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[The video feed turns on to show a very nervous and frightened girl, the camera shaking slightly but constantly. When she finally opens her mouth to speak, some may be slightly reminded of a profanity-laced call last month. There was no way this girl could be that caller, because her voice is way too soft and meek. Really.]

U-Um... Hello, everyone. My name is Minatsuki Takami, a-and I sell flowers in one of the seaside shops...

I saw the recent news broadcasts, and I feel terrible about what happened... Really, a serial killer in such a pretty island? Th-That's... so horrible... and scary... I can't even sleep at night knowing that... there's someone out there who would---

[She bit her lip and tears begin to well up in her eyes. She couldn't bring herself to say it! She takes a few minutes to regain her composure.]

S-Sorry, I'm really sorry... I just feel so terrible for them. They didn't deserved to be killed so brutally... [More like she wished she could have been there to enjoy the show.] Umm... A-Anyway, I thought it'd be proper if we paid our respects to the... v-v-v-victims... and make a little memorial for them near the place where they... [Minatsuki trails off, as if the word were forbidden to her.]

So, that is... What I'm saying is... I've decided to make the flower arrangements in my inventory all free of charge, if you'd like to pay your respects to them... I-I'm sure... they'd like that.

Er... That's all...

[The video feed ends.]
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[Minatsuki was never the patient type. Then again, no one would be if they suddenly woke up in the middle of some American town when minutes earlier they were in a submarine in Japan. That and, well... She just had a moment of emotional vulnerability, which happened to not be a good time to pull anyone from. Plus, they had a super important mission that needed to be conducted...

Yeah. So this latest call is going to be from a foul-mouthed girl screaming at the top of her lungs.]

Where the fuck am I?! One of you pricks better have a damn good explanation for this shit, or I'm gonna paint the fucking walls with your


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