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[The communicator or being summoned into a new war really didn't matter to Rider at the moment. It was a new day, a new time, and another chance to fight and conquer. More importantly, there's a book he needed to find. Several books, at that. And also the nearest game store. First stop on his trip? The Bookstore, of course. So, he'll come bursting in like the Kool-Aid Man or Macho Man in a Slim Jim commercial, probably knocking the doors out because really what is self control. He's much more gentle when going through the books, but like hell if that means he's putting them back in the right places.]

Aha! Found it!
[He excitedly hugs the book in question as he makes his way up to the front. This time would be the time he actually DOES conquer the world.]
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[Lancer didn't appear on the network himself today. Whether out of shame or cowardice, he didn't know. But today, he simply couldn't show his face. The message he sent out was short and directly to the point.]

I seem to have something of a problem today.

I would like to ask for advice, if I could. Could anyone listen for a minute?
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[ Gender-flipped King Arthur and technology don't really mesh too well together, seeing as it's been kicked on by accident again. This time she has her legs curled up on the couch, a tiny lion cub nestled around her battle gown and limbs. A hand idly scratches behind it's ears and the other side of her body? Resting alongside the man sitting next to her. It takes him a moment, but it seems as though he's struggling to figure out how to work a remote control.

Suddenly there's very loud noise. The phone's angled enough to get a good look at the television - are those credits vaguely familiar? ]

I was told this was the most accurate portrayal by the man who sold it to me, Lancer. [ Calmly spoken. ]

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Sep. 10th, 2011 11:46 am
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[Issei looks... tired, mostly.]

Does anyone here work as a therapist? I imagine if none of us have taken that position, then none of the locals will be able to provide advice on 'I was a normal high school student, and in the space of a month I've fought for my life, awakened a spirit from my mind to help keep my best friend from being stupid, and ended up as Alexander the Great's vassal by accident' without assuming that I'm completely insane.

I'm not saying that I'm not completely insane. I just would prefer if it wasn't assumed.

Help me, someone. Just someone, please understand why it's difficult to go from a life where my most troublesome task is getting the student council to do their work to this.
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Bwahahahah! What is this? A new land, a new people for me to conquer! Amusing. If there are any worthy opponents in this culture-less place, let him come forth to challenge the King!

But I am a busy man, so you had better not keep me waiting.


[A very large, very boisterous man trampled down the street. He was looking for a place to sufficiently sate his kingly-hunger]

These are eateries? Proposterous! They barely have enough food stuffs to feed me and my hetairoi! Shameful!


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