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[ Press all the buttons again and you have a Diao Chan in the screen again. She seems to be walking to the bar for her job as a dancer there nothing kinky or Lu Bu murders you all by the time she starts this feed. Adapting to all this new era is quite hard, but she doesn't give up yet. And there's a smile in her face as well. ]

Good evening, People of Prospero. My Lord and I have been adapting quite well to this new era. There are so many things to learn, but it should not trouble us for now. You all have my gratitude for offering us your help.

In order to learn more, I was told that it is quite common for women to give handmade tokens of love to they loved one. San Valentine is close, and thanks to Lady Hakuno, I am being able to create some chocolate for him. I do, however, have a special request in information. It would please me greatly if someone could answer this.

[ Here it comes... ]

Where do I can learn to craft an armor? I am quite aware of the ones that are being sell here, but I want to be able to make one, as a token of my love. You will be rewarded for your help, of course. Thank you for listening.

[ Yup, ancient Chinese beauty wants to make an armor. Sue her, her lover doesn't need a teddy bear. They are too mainstream. ]
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[ A black screen strikes out first, and then it shows what it seems to be a hand, followed by the view of a beautiful woman. There’s a large pause, before said woman says something. ]

My Lord, it appears to be that this strange artifact will allow us to communicate with other people here.

[ Because after spending some days around and watching it, that was what Diao Chan could figure out. That and asking around the people in the stores... ]

Is there anything you want to do with it? [ The man’s voice comes from outside the screen, and he doesn’t seem to be planning to get into sight anytime soon. After a few days, and fighting a few shadows, he knows this place is not something to take lightly, so he’s alert for any possibility of attacks. Also, socialization is Diao Chan’s thing. Yep. ] For what we have seen, the people here are really chatty when it comes to sharing information.

It would be wise to know more about this strange place, if you allow me to seek some information for us, Lord Lu Bu. [ She makes a pause, her eyes looking at him calmly, even smiling at him a bit. ] And perhaps, there would be someone that can provide you with information for a challenge that you can enjoy, as I am quite aware of how those creatures for the darkness are no match for your abilities. [ Yeah, DiaoChan being DiaoChan. ]

That should do. [ There is an “o rly” chuckle following that, anyone asked for a big ego? XD ] If there is such a thing as a worthy challenger here, I am much looking forward to facing them.

Then let our presence be known. [ She turns to that strange device again. ] Excuse me, good people of this Land whose name it is still unknown to us. We arrived here a few days ago, and this place is quite different to the one we came from, but worry not, Lord Lu Bu is here. [ Advertising starting in three...two... one... ]

My name is Diao Chan, I am just a maiden that follows her Lord in this strange land. We seek some information about these creature of the darkness that appear in the night. My Lord wishes to face a stronger enemy of the darkness but we do not seem to have a vast knowledge about this place yet. Let it be known that your kindness will be rewarded soon, as I swore it for the name that my father gave to me. You have my gratitude for listening to what I have said.

[ Isn’t she the best waifu ever? She smiles again, quite nicely this time, assuming that this device will end soon! But in the meanwhile, she goes next to her Lord and pretend to be a damsel in distress, maybe she can enable him to go to a Mc Donalds because she’s hungry.

And this “maybe” totally means that anyone doing action can find mr. armored man and miss dancing lady in a Mc Donalds. Having burgers and fries. ]

[OOC: Yep, so magical joint intro post between Waifu Diao Chan and Husbando Lu Bu.
Any of the two may reply, and don’t be surprised if Miyu and Kai start threadjacking each other. And yes, for action you can find them having dinner in mcdonalds. Don’t steal Lu Bu’s french fries if you value your life.]


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