Dec. 28th, 2011 10:40 am
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[Ledah has his lance by his side as he speaks, a bit unsure.]

There was talk of offering lessons in combat to those who do not yet know how to defend themselves. I am trained in using a lance, and could provide instruction. I am - fairly strict, and I don't know if I'll be a very good teacher... but as a Grim Angel my ability is peerless, and the cause is worthy.

I'll try to be patient. My name is Ledah, and I can be reached by this number, or in room 504 at the hotel.
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[The Dark Hour is visible behind Ledah: his face is to the camera, and he must have turned it on intentionally, for he addresses it.] I request aid.

[He then turns the camera to view his Shadow. The Shadow holding a blazing red lance in his hands, with black wings unfurling from his back.]

Grim Angel, registration number 1487. Ledah, the Solitary Angel. [It speaks in the usual echoed tone of a Shadow, with little inflection.]

...Yes, that is who I am.

That is who you were. You gave up that title long ago. [Ledah stiffens, and the Shadow goes on.] You failed, Ledah. You were too weak and could not fulfill your mission. The loss of your divine grace, and even more than that, the return of your emotions is proof.

The emotions are a part of the human body-

Your emotions were a sacrifice taken by the gods themselves. No power lesser than the gods or one acting through them is able to give them back to you. Are you about to become a heretic as well?

[Ledah grits his teeth.] ...I will not.

Then we agree that they returned your sacrifice to you willingly, and took back in exchange your blessings. You delude yourself, Ledah. You claim to the title of Grim Angel because it reassures you. Although you spare demons, you are still a Grim Angel. Although you busy yourself with unimportant tasks and fall into complacency, you are still a Grim Angel. Although you bring shame to the title with your weakness-

You lie--!

[Ledah lets the phone fall from his hand, and it shuts off upon hitting the ground.]
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The assumption that the dead return after one week is incorrect. I was indisposed for nearly two weeks, with no sign as to why this was any different from other cases.

By the way, April, I am typing this from the hotel lobby. I suspected finding me at our door would be a worse shock.

-Ledah Rozwelli


Sep. 18th, 2011 10:01 am
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Җ Ҩ ҕ ԓ...

[Ledah is more than capable of focusing enough to write in an old angelic script, and holds up a piece of paper to the camera with characters appearing much like those. Nobody else here will have a clue what that says, but given what happened last night, the translation should be apparent:

'Rest in peace.']

What happened back there? [That part he says aloud, sounding confused. As well he should.]
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[This may be the most emotion anyone has seen out of Ledah. The hand that isn't holding his phone is clenched tightly, and his expression is distinctly a scowl.]

What can be forgiven for expediency? What can we ignore in order to gain allies against the Shadows?

On a related note. How would you suggest someone relieve stress?


[Ledah still looks pissed off as he wanders around the city. He has purchased for this occasion a 'stress ball', which is seeing some serious wear and tear from how much he's been squeezing it. It really hasn't helped. He's considering complaining to the store owner.]

[He really doesn't look like he has any destination in mind; he's just walking to be walking. He's wearing his formal dress and not even noticing the occasional strange looks from passerby.]

[Bother him?]
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I need a lance.

[Ledah cuts to the chase, tone flat and face impassive.]

Wandering around unfamiliar territory unarmed is foolish. While I would prefer to have my own weapon, I will make do with anything I can use. The enemy must be incredibly powerful to both disarm me of Lorelei and remove my wings overnight.

Do any of you know who the enemy is?


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