Perhaps we could form a Welcome Committee for those wondering souls that arrive to this stage. In every play, the narrator helps the audience to understand the story, and for this new characters, being graced by the kindness of their role would be wonderful, am I right?

[ He makes a small pause at that. Everyone knows that he enjoys rambling like this..... ]

Now, such tragic outcomes have we seen so far, will they ever cease? [ NOT THAT HE MINDS BECAUSE HE'S FOND OF THIS DEATH THING TOO MUCH. ] 'There is occasions and causes why and wherefore in all things.' "King Henry V", Act 5 scene 1 We must be careful then.

[ And now for the real reason of this broadcast.... ]

And so another year goes by for this mere playwright! To think I would commemorate the day I born here, let it be known that this is truly interesting for mine spirit. I will rejoice in mine fifty-third year of life.

[ Yes, this was all to say that today is his birthday. Gotta love the troll and that. He polite smiles and ends the feed. ]
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[ Well, after the Masquerade Ball weeks ago, he finally has time to broadcast over here a new video that he's not aware of. At first, the screen seems black, but after some minutes it gives a image of a feminine hand holding it.

Then the sound of a door opening brings that hand to leave the device in the desk. Now you can see a pretty woman's back, facing said door where an amused Shakespeare is now. It appears to be happening in the Theater, if you are familiar with the background around them. Shakespeare leaves his coat on a chair and chuckles lowly. ]

Such a nice surprise I am to find here. I did believe you were traveling, but I must have been mistaken. How do you fare, Melissa?

William, I'm always happy to see you. Each time I see the marvelous plays you present and how wonderful you have been managing my Theater. I knew that leaving that up to you was the best choice!

[ While he does like the ego boost, he's really curious why she's here. ]

Ah, such praise for the previous owner pleases me to end. Now, even I find myself lost in the curiosity of the reason you are here. I was not aware that you would come to visit.

I... Well, there is something I must confess to you, William..

[ Oh, shit. He knows where this is coming. But he has to play the gentleman and listen anyway. He makes a thoughtful pause and then nods to her to keep going. The woman, whose hair is red, blushes a bit before speaking again. ]

After meeting you, I.. I couldn't stop thinking about you. I have come to realize that I have fell in love with you.

[ Shakespeare makes a calm expression. ] 'I am not bound to please thee with my answer.' [ Surprising none, he's quoting himself.... ] But my own heart belongs to a certain woman who has me at her mercy and she has answered my deepest feelings.

... I thought so. Is it the girl with bright pink hair you always speak to here? I want to know the woman I lost to.

Yes, that would be her. If you wish to know her name, she goes by the name of Francis. I--

[ He cuts himself when he notices that the little device is turned on. Oh....... He chuckles lightly at that. ]

Perhaps she can join us soon. My heart tells me she will arrive soon.

[ The woman makes a confused expression and then Shakespeare ends the feed. ]
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[ Oh, it's been a long time since Shakespeare posted something, beside that small thing back at then. He had to admit that he enjoyed the past days thanks to all the stuff that where done here. It's quite obvious for those who know him that he went popcorn.gif at everything. The point is that he's making a new post anyway. ]

Good evening, everyone. The past days surely were quite busy in our lives, so I come to offer something to look up to, if I were to say.

[ He's recording it from inside a Mansion. Yes, that's what he was doing as well. ]

I have finally acquired this place as a my home. And to celebrate and bring joy to everyone, I plan to Host a Masquerade Ball soon. This mere playwright invites you all to a moment of entertainment, the date to be still decided. If you have any questions, come to me so I shall clear any doubts.

[ A small smile, quite amused. ]

'How far that little candle throws its beams! So shines a good deed in a naughty world.' Francis, the doors are always open for you here, as you know it.

[ With a small chuckle, he ends this. ]
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[ It's night time, but not the Dark Hour yet. When a new feed starts with a heavy cough from a familiar voice, followed with a low chuckle. ]

I'm afraid I cannot even place where the hospital is now and the Dark Hour is about to begin. Scarlet liquid that flows from a fresh wound, I do wonder...

[ Another cough, the voice clearly belongs to Shakespeare, which could use some help right now. The Dark Hour begins, and it's clearly a problem for him to be out so freely, wounded in the streets.

So, minutes later, trying to avoid all the battles, he ends crossing paths with a group of Shadows. Oh, he's screwed. Unless...]

'I am thou, and thou art I.
Death is a fearful thing, and for that I will grant you my power.
The goddess Hel arrives to the stage.

[ Congratulations, Shakespeare! He gets his persona who eliminates the Shadows. However, the feed ends with a heavy sound of someone falling in the floor. ]
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[ So, after such battle in which he just watched from far behind, he figures it would be a good time to give announcements, and probably enjoy himself. Because let's face it, he enjoys the praise and the trolling so much that it should be illegal by now.

