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[Anyone out and about during the Dark Hour tonight is likely to spot one unfamiliar looking girl casually walking around. Aside from some seriously outdated clothing (who wears a kimono these days honestly), there may be something else that seems off about her... Those aren't horns on her head, are they? Hey hey, is this a person or a Shadow walking around?

No worries though, if you were actually wondering that you'll get your answer quite soon as a few Shadows promptly decide that now would be a good time to attack the strange young girl. n__n --WAIT A SECOND THIS GIRL IS A KID THIS CAN'T BE GOOD!!

Just when it looks like she's DONE FORRRR though, the girl slips something from behind her back--is that a weapon or just a metal log?!--and easily slams it into the enemy Shadows, taking care of them without much trouble at all. The last one squirms in agony as she plants her weapon firmly into the ground, and thus through the Shadow, as she comes to a realization.]

It feels almost heavier somehow... No. Perhaps I've become slightly weaker?

❪ VIDEO ❫ 

[And sometime later when the horns have disappeared... Oh look there's a kid on the network won't that be nice.]

Christel-sama? Gintoki-sama? Are either of you here? I can't imagine Christel-sama dumping me in some unknown city so casually, but I guess that sounds like Gintoki-sama nonetheless. If you really wanted to get rid of me though, you should have signed the divorce papers when you had the chance. Ahh, isn't it a sad story? A young man who was bamboozled into love, only to realize it was nothing more than a farce... [OKAY NEVER MIND NOT NICE AT ALL.]

Which is to say hello, everyone. I am not really used to this kind of thing as shikigami paper is a much more convenient method of communicating, but again, hello. I see no need to give my name to people I have no obligation to, but if possible I'd like to ask for something anyways.

In case it wasn't obvious, I'm looking for two people. One of them is a beautiful young lady whom I serve, so if you do anything to harm her in any way please know that I will kill you without hesitation or mercy. On the other hand, if you manage to spot a slob-like person with ridiculous permed hair, please notify me at once. It is very irresponsible of him to let me run around like this. [DOUBLE STANDARDS MUCH???]


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