17th Cheer

Oct. 23rd, 2012 07:27 pm
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[Action; Starbucks]

[Looks like Sakurako's stopped by the coffee shop to get in on some of that delicious pumpkin coffee action while it's still the season for it.  Unfortunately, there's a huge line of people in front of her, reaching back almost to the door.  She's got her arms folded, fidgeting in place and bouncing on her heels to try to see over the group of people as she grows ever more irritated by the moment.]

Come on, geez!  How hard is it to order a coffee?

[That person finally moves along, but the next one is having trouble getting their debit card to scan through the card reader.  Sakurako groans loudly.]

Can I just go next?  Look!  I have money!  See?

[Practically growling, she takes out a $10 bill and starts waving it in the air.

...Someone might want to come and put a stop to this, or at least find out why she's so upset today.]

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((NOTE: Orange text is Sakurako, blue is Madoka, purple is Kakizaki.  Any of these tags may be responded to by Sakurako, Madoka, or both.  Posted with permission from Madoka's player.))

[Action; backdated to the start of the event]

[Sakurako and Madoka are walking through the streets of Prospero wasting time, when they happen to come upon a
familiar face neither of them honestly expected to see in town at this point.  Another girl about their age and height, dressed in similar looking trendy clothes popular among Japanese teenage girls.  Sakurako is the first to react, running up and enveloping the girl in a big hug.]

Kakizaki!  You're here!  You're really here!  I can't believe it!

[The other girl doesn't seem nearly as enthusiastic about this, or even terribly happy to see her friends at all.  She grumbles and shoves Sakurako off.]

Geez, get off me already.  You're messing up my clothes.

[At this point, Madoka steps in, frowning right back.]

Hey, calm down already!  We shouldn't be fighting right now - we finally just got the team back together again!  C'mon, Kakizaki, there's a lot we have to explain.

[Action; Shopping District; backdated to September 26th]

[Sakurako, Madoka, and Kakizaki are now walking around the shopping district where they'd met up a few days previous.  The new girl is in just as sour a mood as she was when she showed up, and it's starting to take its toll on the other two.]

Geez, what's with you lately?  You've been acting like a real jerk ever since you showed up!

Yeah, what did we ever do to you?

God, just shut up, both of you!  Seriously, you're both such airheads - I don't know why I even put up with you.

[Kakizaki storms off in the other direction, leaving Sakurako and Madoka looking a little sad and a lot irritated.]

[Action and Video; Park; September 28th]

[Well, it looks like relations have finally broken down among Prospero's newly-assembled cheerleader team.  Who knows how things got to this point, but now all three of them are wrestling with each other in the fountain at the park, all wearing their cheerleading uniforms.  It was probably Sakurako's idea to renew their teamwork by working on some cheers, but now the whole thing has just gone completely to hell.  The upshot for all of the guys in town, however, is that there are now three attractive teenage girls in cheerleading uniforms fighting and wrestling each other in a water fountain.  As a bonus, one of them dropped their phone, so this is being broadcast to the whole town for free.  And you thought this kind of stuff only happened in manga.]
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[This is for all of Prospero to see and hear, because what is filtering things.  Sakurako is sitting behind a drum set, eagerly holding her sticks in the air.]

Hey, guys!  I got us a gig!  Bunny in the Box is gonna play April and Ledah's wedding reception, so we need to get practicing!  We don't have very long, so let's try to write some songs really quick since we actually never did that yet.  It's a little short notice, but I'm sure we'll be fine~
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[On the second to last evening of the event, close to the Dark Hour, the video flips on to reveal Sakurako sitting on her bed in 305 Deacon Hall like nothing ever happened and as if she hasn't been missing for several months.  She does look a little confused, but the moment passes relatively quickly as she waves at the camera.]

Wow, hey-!

[Her re-introduction is cut short, however, by the sudden video broadcast of one of her memories from home.  As those who know her well might expect, it's nothing particularly angst-ridden, depressing, dramatic, or even all that interesting for the most part.  What the citizens of Prospero see is a recounting of a particularly odd night of karaoke with Sakurako, her friends, and two of her teachers from Mahora Academy.

And when the video is over, there she is again, blushing and looking just a little disappointed.]

