Dec. 4th, 2012 09:00 pm
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[After her failed attempt at Shadow hunting with Allen, and her very short conversation with her brother, Shion had totally avoided anyone attempting to see or speak to her for a few days. But now, her face pops up on the network, with the late afternoon sky as a backdrop.]

Is there a good place to purchase a weapon?
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We've got to hurry! We have to find Shion!

[It might have seemed strange to someone else, Shion speaking about herself in the third person, but Shion had already grown accustomed to it. Her past self was outside somewhere, in the warzone that Miltia had become over the last few hours. Shion knew she had precious little time to find herself, and rescue her parents, but she had resolved to do it.

She sprinted ahead of the group, and raced out of the large glass doors of the Labyrinthos lobby, and into... Another lobby? this is where she enters Prospero. She staggers to a stop, and takes a moment to stare at the interior of the hotel lobby she now occupies.]

No... This can't be right...

[She hurries outside again, and this time makes it. But it's very obvious that she isn't on Miltia anymore.]

I don't understand... What's going on?!

[Feel free to welcome this confused and frantic woman who is now trying to figure out how she has time or spaced jumped yet again.]


Dec. 20th, 2011 07:49 pm
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[A young woman is staring directly into the camera of her phone. She's confused, but trying not to openly display it to anyone watching the video... She really isn't sure yet how well it can transmit, if even at all. Or what kind of people might be able to see what she's recording.]

Hello? ...I hope this is transmitting properly. If anyone can hear this, my name is Shion, and I am looking for a passenger freighter called The Elsa and its crew. If anyone in this city has met them... Well, I'm sure you would know who they are. Allen, everyone else, if you're out there, please respond.


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