And so, when the video starts, he's in the Theater, of course. He gives everyone a polite smile. ]

Good evening, Prospero. Such an impressive battle that all of you performed yesterday, to all your hard work, the audience shows its gratitude. [ Gotta love him. ]

Speaking of such, I wanted to inform you all that our first performance will be "Julius Caesar", as many of you are quite familiar with the tragedy. I planned to perform Henry VI, but for that I would require more time. Ah, such a pity, but the young actors are such an amateurs sometimes. [ Sorry, not everyone can be like you, troll. ] I do hope that you will come and enjoy the stage I prepare for you all, my dear audience.

[ All the pleased smiles all the time, praise him! He speaks with someone off camera, which can be assumed that is ordering some actors to act again the same scene. Multitasking: Level Shakespeare. ]

Oh, fellow servants of the Grail War, specially the Archer and Saber class. As a member of the first one spoke some days ago, a tournament between the two of you should rise soon to see which one is the best one, correct? As the judge, [ YEAH GOTTA LOVE HOW HE LIKES TO BE POPCORN.GIF IN ALL OF THIS THINGS. ] I would like to set up a date for the next month, if you all agree. If I were to say, perhaps we could begin in the seventeenth? [ :D ]

In another note, I am looking for a new house to accommodate myself. There are some basic luxuries that I am accustom to, despite the new era, that I wish to do. If you can bring me any information, you will have my deepest gratitude. If someone wishes to speak with me in person, finding me would not be such a hard task, am I right?

[ A chuckle, followed by a small bow, and the feed ends. ]
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[ It's been a while since Shakespeare did something in public, besides keep observing from the shadows and avoiding the fights he's not good at, so he decided to make another entrance as a video this time. And with something he has been wanting to do since he arrived here. To survive in this new era he needs a job and stop leeching from everything he can get for free.

And he's expensive as Hell. This is why he requires a Master, to pay for every single thing he likes, but that's not what this post is it about. Today you can see the Great Shakespeare going to Prospero's Theater. And we all know this cannot end very well.

For some minutes, the screen goes black before focusing again in the doors as the playwright opens them and makes an entrance. Inside there are the actors in the stage for their practice when the Director speaks to Shakespeare to leave at once. Which of course he didn't do. ]

I have seen your plays and the way you teach the young ones to perform in their stage, and I can express how disappointed I am. There is no feeling or life that the audience can receive from such empty play. You only play for yourself and not for them, ignoring what beauty the stage and roles can provide you. I came here today to strip you from your charge and remove you from your place where I plan to stand starting from today, good sir.

[ There's a minute of silence, as Shakespeare continues. ]

Allow me to demonstrate everyone how this role should be played.

[ For those who were curious about how amazing Shakespeare was when he lived, here it comes the proof. He stands in the stage and drops his cape, his completely aura feels different at the moment he closes his eyes. The moment he opens them again, his voice raises and his body language changes as well. ]

"I must prevent thee, Cimber.
These couchings and these lowly courtesies
Might fire the blood of ordinary men,
And turn pre-ordinance and first decree"

[ For those familiar with Shakespeare's works, he's performing Julius Caesar play, putting himself in the role of Caesar. He walks in the stage, his gaze firm with the posture of an emperor. ]

"Into the law of children. Be not fond,
To think that Caesar bears such rebel blood
That will be thaw'd from the true quality
With that which melteth fools; I mean, sweet words,
Low-crooked court'sies and base spaniel-fawning."

[ He stops and raises his hands dramatically, each word being said with such feeling enough to provoke and touch the crowd that watches him. He then speaks strong again, as an Emperor would do in such situation. ]

"Thy brother by decree is banished:
If thou dost bend and pray and fawn for him,
I spurn thee like a cur out of my way."

[ And finally, with his eyes sharp and great as if the same Julius Caesar were standing in front of everyone, Shakespeare speaks again the final lines of his role. ]

"Know, Caesar doth not wrong, nor without cause
Will he be satisfied."

[ He stands for a few seconds, before all the actors start applauding him, amazed by such performance. The old director takes his leave after Shakespeare smiles to him triumphantly, then he claps his hands together and orders everyone to return to work. He introduces himself as William only, to avoid being called a crazy one. Minutes later, he picks the device again. ]

Prospero, I'm looking for new faces to perform in my stages. Do you think you can perform in the roles I give to you? I have high expectations of many of you, after all. Do not worry, we will start with a classic one of my plays that many of you are fond of. Please, be looking forward it.

[ A polite chuckle and he ends the feed. ]
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[ It took him some time to finally decide to use the device, but here he is, using the small text device for an important question that he must know soon. ]

If thou shalt choose a role
which wilt be the one that suits thou the most?

The stage placed shalt be thy life, oh Lord,
for thee I'll write only one fate,
and if thou shalt tell me, mine piece,
the curtain will raise for thee.

[ Priorities, Shakespeare has them. Besides, he first needed to know the actors of this new stage. ]


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