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[Action - Morning - Near the Hotel]

[BANG. BANG. BANG. What sounds like firecrackers going off can be heard just around the hotel. Is it under attack? Has a crazed gunman broken in and threatens the Prospero Persona-users and more? No, the Kid just happened to buy himself a pair of pistols recently and setup a miniature shooting range in an alley not too far away. And his targets? They happen to be the several dozen (nearly hundred)now-empty bottles of booze that the Kid has been snatching since he got settled in.

He'd normally have enough sense to do this further away from where folks would be disturbed...but finding a quiet spot where nobody would mind gunshots and bottles shattering seemed few and far inbetween. So he'll be keeping this up until someone from the hotel staff tells him to stop or they'd call the police.

Until then, has he woken you up abruptly? The sound of gunshots making you think real danger is nearby, only to find a Kid up to no good? Go ahead and let him know.]

[Action - Evening - Shopping District]

[So after answering a few questions to concerned citizens and apologizing to folks in the hotel, Kid goes out shopping later that night. Hotel food only went so far, after all. Thing is, he doesn't know much about cooking considering he's lived on rations for most of his life. Or freshly slaughtered animals. So most of what he buys is a lot of instant foods with some packed meat. And how does he carry it? Why, not with a cart or basket, but by putting as many bags on himself that his shoulders and arms could carry. If you happen to see a humanoid figure made of shopping bags, it's probably the Kid.]

[Video - Late Evening - Dark Hour in twenty minutes]

[The Kid turns on the feed and is plainly standing in the middle of his room, which is still an ungodly mess but doesn't have any bottles of booze laying around anymore. He's loading up both of his pistols and strapping his hammer to his back as he speaks up.]

Going Shadow huntin'. Anyone wanna come?


Apr. 9th, 2012 02:29 am
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[Taro's in a little bit of trouble. You see, it's past midnight, and he's been out wandering.]

[... And he found a teeming mass of Shadows. He flicks on his phone, the screen blocked a bit by his fingers wrapped tightly around it. The camera is shaking a little, too - he won't admit it, but he's scared.]

S... so these are it, huh? Seems kinda weird... they're just blobs... I -

[He raises the phone almost defensively as one of the 'blobs' slithers near him. The phone shakes more, and he runs towards it, the blob forming into a more recognizable appearance - veterans of Prospero will know it as a Crying Table. He lets out a shout, punching it from the underside as if to flip it, and it smacks him back.]

Wh -

[The camera slips out of his grip, spinning around on the ground. Other Shadows are visible coming up from behind him and on the sides. Taro's knocked to the ground by one of them, and he kicks it back, crying out in pain as one of them casts Agi on him.]

I don't want to die again...

[One of the Shadows flows over the phone, cutting off the video.]


Apr. 1st, 2012 12:10 am
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[A young man's face appears on screen, and he's smiling, though it looks a little bit strained.]

Hey! Can anyone here me? Hello? I think I've been kidnapped. Though uh… I gotta say. Whoever kidnapped me? Good timing. I was in a pretty rough spot, so thanks. I think.

[He stretches, and shakes his head, as if he's got way too much energy. … He probably does.]

So. Uh. I don't think that even if you're trying to kidnap me it'll do much good. There's only one person who I think would come after me and she'll probably uh… end up trashing the place before you can get anything from her.

[He scratches his head and shuts off the video.]


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