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[Prospero! Remember the first time Nate arrived?

It's happening again. It's sometime during the night - not close enough to the Dark Hour but enough to where most of the stores begin to close, the local ones anyway. Just when it's quiet though, there's a loud sound, something akin to a gunshot. And then a figure stumbles into view of the feed. His heel collides with the screen, manages to knock the phone back a few feet so that there's a better view.

It's Nate - he's dressed a little better than how he usually look, but the big difference here is the blood stain building at his torso, fresh and reminding anyone who found him the first time around, just how things were. He falls back against the wall, slides a little and realizes where he is.

A grimace and he looks down one end of the alley, then the other. A sigh and he pinches the bridge of his nose.

Great. Just great.

[And just like that, he seems to be okay, despite the apparent wound on him. A look around and he spots the phone on the floor, makes a face as he moves to pick it up, brush it off.] Didn't think I'd see this place again...

[Two years. He was gone from this place for two whole years. Yet in the world of Prospero, it was only about two weeks. The feed cuts off.]
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[The feed turns on and it's Nate - it's not an accident this time, nope. He's in the library again though, from what can be seen and he's leaning against one of the desks, smiling with a book on hand.]

I'm gonna feel like the biggest idiot if this thing isn't working... [He rolls his eyes to himself, shrugging to go with it. Oh well.]

So, the first time was a complete accident, but this time, I'm actually offering. So who's up to go on a treasure hunt? [He opens the book he has for a moment, flips through the pages and doesn't bother to look up. Anyone who's figured out the kind of person he is knows that he's definitely excitable about history and exploring.] I was reading some more, and there are a few places that could be worthwhile, given the chance.

Found this on the last trip I went on for all you non-believers. [Shuffling through a pocket, he pulls out a pendant - in the center of it is a ruby, and while it looks authentic, he doesn't hold it out in the open for too long. He puts it to the side, closes the book then looks back up.]

So what do you say?

On another note for the folks not interested, how's everyone doing? I've seen a few of you during the Dark Hour, but I'm not all over the place enough to keep track, as great as that sounds. [A small eyeroll and shrug as he sits back down at the desk.]

Anyone need some work done? I got a few free slot this week, inbetween the exploring I'm gonna do.

[ooc| head's up! Nate'll be getting a canon update this week so the treasure hunt won't actually happen because WHOOPS NOT EVEN HERE]
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Is this thing on? [It's Nate, sitting in his room from the looks of it. There's a crash in the background and he grimaces, looking over to the source. A roll of the eyes and he offers a wave.]

Hey, I'm sorry if anyone on this floor's noticed an increase in the...

The hell is this? Are you kidding me?

[Another crash. A breath in and then out as Nate tries to overlook it. He admits the next part with an exhausted sigh.] --Noise level, recently. I have a little... company.

So, anyone need help with anything? I've been free as of late-- the jobs I took on finished and the amount of free time is.. more than I think I need. [He flashes a smile then glances off-screen. At that moment his eyes widen and he grimaces, ducking. Just in time to dodge something being chucked at his head apparently; a vase, a shoe? Whatever it is, it shatters as it lands and Nate comes back into view.]

Goddamn junk! And you actually live here?

For christ's-- really, Eddy?!

[He's getting up now, just walking off-screen.]

[ooc| The second voice is Eddy, aka [personal profile] indonebro]
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[How goes it, Prospero?

If any of you are awake around this time, you can make out from the feed large stacks of books and papers scattered around. It looks like whoever owns this phone is in the library, but there's no one sitting in the chair in from of the camera. Just then, another pile of books land on the desk, and they shake the phone. The chair moves and it appears to be Nathan.

A pencil behind his ear, he reaches behind him and pulls out a small notebook it appears. He takes a seat and pulls over a few books, writing something in the journal.
] Let's see...

If these tales are right... [The next part is more to himself, but some of the words can be picked out from his speech. 'Location, adventure, treasure.' Looking up in the middle of whatever it is he's doing, he notices the phone, raises a brow at it.]

Are you-- aww, come on!

[He reaches over to turn off the feed, shaking his head.]


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