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[Well, the first thing you're going to see upon viewing this feed is, well.

An injured Shirou holding off a man suited in armor with his sword. Complete with yelling and sword clashes everywhere.

Apparently, this is due to the phone being dropped at some point during the fight, which activated it's video function, leading you to view Shirou on the losing side of the sword duel! Not surprising, considering Shirou's opponent is King Uther himself.

That's why you're going to see him slashed twice, and probably almost stabbed to his death if the didn't disappear at the very last moment.]

[voice; later]

...Uh. I might need some medical help right now.
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[He did it, Saber's safe now, and for the time being there's no problems at all with his life.

So why does this victory bring him nothing at all? None of the feelings associated with success came to his mind when he recalled the night.

Ah, it must be because of the revelations that were slammed into his face with the blunt side of a blade swung by Saber of all people. In the span of one night, Shirou found that his father was the product of an ideal gone astray.

The same ideal that he took from him and made into his life purpose.

With a sigh, Shirou decided to leave Saber and Diarmuid alone to deal with their reunion first, while he sorts his head through the mess that just happened.

Thus, you can find Shirou in the park looking pretty damn miserable even after Saber's return, if anyone should decide to look for him.

Or you can just contact him through the feed if you're up for a little chat or two!]
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[Action; Morning - Afternoon]
[Between the identity theft problem and Saber's date, Shirou can be seen as always in school. And that he was picked up by a woman in suit just yesterday.

But today? He's just walking around town, asking around and skipping school in general

It could be related to the fact that Saber's sudden disappearance as well as her number being unreachable, though Shirou does not know about the phone number yet.

He has to find her. He promised her that he'll be there for her.

What good would he be if he can't even keep that promise?]

[Text; Evening]
Saber's gone.
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[The video feed opens up to a police officers standing in front of Shriou and Saber. Whoever is recording the video is offscreen.]

So basically sir, you’re being charged with the identity theft of Shriou Emiya and harboring the runaway child Arturia Emiya. I’m afraid I’m going to have to take you in.

Arturia Emiya’? [ That’s the sound of one displeased Saber, who stands before the officer with a scowl. ] It is Pendragon. Pen. Dra. Gon. Arturia Pendragon. Please try to understand that.

And what exactly did you mean by identity theft? [That would be the sound of an utterly confused Shirou.]

Sorry mam, but your name is Arturia Emiya, son of Shirou Emiya. He said.. [He gestures over his shoulder to the person recording.] That he named you after one of his favorite mythological figures. Odd name, but that’s what he named you. Once you’re older you can have it legally changed.

As for you. [He turns to address Shirou.] You’re guilty of impersonating Shirou Emiya and trying to kidnap his daughter, or at the very least aiding in her running away. It all depends on what the courts decide.

What!? That’s just ridiculous! [Shirou definitely looks surprised at this revelation, and took a step forward.] I don’t know where you got this information, but you’re wrong!

Ah. [ The knightly girl is just going to shoot a look towards the camera - one that was clearly meant for the person behind the phone. ] Cease with this madness or else I will be quite sour with you.

Actually according to this documentation... [He pulls out a nice stack of papers which he hands to Shirou.] You’re clearly guilty of trying to impersonate Shirou Emiya. I don’t know how you thought you could get away with it since you looking nothing like him. You kids with your computers nowadays think you can get away with anything, but this time you’re busted.

[Meanwhile the man who was standing with the camera makes some kind of gesture, most likely some sort of casual, apathetic shrug.]

What, this doesn’t make sense at all! Unless...

[...a look of realization sort of dawns on his face, and he’s just going to stand there, looking at the document with a perplexed face. The feed cuts before more can be shown.]
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[To those that knows Shirou can actually gather from his tone that he means business.]

I've been thinking about this from before I left.

[Sounds like this is a very important matter to him.]

I don't care of what's going to happen to me.


[After a while of silence since he actually noticed he had a filter failure:]

Saber, leave Gilgamesh and move in with me.
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[He woke up feeling like something had hit him in the head. And apparently that something had dragged him into an alley and left him to die.

He blinked.

While he is still feeling bleary, he can clearly remember that this alleyways was not fam-



Why is he in this alley-



[This is Pr-KSHHHT- Fu- KSHHHT]


[Memories that are not there and memories that are there collided.

His head hurt.]


[He has to get up. To find where he is. To get back-KSHHHT- to Saber - KSHHHT - to his home - KSHHHT.]

[To those just walking around in Dark Hour, might notice a man grabbing his head leaning on a wall in an alley.

And surrounded by Shadows.

Help? Ignore? Berate him for being an idiot?]
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[Oh, hey, its Shirou on the phone, and he looks kinda... greasy and sort of tired. Probably because of the piles of junk covering the area around him.

Someone had been busy pillaging things from the junkyard and trying to repair it into working condition.]

