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Let's make something clear. No one is allowed to touch V/V, least of all like that. Try it again, and you're getting it.
[action: movie theater]
[It seems it's not just Persona-users having issues with their temper. Some of Minato's customers today have been outright rude. Whether they were feeling the effects too, or if it was just untimely coincidence, Minato couldn't tell. While he normally deals with irritated customers well, recent events are trying his patience. Will you be one of them?]
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[The scene opens with the dark boy tapping away on his laptop. During the process, he seems to be talking to himself.]
Okay...finished. Let's take a break.
[A couple more clicks, and video game-like music can be heard.]
It's tough. Next week is a full moon. Only a few days after the 5th.
...I wonder. Does that make me 17 now? Let's see...April. Arrived here in December so that means it'd be...November? The exact date...hmmmm.

[He ponders a bit, before shaking his head and shrugs.]
Oh well. Better not to think it too hard.
[Later that evening, Minato can be found at the arcade center, completing a DDR run. Come and bug join him?]
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[The feed opens to Saori sitting on her bed with Sirius laying down next to her along with a empty box of tissues. Her eyes are pretty red considering she's been crying for a while.]

I'm pretty sure everyone who goes to the high school would know by now but...Miki got arrested for her "training" attempt a while back. Truth is, I called the police on her because I just didn't know what to do with her. She has good intention and I thought this was for the best but now I'm regretting it.

I hoping to post her bail or pay whatever fines she has to pay but I don't think I'll have enough to cover it. I know there might be people here who don't see her in the greatest light, but if you have it in your hearts, would anyone would like to help?

Anyways, I hope you have a good night. I don't think I'll be going out in the Dark Hour today, by the way.

[With a final sigh, she turns off the feed.]
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[Don't you just love accidental videos Prospero? Certainly convinient when the phone user themselves isn't that much of a socializer. Right now, you're probably expecting shenanigans of hilarious proportion.

If so, you're in for a disappointment.

Because Minato is just standing out in the streets, underneath a lone tree, watching the falling snow. All is quiet, save for a sigh, breath frozen around him.]
So weird. To think last week it was spring.
[He removes hands from pockets, allowing the snowflakes to gather on his palms.]
It feels more like I've gone back in time, not forward.
[Suddenly, a clump of snow falls from the branches. There's a sound of startlement as he's covered in snow, followed by another sigh as he brushes himself off.]
Guess I'll get used to it.
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[Prospero train station. A quietness has settled, with the place not as buzzing with activity as it would in the afternoon, as the next train pulls in to deliver the next set of passangers. Among them, a boy stops to look at his map. Dark clothing, face partially obscured from his hair fringe, slouched forward, hand in his pocket, expressionless - it's easy to miss him save for the music blaring from his headphones.

That is until the clock strikes twelve, when it stops.]


[Did the batteries die? is his first thought. He looks up and sees the lights have died out also, and coffins have apparently replaced the crowd he was in, leaving only him standing out.

Weird. He sighs, and walks out heedless of these changes. Whatever happened, it could wait until he gets to the dorm.]

[Out in the streets, he sees more of the same coffins lining the deserted city. Nothing looks familiar, even with the map.]

I should be there by now.

[He hasn't realized yet that this isn't Tatsumi Port Island. Nor the communication device in his unoccupied pocket. Care to help a clueless boy out?]


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