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[The video starts off with a bang - literally, as there's a nearby gunshot. Naoya's dropped his phone, blood dripping from cuts on his face and arm. Taotie hovers nearby, a wicked grin on its face. Naoya's hands are shaking as he tries to aim at the sheeplike demon. He fires his gun once more and it goes wide.]

Haa… of course it would be you who tries to kill me. The lamb. The sacrifice. It's a good thing he followed my suggestions at home… but you won't, will you? Part of myself… hah. Of course you are. Because you're a reminder of him! And I can never be allowed to forget anything, especially my crime, can I, Abel?

[The sheep casts another Bufu at him, and Naoya hisses in pain.]

If you intend to kill me, you might as well get it over with. But you're weak. You're just a reminder of my own weakness. But no. Even if you kill me, it makes no difference, does it? But try it anyway.

[His expression is downright furious at this point.]

Hate me! Kill me! It makes no difference!

[He rushes Taotie, going to pistolwhip his own Persona, and blast of Zan knocks the phone into something and it shuts off.]

[[ooc; Naoya's in the business district if you want to find him. Otherwise, responses will be delayed.]]


Apr. 30th, 2012 12:57 am
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[The audio of the phone turns on, and it picks up a slightly muffled argument. Naoya seems to be having a quite vehement disagreement with someone.]

- fair at all! Genesis 38:7.

[There's the sound of pages flipping for a moment.]

'… Er?'

Yes. He was killed for no reason. It doesn't say anything about why he was killed at all.

'He must have had a reason!'

He is cruel and a tyrant. You need to realize this.

'I don't believe you.'

It's in your own book! Exodus 11:2. Leviticus 5:17. Deuteronomy 7:10. The entirety of the book of Job. Ezekiel 18. Shall I start on the New Testament?

[The woman he's arguing with just seems to be getting more and more frustrated.]

'But He loves us! You need to accept His love!'

[… Naoya goes quiet for a long moment before starting to shout at the woman.]

"Love"?! Where was His love when I made a mistake and did something I didn't understand the consequences of?! Where was His love when he cursed me?! Where was His love when I went through so much suffering over and over at His hands, being placed in the worst situations because of what He did?! I refuse to crawl back to Him, and He is going to die for all He has done - not just to me, but to humanity as a whole!

'… You can't kill God!'

Oh, but you can! Now leave, before I kill you!

[That seems to do the trick, because the woman runs. It's quiet for a long moment, before Naoya starts to laugh.]

Once I return… once I return, the war will begin.

[He keeps laughing for a while, and eventually the phone shuts off.]


Apr. 1st, 2012 06:11 pm
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The update to the Shadow Database is ready.


[[ooc; This is not, however, the Shadow Database update. Instead, your character will find this song blaring out of their phone for an hour and a half. Unless you can hack pretty well, you will be unable to close it, turn off your phone, or turn down the volume.

Happy April Fool's Day.]]


Mar. 31st, 2012 11:38 pm
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[Naoya looks rather bored, standing outside the hotel.]

Well now. It seems I've missed a week. Atsuro, I expect you to notify me of what I've missed.

As for the rest of you… mm. I'm not surprised this kind of thing happened, are you? With the sort of people who are here, you can't really say it comes as a shock.

[Private to Ryuunosuke]
And as for the murderer… nice try. That was an interesting little diversion. Next time you want to play a game like that, I'll be ready - and I'll make it even more interesting.


Mar. 14th, 2012 12:02 am
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I have noticed that while my student has been distributing a version of the Shadow Database, there were several additions that could be made in both coding and information.

[This public shame, Atsuro? This is why you make your coding perfect.]

With this in mind, attached to this message is a reworked version of the program. Once opened, it should automatically install. Future information will be delivered in the form of periodic patches.

User NAOYA has attached: Open? >Y/N
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[One moment, he was with them. A momentary break after their latest victory, “he” conquered Babel’s trial and became King of Bel. They’re about to depart the building for “him” to declare war.

Only for Atsuro to found himself in a startling familiar city: Prospero.

Just like that, he remembered. His time spent in this city, trying to unravel the mysteries, helping everyone with what he can do, fighting off Shadows, facing his own Shadow and insecurities... facing Madoka’s confessions and reciprocating it. Talking with Naoya when “his” departure was no longer a stinging pain. Just dulled.

Atsuro checked the phone for the date. If he remembered correctly, he’s been gone for about a week. A week away from this city for a week in something akin to ‘hell’, a place filled with desperation and people driven to survival at any cost. It’s almost funny...but Atsuro’s still mentally tired to laugh at it.

Scrolling through the contact list, almost frantically, for people he knows here. He sighed in relief, not knowing he’s holding his breath, when he saw their names.

He took his time to control himself, so any signs of his tiredness wouldn’t show. But it may slip out.]

Hey, everyone. Atsuro here... Sorry for disappearing on you guys but…I’m back.

Soooo, what did I miss, guy? I know I got like, a week's worth of class notes and homework to catch up! And I hope my boss will let me come back... And I'll get back to working on the database as soon as I can!

[Private to Naoya]
[Unlike his earlier video, he's more serious.] ...Naoya, I'm back from the lockdown.


Feb. 5th, 2012 04:18 am
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[Naoya starts the video, sitting quite comfortably on a couch. A small smirk is on his lips, and he has his glasses on.]

Prospero. Let's have a little chat.

Now, I'm wondering how many of you are familiar with a man named Carl Jung. He's a man from my world who had many theories on human psychology. There are a few of those that I would like to discuss at the moment, because they're relevant to a few of the terms for the beings we've encountered here. Those would be 'shadow' and 'persona'.

The shadow, according to Jung, was the part of the unconscious mind containing repressed weakness, shortcomings, and instincts. My question to you is this - if there are so many shadows around, they can't be all from us - or from those of this island. So where are they coming from? Yes, yes, 'the dungeon' is the obvious answer… but if we're taking the Jungian route, there has to be someone making all of those shadows. Probably many someones.

The second theory is the more interesting one. These beings we have now in place of whatever power we may or may not have had before are called 'persona', as you know. According to Jung, a persona is a kind of mask, designed on the one hand to make a definite impression upon others, and on the other to conceal the true nature of the individual. Obviously, no one wants to have their true nature revealed… but my second question is this: what does your persona say about you? What impression does it give to others, based on what it is?

These are just some questions to think about. Don't take them so seriously - unless you want to, that is.

[He chuckles softly, and shuts the video off.]


Jan. 29th, 2012 04:13 am
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[There's a brief pause, and then the man on the screen - white hair, red eyes, total smirk and ease at his surroundings - starts talking. His tone is calm, as if this happens every day.]

Well. This isn't where I just was. For one, the sky is… normal, again.

[Ah, but that's no matter. What is important, however…]

Based on the limited information I've found this place is called… Prospero, correct? Not the name I would choose for an island, but I suppose it's not mine to name.

… And if anyone has any information on exactly where Prospero is, it would be appreciated.


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