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"--Gráinne, please leave that alone I wasn't planning to eat him. He was a gift!"

[ That sure is one distressed Diarmuid in the background. With a floppy rabbit in one hand and a knife in the other, this accidental video may indicate that she was planning to do what any woman in her situation would do. After all, rabbit stew was quite nutritious. Placing the rabbit down, she watches it scamper off before picking up the device. ]

I thought it would be a good thing to show my beloved what I intended to bake for him, but he seems distressed over eating a mere rodent. [ What good is a gift if he doesn't eat it GOD. ] Very well, I will do what any good wife should.

[ AND THUS BEGINS HER ADVENTURE OF ACQUIRING THE FOODSTUFFS NEEDED TO MAKE A HEARTY DINNER FOR HER LOVING HUSBAND!! Gráinne can be found throughout all of Prospero trying to barter with various "merchants" at the stores and arguing with civilians on where the nearest market to purchase strange items of old. She might even turn towards any passing individuals to ask them the very same question. ]
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That was an unpleasant experience. [ Someone's just returned to the land of the living. During the Dark Hour. Judging from the sounds in the background, she might have her Persona out in her defense. ] Just as unpleasant as my revival. Tell me, murderer, do you boast about making a fool of the daughter of Cormac mac Airt? Then I welcome you to test your luck a second time. For this time I will not stand as princess, but instead as the warrior that I am.
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[ Gráinne doesn't cry. So when she makes a call today with the foreign device, she's quiet and unmoving, with the darkened silhouette of the hotel behind her. Only those who have passed through the doors of the building may notice she's been there since sunset. ]

The moon is unusually bright tonight. [ Oh, she knows exactly what that means. She's been told to stay indoors during the Full Moon, but after last month, she's not exactly going to listen. ] Strange occurrences happen during such, right? The behavior of others change significantly and they act in a manner that is abnormal...

[ She cuts herself off as her head lazily rolls to the side. Shortly after, the hand holding her phone falls to her side and while she holds it tightly as a Shadow approaches her rapidly. No, she doesn't seem to be frightened in the slightest as she remains stationary. Suddenly there's a woman in dark clothing moving out in front of her to blast it away with brilliant ice shards. Turning around, she gives what appears to be a disappointed scowl before fading away. ]

The lady of shadows seems displeased as well. It must be an all too familiar sting in her chest too.

[ For the rest of the duration of the Dark Hour, Gráinne can be found in the same place she's stood for hours, batting away any Shadows that approach. It seems as though she doesn't have any fight left in her tonight and at times, she may appear easily overrun. ]
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[ The video feed is dark save for flickering candle light in the background, so it might be difficult to make out the woman holding onto the device. She's silent, but after a while, she clears her throat. ]

Many pardons for my intrusion through this magical network [ The word spoken with disdain and confusion. ] but I recall the image of a man some time ago. I didn't feel a thing for him at that time, but I now know I feel. It's very confusing to think of this man as my father, but if he's responsible for me, then it is his counsel I must seek. He introduced himself as Kayneth Archibald El-Melloi [ The name spoken to the best of her ability despite her thick accent. ], so please allow me to reunite with him.

If you have any information on his location, my gratitude would be everlasting.
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[ In other words: 'What is this thing and what do these buttons do?' For the lone individual who knows which hotel room she's in might find it vacant. So where exactly is this woman from ancient times?

At the mall of course. A few minutes later, there will be another text message to come through the network. ]

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[ A: While this maiden has been here all day, she hasn't thought to venture out until the sun had set. There's so much she's learned already. For example, with how short the days were and the chill in the air - that meant winter was coming in quick. With the strange salt in the breeze she was able to determine that she was on an island of some sort near an ocean. She might stand out when it comes to the other civilians as she wore sheets pulled from the hotel bed as a makeshift cloak, tightening it closer in between her petite fists.

Then it happens. Midnight strikes and the few individuals who littered the streets with brightly colored bags of green and red in their hands appear in strange coffins, leaving her to be the only one visible in her path. With the snowfall, her vision is obscured slightly.. but not enough to veil the large figure approaching rapidly. A normal woman might be frightened enough to flee, but this one in particular is Irish. Kicking up snow into it's face, she feints to the side in an attempt to run around it. Naturally, she gets knocked over by the Visceral Maya, sliding into a thicker bank of snow along the street. A shame she doesn't have a phone to call for help or anything of the sort.

B: After she's been rescued by insert amount of threads of people who choose to save her here, Gráinne will be entering whatever bar happens to be open past midnight with soaking wet sheets in her hand. Her own attire is fairly damp, but she doesn't seem to be concerned with it. ]


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