I can't believe I fell for a trick like that... ah, the springtime of youth...

[But she brightens back up right away.]

So, what'd I miss?

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...Well, she's gone.  Who are you all going to choke and molest and murder now?

12th Cheer

May. 2nd, 2012 05:13 pm
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[Action; on the roof of the high school; Dark Hour]

[Why is Sakurako on top of the high school during the Dark Hour?  That's a very good question, and one that's not going to be answered here, because there is some more pressing business to take care of first.  Namely, the fact that she's currently locked in single combat with her otherwise cheerful and adorable Persona,
Maneki Neko.  Who knew the little guy had a bad side?  Certainly not Sakurako.  At any rate, it's pretty windy up there right now, due to the height of the location and the fact that it's a Wind-based Persona.] 

You too, huh?  Fine, then!  See if I care!  You're a worthless Persona anyway!  You can only fight at night, and you don't even have any healing spells!  Take this!

[Sakurako is yelling and screaming while attempting to unload a full round of bullets into the rogue Persona, though she's a terrible shot and is missing rather badly.  Meanwhile, her Persona is a much better shot, and the sharp wind is slicing into poor Sakurako like hundreds of tiny sickles made of air, shredding her clothing bit by bit and slashing open some rather nasty cuts.  If someone doesn't bail her out, she's probably not going to last much longer.]

11th Cheer

Apr. 28th, 2012 11:12 am
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V/V, you're never allowed to go outside alone again.

[That's about all she has to say about that right now.]

[Accidental Video]

[Later on, Sakurako's phone somehow records a scene of her standing in a back alleyway with some disreputable looking fellows.  She's holding a small sports bag and talking to them.  What they're saying is somewhat hushed and muffled, but the words 'gun' and 'how much' can be clearly made out at various points in the conversation.  At one point, she unzips the bag and flashes a wad of bills.  The men smile, and in a few moments the transaction is complete.  They walk off with a sack full of cash, and Sakurako walks off with a shiny new double-action revolver, which she tucks into her coat.  As she's walking away, she stops, blinking down at her phone lying there on the ground before picking it up and laughing a little.]

Hahaha... whoops.
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[Well, it's Full Moon time, and it seems the Devil is already working its vile magics on Prospero's favorite genki girl cheerleader.  The video flips on to reveal Sakurako dressed rather provocatively, leaning forward to give the camera a little bit of service.  This is completely unfiltered Sakurako right here, and even though her message is aimed at one lucky prince in particular, the Devil is also amplifying some of her natural exhibitionism, so she doesn't really care who sees or hears this at the moment.]

Eridaaaaaaaaaan~!  ♥

[She giggles, flashing a V-for-victory sign and winking suggestively.]

Come on up, I've got a surprise for you!

[Although from the way she's acting, it's not really going to be much of a surprise to anyone.  Not that she minds.  Sakurako's gonna get herself a prince today!]
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[The feed flicks on of its own accord to reveal Sakurako sitting on her bed, crying softly and hugging two cats closely - one with tan fur, the other with the same color fur and some darker brown spots.  She doesn't seem to be aware that her phone is broadcasting at the moment.]

Why John...?

[Sniffling, she lifts the plain-colored one up in front of her, as if asking it directly.  It tilts its head to the side, licks its paw, and smooths its fur down.]

What did he ever do to anyone?

[The spotted one meows in her lap, rubbing its face against her stomach and prompting a giggle.]


[Sakurako sets the first cat back down, and the two of them soon settle back in with her as she hiccups softly, wiping her eyes and sniffling again.]

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[In the commons at Deacon Hall, there is a young brunette standing there in a bit of a huff. Her arms are crossed and it looks like she's giving some poor attendant an earful. Honestly, her yelling is probably echoing up to the rooms upstairs...]

What do you mean I have to share a floor with some other girls! That's completely unacceptable! Do you even know who you're dealing with?! One call to my father and you can say goodbye to that desk job of yours!

Ugh, why am I even bothering with you. I want to talk to your manager! Right. Now.


[And now for something completely different! It's the same brunette, but instead of wrecking havoc, she is smiling brightly at the camera.]

