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[ The camera turns on to show a tall man, wearing a dark blue long coat over his priest's clothes, a barely-seen cross necklace hanging around his neck, eyeing the screen with a calm, indifferent expression. He speaks with a deep, astringent voice, very noticeable so, but the tone he speaks in is very calm, even a little disinterested, the slightest, barely noticeable trace of a smile heard in it- this contributes to the heavy and tense atmosphere surrounding him, that one could feel even over the cellphone. There is something vaguely threatening and oppressive about him, and the general feel he gives off. Yet, he carries himself in a confident, calm, composed way, without showing the slightest trace of hostility or anger or any other negative emotion. The way he is looking at the screen, even when he's not looking directly at anyone, combined with the qualities of his voice, is able to make one feel tension-- as though one wrong word and wrong move will land you in deep trouble, as though he is looking down on you. For a guy who obviously just arrived, he's pretty chill about this whole thing. Probably because he more or less figured out a few things already by himself. Most of the things, in fact. How? By being Kirei. ]

What a convenient device this is. Given that cell phones these days, as advanced as they are, normally do not function as to communicate with a large group of people by default, then this device is specifically designed for the purpose of communication within that certain group. After all, none of the citizens that are native to this place seem to possess them, and not only that, but it seems that they have mistook me for a newcomer that has recently moved to this town. Hah. They do say ignorance is bliss, do they not? Perhaps it is. If they had known that unknown forces were suddenly transporting people to their perfectly typical and normal little town, living their daily lives normally would have been more difficult. I suppose there is no use explaining that this is not the case at all. Such people rarely listen, after all. They rather remain blind to whatever is going on under the surface and continue living their current lives, already filled with enough problems and troubles and trials.

Of course, this would also mean that my assumption is not incorrect and that I am indeed not alone in a group of others who have been inconveniently taken away from where they previously were. All the way from Japan to the United States, is it? But this is really quite annoying. [ He doesn't sound annoyed, though... at all... there's a trace of sarcasm in that statement, as though it is said ironically, in a tongue-in-cheek way. ] I am a busy man, after all. More than that, you would think they would allow me to complete certain duties I cannot leave unattended first. [ He smiles, suddenly, and while it's not a sneer or anything like that, it's... a bit unpleasant in a way that one can't really put their finger on. It really reinforces the threatening and tense air around him, though. It's like he's smirking mysteriously without actually smirking mysteriously. ] How terribly disappointed he will surely be. I will not be able to apologize either, as if I should ever return, and by the time I will, it will be far too late as well.

It seems self-introductions upon arriving are common courtesy here as well. Then allow me to do so. I am Kotomine Kirei, and I am the priest of Kotomine Church in Fuyuki City. [ And then there's that smile again. ] But there is no need to refer to me as Father Kotomine.


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