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What's going on?

Is everyone's communicators acting up or something?
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[When the feed turns on, it simply shows Karna, who looks a little beat up in some spots and has a bandage wrapped around his head. Nonetheless, he looks mostly fine.]

...how long was I out for?
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[Hey there, Prospero peeps. There's someone whom you might have not seen in a while. And wearing a white apron with their hair tied back at that.]

It has recently come to my attention that purchasing necessities can be a bit tough, if one is not careful enough with their finances. Though, I doubt that any of you would have trouble with that, but nevertheless...

[A momentary pause as he clears his throat for a bit.]

I will permit anyone that comes around my workplace at noontime to dine in for free. You will not be turned away if you do, though I will only allow one person to do so for each day, just to at least keep the balance.

[And with that, he gives a slight nod.]

Thank you for your time, for those that were listening today.

[Feed cut.]
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[Kaiji is still new to the world of fancypants cell phone ownership and occasionally forgets he has this thing. So have a call today!]

Hey guys. So, um, I hear a lot of people making calls about lookin' for fight training. Anyone out there actually giving lessons? I figure it's in my best interests if I wanna keep living here.

I don't really have a lot of experience - Well, I mean, I know how to throw a punch right and stuff like that - but I'm willing to give something a try.


[Action 1:

Later on, Kaiji will be found at the library! He can't even remember the last time he was in one. You can tell, since he looks lost. Help him find his way?

Action 2:

Kaiji has gotten himself an illustrious career in Prospero as a pizza delivery man! If you made an order, you might find him at your door. Or you might find him zipping on town on a bicycle with some pizzas strapped to the back of it. LIVING THE DREAM.]

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[As the feed turns on, the screen is dark for a moment, save for some very few patches of light near the upper corners. It doesn't last long though, as whatever was covering it suddenly moves away to show a pale, white-haired man with ice-blue eyes and is wearing a huge, golden earring on his left ear. Though the look on his face is neutral at best, his eyes show a hint of curiosity.]

Hmm...this is quite interesting. Is this supposed to be Hell? Then again, this seems a bit luxurious, so maybe it is Heaven? But, if it is neither of the two places mentioned, then where exactly am I?

[He pauses for a moment to smoothly run a finger on the side of the device.]

While answers would be nice, it seems much more enjoyable if I find out for myself, wouldn't you think?

[And thus he shuts it off.

Later in the day, you'll find him either sitting around or walking by, quietly looking around as he takes in each and every detail of the city and its people. Though he looks as if he shouldn't be bothered...

Hey, it can't hurt, right?


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