Hi there, Iori Minase here! I'm sure you all know me, so I was wondering if I could ask a question. Anyone who answers will get a special surprise, nihihi~!
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[So, here's Sakurako on the video phone, once again airing business that's probably best kept private to all of Prospero.  She's blushing a little, and looks to be a little more dressed up than usual.  Cute ribbons in her hair, stylish new t-shirt, and... is that lip gloss?  Why yes it is.]

Minato!  Hey, Minato!  It's Sakurako!  You know, from the other day?  Do you like karaoke?  We should go together sometime!  It'll be fun, don't you think?
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[The screen flips on to reveal Sakurako standing proudly in her dorm room.  Her rather crowded dorm room.  Crowded not with people, but with musical instruments.  Besides the drum set she played for people before, there's also an electric keyboard, electronic harp, a bass guitar, two regular electric guitars, a half dozen microphones with accompanying stands, and a bunch of amps of various sizes.  For anyone well-versed in this sort of thing, all of the equipment is fairly top of the line.]

Hey, everyone!  I finally got all our instruments!  Check it out!  There's my drum set - you guys saw that one before.  Oh!  And I got an electric harp for Eater... that was really hard to find.  A bass guitar for Elsie, electric guitars for Madoka and V/V so we can have lead and rhythm guitar sections, and an electronic keyboard for John!  And of course mikes for all of us so that we can all do backup vocals and stuff.  Isn't it awesome?  When should we have our first rehearsal?  Oh, but I guess we'll have to write some songs first, huh?  And our band's gonna need a good name!  Maybe we should just call a band meeting first...

[Yeah, this call went out to the entire town, not just the band, so feel free to editorialize on any of her inane blatherings.]
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[The feed opens to Saori sitting on her bed with Sirius laying down next to her along with a empty box of tissues. Her eyes are pretty red considering she's been crying for a while.]

I'm pretty sure everyone who goes to the high school would know by now but...Miki got arrested for her "training" attempt a while back. Truth is, I called the police on her because I just didn't know what to do with her. She has good intention and I thought this was for the best but now I'm regretting it.

I hoping to post her bail or pay whatever fines she has to pay but I don't think I'll have enough to cover it. I know there might be people here who don't see her in the greatest light, but if you have it in your hearts, would anyone would like to help?

Anyways, I hope you have a good night. I don't think I'll be going out in the Dark Hour today, by the way.

[With a final sigh, she turns off the feed.]
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[So, Christmas has come and gone, and Sakurako here forgot to get presents for her friends.  Instead, she figures she'll do the next best thing - the gift of music!  As the video feed switches on around noon on the 26th, anyone watching will see her sitting behind a rather high quality drum set, rocking out by herself to the drum line and the vocals from one of her band's songs from back home.]

Whew!  Feels good to play again!  I could really use some guitarists and another singer, though.  Does anybody want to get a band together with me?  I think it would be a lot of fun!


[Later on in the day, she's managed to remember something from about a month ago or longer that she was going to do and never quite got around to it.  So now she's on the network again, bothering everyone about something utterly unrelated to the first request.]

Hi, everyone!  So, I have this friend.  He's a really nice guy who I think is probably really lonely but never says anything about it.  I'm trying to help him out by finding a nice girl for him to go on a few dates with.  Is anybody interested?  I'll take care of all the details, so just let me know!

5th Cheer

Nov. 16th, 2011 06:14 pm
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[Action; Dark Hour]

[If you're out during the Dark Hour tonight, you may spy two identical twin cheerleaders having a spirited discussion with one another in the streets.  Well, identical except that one of them has yellow glowing eyes.  Sakurako's speech will be in black, and her Shadow will be speaking in red.]

Hey, wow!  It's like we're twins!

We're not twins, stupid.  I'm your Shadow.

Oh!  Nice to meet you!  I'm Sakurako!

I know that.  You're me, and I'm you, remember?

...Oh yeah!  So, um... what did you want?

Oh, you know... just to play around with you a little bit.  [The Shadow laughs playfully and winks.]  Remind you of some things.

Okay!  Like what?  Is there something I've been forgetting?

Yeah, lots of things!  Like how you're jealous of Kakizaki for finding a cute boyfriend first.

