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[The video that comes on is excessively jostled about, mostly because Asch is just so utterly enraged that he can't hold onto his communicator properly. During this time, as he tries to get a hold of himself, the viewer gets a good look at what is definitely Luke's room, with the way the desk and the bed are a general mess, and the fact that there is a length of sheets trailing out the window, with no Luke present.]


[And that bellow is a damn good clue that Luke is in deep shit.]

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[Today, you have a redhead. A redhead that will not admit to the fact that there might be a bit of a blush on his face. He looks at the screen like he's having second thoughts... before he takes a deep breath, preparing for the utter humiliation that's to come.]

How does... someone tell someone they like them... without letting them know who it is?

[...and now he'll be looking away from the camera.]

N-not that I want to know! I'm asking for someone else!


Jan. 11th, 2012 05:52 pm
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[Asch doesn't look happy -- but then again, when does he ever? -- when he appears on the screen. He makes a face at it (that looks like he swallowed a bug), before speaking.]

Anyone seen an idiot around here? He--

[He cut himself off, making the most irate face imaginable, before forcing the next sentence out between clenched teeth.]

--looks a lot like me. Only with short hair.
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[Sorry, Prospero, but you're about to be treated to a less than pleasant video. The picture comes on to the sight of Asch hitting concrete, swearing as he bounced once, before settling on the ground. He groaned in pain, but shook it off, ignoring his fallen phone and instead grabbing a pipe that had fallen off camera. He pounded forward, his foot catching his phone and sending it spinning around a moment, before the picture settled on Asch fighting... Asch. Or rather, his Shadow, who was much better equipped than the real person at the moment. The Shadow's sword scraped along Asch's pipe, letting out a loud screech, before tossing him aside. Asch managed not to go flying that time, growling as he settled into a recovery stance.]

What? Do you think you can get rid of me so easily?

Shut up! I've heard enough of your crap!

[The Shadow let out a laugh.]

But what I say is everything you've thought of, you're just too much of a coward to say it out loud!

[Asch struck out at the shadow, rage clear on his face.]

Shut up! Shut up!

What are you so afraid of? You can't be the only one that's realized it... 'Scion of Lorelei'.


We were born for the express purpose of dying. Everyone that was important knew about it; everyone but us.

[Asch struck out at his Shadow again, but he parried easily, the pipe and the sword grinding against each other loudly.]

We were born the Light of the Sacred Flame... the Scion of Lorelei... a being with the same isofonic frequency as Lorelei itself...

[The Shadow leaned close, getting in Asch's face as a hideous smile grew on his face.]


[Asch. Snapped.]

[A scream of rage ripped from the redhead, and he pushed back against his Shadow with all his strength, knocking him aside. He pursued him, his pipe swinging out so fast that the other him did not have a chance to guard, and he was clocked solidly in the head. The Shadow stumbled away, a line of red trickling down his face.]

DON'T YOU DARE! Don't you dare compare me to him!

[The Shadow merely smirked.]

Why not? I am your Shadow. I am everything you are.

[Asch gripped the pipe tighter, trembling.]

I'm not...! I'm nothing like him! I'm nothing like you!

[Something strange happened then, and it was clear that Asch's words were the cause of it. The Shadow's expression darkened, as the darkness itself gathered around it in waves. The creature started chuckling, a low, sinister sound that soon rose into an insane pitch. It raised its sword, the ground around it suddenly starting to glow, and Asch swore, raising his pipe in a defensive stance as he backed away. A figured loomed up behind the Shadow, almost like death itself was being ripped into reality, before everything was bathed in white and the video came to a sudden abrupt end.]

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[It was lucky for everyone in Prospero that Asch appeared within the walls of the hotel, otherwise he might be doing this to you. "This" being grabbing the nearest person and trying to get information out of them. Instead of one of your PCs, he has poor helpless NPC hotel clerk by the scruff of his neck, lifting him up high enough for his knees to be banging against the lobby desk. This must have been going on for some time, because by the time Asch's cellphone falls and pops open to video, he's already giving the man a vicious shake, in the middle of complaining.]

--an behind this?! I have much more important things to be doing then to just be thrown around wherever people damn well please! Answer me!

[Thankfully, security chose to show up at that moment. The only problem was, Asch was holding a projectile, and he wasn't afraid to use him. The security guards barely caught the poor hotel clerk, falling over in the process, as another security guard jumped Asch from behind. You get to see them scuffle for a good minute, before the cellphone is accidentally kicked, and the feed cuts out.]

[Don't worry; Asch will be free to answer calls once he gets out of jail cools off a bit.]


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