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[ Sup, Prospero? This morning, a certain total badass awkward teenager is staring you down! It would be scary if he didn't look nervous as all hell. He'll be twice as embarrassed as soon as he realizes he has no idea how the hell to work this damn phone. AWKWARD CONFESSION TO ALL OF PROPSERO GO. ]

U-uh, hey. Amagai-sen-- no, Y-Yukiko.

Uhm, I was wondering...

I mean, it's kind of sudden and all but...

Geez, why is this so hard?

Ugh, forget it. I didn't say anythin-- no, I can't be like that.

Yukiko, I--

That is, would you, I mean, if you're not busy, or doing anything else, or have anyone else, or anything like that.... uhm...

Would you be my...



[ holy shit he finally said it but oh god the blushing he's just going to cover his face with THE MOST ADORABLE PLUSHIE OF THIS PANDA DOG YOU'VE EVER SEEN. And yes, he made it himself. Which is pretty much why he's been so silent these past few weeks. Oops. ]

I-I mean, if you don't, that's... that's okay too, I guess. I... er... just, let me know.
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[ Accidental Video ]

[ You would figure by now, somebody would notice how easy it was to accidentally set these phones off and make them start recording and maybe, you know, fix them. Because it's happened again. But this time it's not some secret affair or helpless person experiencing shadows for the first time. What you see unfolding on the screen looks like a teenager trying to pick a fight with kids a little younger than himself. Wow, what? That hardly seems fair! ]

The hell do you punks think you're doing? Get out of here! Scram!

[ ...Yet amazingly, all it took was a few swings and punches at the air to scare the kids away. Of course, doing so reveals another child curled up on the ground, hugging a plush bunny to her chest. Of course, the big and scary teenager makes his way over to her, but with a much different aura about him this time. He actually kneels down to her level and gives her head a pat. ]

You okay, kid? ...Damn it, they really did a number on him, didn't they? Here, lemme see him.

[ Yes, he just whipped out some thread and a needle. And he is totally sewing the bunny back up like nobody's business. Obviously he must be a pro at this. Eventually he's done and hands it back to the kid who gives her thanks and scampers off. ]

Geez, kids can be so cruel. Ain't fair, being ganged up on like that. Now where did I put-- shit!

[ Yeah, he may have just realized the phone someone got knocked out of his pocket and is totally recording everything. Panic mode is go!]

Shit, shit, shit! How do you stop this thi--

[ Oh, looks like he finally got it! Click. Of course, it's not like that's going to keep anyone from calling him back or anything. ]

[ Action ]

Later on, you might find Kanji wandering about the city. Doesn't look like he's actually doing anything in particular, but if you hadn't seen his earlier accidental video, he might look like the type that's looking for trouble. I mean, those piercings and that scar don't exactly give the best first impressions. Feel like bothering him? ]


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