That's kind of a weird thing to bring up... I mean, she isn't even here!  But yeah, I guess I am a little bit jealous.  I mean, Kugimi and I are just as cute as she is, right?

[The Shadow blinks a little, nodding.]  Um... yeah!  That's right!  You - uh, we're definitely cute!  Isn't that why you joined the cheerleading squad in the first place?  To grandstand in front of the other students and get a lot of attention?

Well, yeah, of course it is!  That's what cheerleaders do!

[There's a bit of a twitch from the Shadow.  This isn't going the way she'd planned it.]  You secretly like it when the boys look at that short skirt of yours, don't you?  Admit it!

Hehe... well, sometimes!  [Sakurako laughs, rubbing the back of her head.]  But you know, it's not like those skirts were designed to discourage people from staring.

[At this point, the Shadow is sort of hunching over, clutching at its head.]  S-stop it!  Stop agreeing with me!

But everything you're saying is true...

Aaaaaaaaaargh!  [And with that final cry, the Shadow disperses into black mist, leaving the original Sakurako standing there confused.]

Huh... that was weird.  I wonder where she went!
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[The video clicks on to reveal Sakurako all decked out in lacrosse gear, getting ready to head out of the dorms.  Her Persona, Maneki Neko, is floating right behind her.]

Hey, hey!  Is anybody else going out tonight to audition for the zombie movie?  It looks like a lot of fun!  I didn't know there were film producers and cameramen that could go out during the Dark Hour.  How come none of this stuff ever ends up on the evening news?
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[It's the Dark Hour, and any of you lucky citizens of Prospero without anything better to do are treated to another video call by the town's resident spunky and somewhat bubble-headed cheerleader.  She's in her dorm room again, and there is what looks to be a lucky cat statue floating beside her.  Anyone who bothers to actually look will notice that the 'statue' is animate, slowly smiling and waving at the screen as Sakurako speaks.]

Hey!  Something weird happened to me tonight!  You guys will never believe it!  I was out a little late and kind of lost track of time, and I ended up in that Dark Hour thingie everyone's been talking about.  I think I saw a Shadow along the way, but this weird song popped into my head all of a sudden, so I started singing it.  Then there was a really strong wind, and when I looked, the Shadow was gone and there was this little cat sitting there.  It followed me all the rest of the way home, even in that windstorm!  I think it's because I kept singing to it.  I'm going to name him Muffin!

[At this point, the statue speaks up.]

But my name is Maneki Neko!  I am thou, and thou art I!

[Sakurako just laughs, reaching over to ruffle the fur between its ears.]

Oh yeah, and it can talk!  And fly!  Isn't it the coolest cat ever?  I hope they'll let me keep it in the dorms.
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[Well, it looks like a certain plucky cheerleader managed to find herself a room in one of the local dormitories. The feed clicks on at the beginning of the Dark Hour. Sakurako's face is lit by the eerie green light that pervades the town during this time of night, and for once she looks vaguely frustrated rather than mindlessly cheerful, her cheeks puffed out in annoyance.]

Did anyone else's power go out just now? I was trying to watch the late-night movie, and the TV stopped halfway through! This is like the third night in a row! The power company won't pick up the phone either, and they're supposed to have a 24 hour help line!

[Yeah, someone has never been outside during the Dark Hour. Also, despite the fact that she's been here for a week, no one has ever said word one to Sakurako about Shadows or Persona. A little slow on the uptake, this one.]

Oh well... maybe I'll just go to sleep.  But still, you'd think they'd do something about this.  It happens at the same time every night!

1st Cheer

Sep. 3rd, 2011 12:26 pm
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[The video feed clicks on. There is a cheerful but admittedly somewhat confused looking girl wearing a cheerleading uniform on the other end. She smiles brightly and gives a friendly wave at the screen.]

Hi~! Um... I think I got lost on the way to cheerleading practice! Misa? Kugimi? Can you tell sensei I'll be late to class today? Thaaaaaaanks!

[And then, without clicking off the phone, she starts to look around at her surroundings and wonder aloud to herself.]

But wow, I don't think I've ever seen this part of Mahora before! I wonder if the theater club is building a new set or something...


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