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[voice] [So guess who got beamed into Prospero during the Dark Hour?] This is all wrong. Time travel is one thing, but what the hell was that? Coffins and blood and monsters? It's exactly like a trashy VR sim. This isn't reality, it's a bad joke!

[Sigh.] Nevermind. It all amounts to my being stranded on yet another planet with no immediate means of escape. No use freaking out about it. So I've got a few questions for you:

1. Is this really Old Earth, circa 2011?
2. What's the deal with those monsters? Are they sentient?
3. Where can I find a decent coffee shop?
4. Also, where can I find a change of clothes?

[Action: For a change, the first thing one notices about Festina isn't the lurid purple birthmark. It's the impossibly tight black bodysuit. Thing is, this isn't her uniform. She picked it up from the Unity settlement on Muta when her space-suit got EMPed and she needed something she wouldn't sweat buckets in, and she never got back to her ship for a change of clothes before she got spirited here. She's literally got nothing else but the clothes she's wearing right now, but try telling that to the Prospero locals. She's tired, and irritated, and the wolf-whistles she is getting from certain boorish passersby are not helping her mood. Unfortunately, she's also lost, and will probably need help finding a place to stay. Dare you approach?]


The Velvet Key

March 2013

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