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Zelgius ([personal profile] covermyback) wrote in [community profile] tvk2013-01-28 03:16 pm

2. [Video] Versus Shadows

[The phone's camera sees to be on the ground, as though it has been dropped. Zelgius can be seen a short distance away, striking down Shadows with his sword. Behind him, Lugh appears, unleashing a mighty Cleave on a Shadow that was trying to sneak up behind him. Once the current round of Shadows dissipates, he picks up the phone and talks into it somewhat desperately.]

I'm trying to keep the Shadows from reaching the hotel, but there are too many of them! Any assistance will be appreciated! There are civilians that need to be protected here, and so we must work to defend them!

[A Shadow strikes him from behind and knocks the phone out of his hands once more.]

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