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[Yes, there was the Dark Hour. Yes, they were all supposed to go out wandering in it to find reasons for having been brought here. But Zeal wished to be ready, to be utterly and completely prepared, to have prepared the perfect plan of attack upon this place, before she would set foot out there...

No, no she wasn't scared. That's preposterous. That's foolish. Why are you even thinking such a thing? NOT SCARED. Really. Not in the least. Not even a bit.

But she was out late this evening, and distracted by messages on her little communication tool, and interesting things in shop windows... and so, midnight had suddenly crept up on her. Coffins everywhere, such silence... and there she was, far too many blocks away from the hotel for her liking.]

...Well. Well then.

[No, that wasn't said nervously. Not at all. Well, maybe a little bit...

You're likely to find Zeal somewhere along that route home, swinging a heavy bag full of library books as a makeshift weapon against wandering shadows. Use her Persona? What? She hasn't figured that out, just yet... She's enormously ferocious, but plainly not suited to such physical exertion. One is smashed into nothingness, but another rounds in on her, taking advantage of her relative exhaustion. Bam, it strikes, and off her feet she tumbles.]

Curse you...!

[A wide but weak swing of the bag is given as she stumbles back to her feet, keeping at least a small bit of distance between her and the creature. This isn't how it should be, she should be crushing this thing easily, surely there's something within her, still... Her left hand rises, fingers pointing purposefully, and then she shouts the first thing to come to her:]


[And it works. A snake-woman hybrid creature materializes, rears back, and bashes the approaching shadow, crushing and dissipating it. Then it returns to Zeal, swirling about her in a loop before standing over her, protectively.

Oh. Oh, so that's how it was done. Had anyone seen that? Was anyone around? She steadied herself, looked about, and prepared to continue her journey back to safety.]


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March 2013

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