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[When the feed snaps on, you'll see a menacing face, covered in a thin layer of greasy white paint. Thin lips painted sloppily in red, a jagged scar jutting up from either side to form a terrifying Glasgow grin. His eyes have an almost dangerous fire in them. Oh. And guess who loves his shakycam, Prospero?]

Prospero, Prospero, Prospero...

So. Prospero. [His tongue lashes out, tracing over his scars.] Who. Do. I. Thank. For the "Get Out of Jail Free" card? Hmm? 'Cause I, ah... I already asked my new friend here---

[He crouches down to the ground and hoists up the body of a middle-aged man. Dead. A bloody smile carved into his face.]

---and he didn't know. His wife didn't know, either.

[He drops the body to the ground unceremoniously as he migrates into another room. Though the image is blurry, it appears as though the Joker's currently in someone else's home. He hums a little tune to himself as he rounds the corner into the kitchen, tossing his phone down onto the nearby counter before opening the refrigerator, practically burying himself in it. When he emerges, he pulls out what looks like a half-eaten birthday cake and sets it down on the counter as well. He doesn't even bother getting plates or anything, grabbing a huge handful and just scarfing it down. Though he'll pause to lick some of the icing off his glove.]

So, again. Really. Who do I thank? It's, ah---been a while since I've done this. [Gesturing to the cake.] Birthday parties, y'know. [He cackles to himself.]


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March 2013

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