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[Edgeworth was good enough at working and thinking alone, not to mention so used to being surrounded by incompetents, that the need to collaborate to find the truth had eluded him for years. Even the realization that he needed to trust others was born from a retreat into solitude. Unfortunately, teamwork of the type he had already accepted was of the kind that required other experts and an entire system, and now Edgeworth found himself with neither at his disposal. He was a fish out of the very same water that, at the height of his arrogance, he had taken for granted -- more alone now than he had proudly considered himself to be then.

For all the suffering Edgeworth went through, never before coming to Prospero did he have a chance to realize how much opportunity had simply been handed to him -- opportunity that was at times tainted, but opportunity nonetheless. Only here did he ever find himself in the position of having to save up for purchases. Only here was the government itself on the side of the primary criminals rather than on his side. Only here were certain truths the exclusive province of a minority no matter how hard he might try, the same minority that was resistant to punishments that he had also taken for granted.

Even with all this working against him, though, to ask for help from the unwashed masses was an act that called for swallowing his pride. Fortunately, the Hierophant made it a lot easier muster the trust necessary to do so...]

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[All over Prospero for the next couple of days, though primarily near the courthouse, Prosecutor's Office, and Bay View Hotel, you may encounter Miles Edgeworth looking amiss in a couple of ways.

First off, he's not wearing his usual suit. Instead, he's wearing a stiff (and lightly armored) burgundy trenchcoat over a dark grey bulletproof vest that fully covers his torso, shoulders, and neck (though the latter is less obvious since his cravat's tied around it), which in turn is over a plain white shirt. Plain burgundy pants and heavy-duty dark grey knee pads (and matching elbow pads, to judge by the way the coat is hanging) complete the ensemble.

Second, he's clearly extraordinarily fatigued, yawning with bags under his eyes and sluggish in his movements... if he hasn't already fainted, or isn't collapsing before your very eyes. There's likely a paper or styrofoam cup full of tea involved, whether he's awake and holding it in his hand or asleep and its contents have spilled nearby.

Miles Edgeworth may not be under the Devil Arcana's direct influence yet, but being one of the few sane people left on the island is taking its toll nonetheless.]

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March 26, 5:59 PM
Bay View Hotel
Room 212


[That was probably audible throughout half the hotel.]

March 27, ??:03 ?M
Outside Bay View Hotel

[Anyone on their way in or out from fighting will probably find a prosecutor in a new-looking, stiff burgundy trenchcoat with a glaive across his back... hugging a black and white, collie-like dog while sobbing pitifully.]

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[Edgeworth is looking the part of the stern father and projecting a cold air of confidence, certainty, and determination to a level not many here have seen before as the video feed begins.]

Concerning the recent news, I feel it important to assure all of you that this case is not going ignored. Unfortunately, given the disposition of many within our ranks, I feel it necessary to spell out basic precepts of justice before anyone does something ill-advised and exacerbates the situation.

What I have to say is simply this: if you find someone who you believe to be the serial killer, do not simply kill him or her. Incapacitation prior to turning them in is acceptable, however. Even a criminal as abhorrent as this deserves to be tried and sentenced fairly, and it is my hope that the structure that currently exists is sufficient to the task.

Even if it is not, however, starting a cycle of vengeance is not the answer -- that would only reduce those involved to his level and erode what community we might possess. Now more than ever, we need to show restraint. I realize how foreign that concept must be to many of you given what apparently happened during my time abroad, but we have a responsibility to each other as kidnappees even more so than we would as members of a normal community.

I am not asking you to stand idle as such brutality takes place. I merely insist that any vigilantes keep firmly in mind that your role is not that of executioner, particularly not prior to any attempt to bring any suspect to trial. Even if you should catch them red-handed, steel yourselves against that temptation, capture the murderer if you're able, and do what you can to preserve the evidence. Prove that we can be better than a pack of wild animals.

[With that, the feed ends.]

05: [Video]

Mar. 4th, 2012 07:30 pm
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Good day. I'm posting to inform everyone that I'll be absent from Prospero for the next two weeks for the sake of legal research abroad. Wright will be accompanying me as well. It is my hope that this research should be of some use in determining what form of court would best suit a group consisting of so few people.

I extend my apologies to those who might have hoped to engage in recreation involving us, but business must always come before pleasure. Perhaps we can schedule something upon our return.

[OOC note: This trip is actually primarily plot-related. Expect evasiveness in non-action replies due to the apparent insecurity of the network.]
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[The feed that starts is at a strange angle. It's looking up at two men sitting on a bench outdoors, though the one in a black trenchcoat and burgundy pants is more clearly visible than the the one in a similarly black coat and green scarf. The former man looks rather irritated and pulls his hand up from the bench as he begins to speak to the latter. Maybe what jostled the phone loose was him striking the bench?]

Technicolor chat between Edgeworth and Diarmuid here, with a plot-relevant namedrop at the start! )

[As Edgeworth runs out of words, Diarmuid pulls his "son" into a hug. Edgeworth looks awkward for a moment, then raises his arms to at least attempt to embrace his "father" in return. Shortly after that, the feed cuts out.]

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Hey, does anyone know a good way to make money?

Or know of any place that will hire thirteen-year-olds?
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[Hello, Prospero! This is a very disapproving and irritated Edgeworth with a display shelf full of various polearms behind him.]

In light of the results of a certain recent expedition, the general quality of the armaments I've observed among those who favor those that aren't firearms, and the length of the case thus far, I've been forced to conclude that either your collective observational skills could be reproduced by someone wearing headphones and a blindfold or your collective problem-solving skills are on par with those of cartoon villains.

As it seems that I must do your work for you, I spent today seeking out an arms dealer. As it only took me this long to discover this "Felix's Finds" which serves as the closest thing available, I would imagine that it would take someone unused to investigation roughly a week. Given that the kidnappings began in late June and no small number of us contend with murderous beings of an improbable nature on a regular basis, that the existence of this collector's shop isn't common knowledge begs explanation -- even should that explanation prove to further undermine my faith in humanity.

I unfortunately feel it necessary to clarify that he cannot afford to be open about his efforts to cater to our needs, and that his understanding of the situation is limited at best. As such, discretion is necessary in our dealings with him.
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[Two of someone? Again? It's someone you probably haven't seen before either, though the observant might notice that the suit worn by one of him exactly matches the sleeve from that weird post about the cufflinks from this morning. That one is currently facing away from the camera and looking out the window of what appears to be a low-floor room in the hotel. The other one has a suit of a similar but brighter color and a far fancier design, and appears to be starting the recording behind the first one's back -- not to mention that he's the one with the glowing gold eyes and chordal voice.]

Cut for retina-straining TL;DR )

[And with that, the feed cuts out. Sounds of a struggle might be audible to those near room 212 of the hotel after that...]
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[The following message is accompanied by a close-up image of a pair of round silver cufflinks with this design etched into them. They're apparently pinned to the end of a burgundy sleeve, and are small enough to make it unlikely that the design was hand-carved.]

While I can appreciate the craftsmanship of these cufflinks, I don't recall owning a pair like these. I have as little idea concerning how they came to be pinned to my suit as I do of how I came to be on this unfamiliar island. If anyone has seen a pair of silver cufflinks studded with a pair of half-carat garnets each or can shed light onto the origins of this pair, I would appreciate the lead.


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