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[During the whole dark hour/regain thing, Eridan got that same message everyone else got. Of course, he asked for his science wands back so he can be powerful... but wands are pretty useless without the science that power them. Eridan finds the mysterious wand-carrying shadow with ease during the dark hour, taking out some trash with Poseidon while he's at it. Eridan decides to document this. He was still low level, but personally he thought he was being badass. Maybe he could use this as a platform to be noticed by the ladies. That and recording this would prove once and for all that his science is real and magic is a bunch of fake crap. He dismisses his Persona, wanting to show off a little. He fixes the phone camera on a nearby stack of boxes, because holding a phone camera and kicking ass at the same time is a little awkward.]

Alright. You shadowy pieces a' trash...The Prince is here. Your hope is lost. Might as well be turnin' tail at the sight a' my mighty white science.

[He makes a few dramatic poses, aims... and FIRES! Only to find he's hit a button on the wand and it... lights up... and starts making "Whoosh" and sparkly noises. He's feeling rather gypped right now, and curses his luck, venting his fustrations. He summons his persona again to take out a few more Shadows, and makes a hasty exit to safety. Once he's in the clear, he tosses the wand against a wall. The wand is surprisingly sturdy.]

USELESS! Fuckin' pieces a' fuckin' trash didn't even send me the RIGHT FUCKIN' WAND. Not a single piece a' this fuckin' wand is any good. It's ALL FUCKIN' USELESS. How am I supposed to be impressin' everyone now without my white science power?
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[Magic. Magic. Magic. Magic. Seems to be everywhere up in this bitch and my god Eridan just cannot take that. That is why, he will prove, once and for all, that magic is a bunch of fakey fake bullshit and that everyone should stop believing in it, much less using the term. Well that and some other thing.]
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