Hey, I have a request to you guys. If you all have an item that you need to repair, can you send it to me? With luck, I might be able to fix it for you with no charge at all.

Thank you.

[So, in the park, you can pretty much see the above-mentioned site with Shirou at least fixing what appeared to be a run-down bike with all the tools, as well as spare tires he bought from the store. Looking from afar, it seemed like he's doing a good job with it so far. Feel free to ask him on what he's doing!]
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[Action/Fleeting Glance; AKA Locked From Others]
[He had seen the others viewing their other selves lately, and had been in contact with Lancer's.

He was completely blank on the current situation, until he was caught off-guard one night after meeting Lancer's Shadow.

Those wandering around the Velvet Key will find a scuffle going on between... Two Shirou...? But after a while one of the Shirou disappeared, and the real one was left gasping for breath on the ground, before he got up himself, and went back to the hotel.

Shirou was unavailable for the night if you tried to call him after that, but for some reason, a weird feed came on the next day...]

I don't exist.

[There was a toneless voice coming from the screen, which was obscured by a strange sword.]

I never existed ever since that fire.

[The voice continued droning on as the sword was lifted, showing Shirou with his eyes covered by his bangs.]

The me that existed could only be achieved by one foolish man saving a life that should not be saved.

[He then turned off-screen, where the signs of one struggling with a hold could be heard.]

Just stop talking-!

[If the Shirou on-screen heard the other Shirou yelling, he didn't show a sign of noticing it, and continued.]

I suppose it was a mistake, for I know that this borrowed ideal would betray me in the end, but out of duty to the man who saved me, I carried on.

For what...?

[A slight hint of despair flowed through his voice as he turned to the camera.]

Tell me, Prospero. What should you do to someone who is not supposed to exist? Do you kill them to end their suffering? Or do you let them chase that futile dream of existing?

Your answer might just save a soul from living a life paved with despair tonight.
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[There's a Shirou rubbing his eyes and looking a bit tired two days after the Zombie Boss Fight. Though at the very least he's not looking that depressed anymore.]

Sorry for worrying you guys back there, but I'm alright now, so don't worry about it.

[And then on to business.]

I've noticed that Halloween is coming up soon, so if some of you are being a bit confused over what it entails, feel free to ask me.

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[There's a voice from the phone coming, and the voice sounds as if the owner had been trying to swallow down his tears and desperation before speaking, lacking any of its usually calm composure in doing idiotic things.]

To those who knew Issei.

[There's a small sob.]

He's dead.

[You can see a despairing Shirou just sitting on a bench, his eyes looking quite dead.

If there's anything he learned in this world, there's only one thing.

He can't save anyone.

Therefore his ideals could not be realized.

This in itself is such a massive blow that it shattered the facade Shirou Emiya had been wearing ever since Kiritsugu passed away.

Perhaps you should approach him before he does anything too drastic.]
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[Action; Morning - Evening]
[Someone seems to be missing class and work today, as Emiya Shirou could not be found everywhere you go. Though you might get some glimpses of him here and there in the town, patrolling the surroundings as well as having bags under his eyes.

Looks like Shirou is being paranoid regarding the recent sets of deaths and missing bodies.]

[Video; Afternoon]
...Does anybody know why corpses are appearing out of the blue on the shore?
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[For some reason today, Shirou felt like pouring what's left of his broken existence into someone else besides Issei and Saber.
In layman's term, Shirou's feeling talky talky today about his idiocy (Rushing into a Shadow battle to save someone.]

What is a hero to you all?
[Still, asking a deep question like this is not Shirou at all.]

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[Voice, Fail Filter to everyone, Morning]
Hey, uh... Issei.

[Oh hey, its Shirou, and he definitely sounds quite awkward today. I wonder why.]

Uh, looks like the washing machine kind of... broke down this morning, and I haven't really got the time to fix it yet.



Can I borrow your underwear?

[The feed cuts out after that since apparently Shirou noticed too late.]
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[School / Action / Afternoon]
[You might not have noticed it, but there's a new student going around during lunch break... doing some menial repair works to anything that seems broken. Like that stove in the cafeteria that was just broken, for example. Of course, he's also going to just sit on some empty table and eats his lunch alone.

Care to approach?]

[Alleyway / Action / Evening]

[Those of you walking or patrolling around the shopping district will notice that there's a lot more crowd gathering around that popular Chinese take-out joint than usual.

Closer investigation will net you a sight of a certain red-haired young boy working in the kitchen double time, while orders keep piling in.

...Seems like The Flying Dragon has just hired a new cook, and customers are just staring at the kid stir-frying vegetables like a pro.]
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...good, looks like its working properly.

[A teenager's voice seems to speak out from your phone.]

Right, first thing's first, does anyone know exactly where I am right now?

[Judging from the tone, the person seems to be quite concerned with his current situation, which can be deduced from his very urgent tone.]

Or for a matter of fact, how did I even get here? Was there a kidnapping or something?


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