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[Kaiji is still new to the world of fancypants cell phone ownership and occasionally forgets he has this thing. So have a call today!]

Hey guys. So, um, I hear a lot of people making calls about lookin' for fight training. Anyone out there actually giving lessons? I figure it's in my best interests if I wanna keep living here.

I don't really have a lot of experience - Well, I mean, I know how to throw a punch right and stuff like that - but I'm willing to give something a try.


[Action 1:

Later on, Kaiji will be found at the library! He can't even remember the last time he was in one. You can tell, since he looks lost. Help him find his way?

Action 2:

Kaiji has gotten himself an illustrious career in Prospero as a pizza delivery man! If you made an order, you might find him at your door. Or you might find him zipping on town on a bicycle with some pizzas strapped to the back of it. LIVING THE DREAM.]

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[The camera opens on a pan of some random abandoned building in the business district. In addition to a quiet repeating thump in the background and the crunching of broken glass underfoot, Ryoma's voice can be heard.]

Where the hell is it?

[Looks like he's just using his phone as an impromptu flashlight and didn't really intend to broadcast this. (This may also explain that fingertip hanging out on the edge of the frame there.) The camera moves forward, still sweeping back and forth. It doesn't look like Ryoma's found what he's looking for yet. Doesn't look like he's going to find it, either, as his search is suddenly interrupted by a loud BANG.]


[Ryoma wheels around and the camera's view goes with him, revealing the source of the BANG to be a Shadow that's just broken down the building's door. It looks to be a Visceral Maya but...

The fact that it's ON FIRE makes it kind of hard to be sure.


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