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[A. Action - High School]

[Today, you'll find Hiro working dilgently in the library! It looked like he's working on a report or something really important. But if you look closer, you'll notice that he's just making some sketches of random demons he's seen before. For more video savvy folks, you'll be able to see his sketches in all of their childish looking glory. His phone is off to the side and it's already on, but Hiro is SO deep in thought that he doesn't even realize it. Herpaderp!]

Now that I think about it... The smaller and low level demons are a lot easier to draw. [And cue a spin from his pencil.] Geez... When you become more of a top class tamer, you start to miss the weaker ones.

... There's no way to summon them here anymore, though. [There's a somber sigh on his end. He really misses those guys, but it is what it is. If you're overhearing any of this, it would sound like crazy talk. Then he'll tap his pencil abruptly.]

... Ah, I should really spread the word about that. We've still got a week before hitting the shores!

[B. Action - Felix's Finds]

[Currently, there's a familiar bunny eared protagonist who is doing some shopping for weapons. It's totally okay for youngers to be looking at sharp objects nowadays, right? Hiro is stroking his chin as if he's in a museum. He looks a bit troubled...]

Hmm... I'm gonna need a trademark weapon from here on out. Random pipes laying around can only work for so long. [He'll stand to look at himself in a mirror as he does some action poses. A pose as if he's holding a sword. Another pose as if he's holding a spear. Then another pose like he's holding a gun.] --Bang!

Okay. Let's see... Would a long ranged weapon suit me? Or maybe I could stick with close range... Getting up close and personal is more fun sometimes. Heroes in RPGs usually start off lucky with just conviently having a weapon in their hands...

... [THIS IS SERIOUS BUSINESS, MMMKAY.] I might need an outsider's opinion on this.
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A special kiss from your future love is coming! Send this to 10 people in the next 5 minutes and he/she wil kiss you tommorrow! O(≧∇≦)O

... Seriously, guys. Do this for the good of mankind. You don't know what you're missing out on.


[For now, Hiro wasn't sure if he was going to fully adjust to this place or not. Eventually, he would have to find out on how to leave. He could trust Yamato to lead everyone else, but the rest of the party didn't have much of a high opinion of the slippery bastard. Conflicts were bound to happen unless they magically made nice with each other. All he could do was look into the night sky and try looking for the constellations. Although, he wasn't sure if that was clearing his mind or making him feel more uneasy.]

This is the worst possible timing for a vacation. In America, no less.

... I wonder how many Septentriones we have left to beat? Dubhe, Merak, Phecda, Megrez and Alioth were the ones that we curbstomped so far. Each one was stronger than the last. And I've got a funny feeling that they're gonna become even more of a pain as they continue coming.

Nicaeaman mentioned Polaris was the top banana. And that one would decide on the will of mankind... That's a pretty big list to fill, isn't it? [... He could ponder on that all he wanted, but that wouldn't change the fact that he's stuck here.]

But first things first, I should focus on what I can do here.

[He knew that he was stuck here, but he would have to get home at some point. The question is how could he? If you're outside of the hotel, he'll be sitting on a bench. Hiro has his headphones on at the moment, but he won't pass up some conversation if someone catches his eye.]
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[ if you're out and about and not staying safely indoors for who knows what reason, you will probably see the.... perhaps not-so-unusual sight of someone in the Shopping District being surrounded by a group of giggling girls.

And by girls, I mean ranging in age from middle school to housewives. It's not like this poor tormented woman-attracting soul can get very far with all the chattering and squealing and flirting going on, but damn are they (politely) trying. ]

No, really-- I just-- I'm just trying to find my way back! Why does this always happen?!

[ A FEW HOURS LATER, there's a video post. Aforementioned poor tormented woman-attracting soul is looking more than a little disheveled, with her baseball cap lopsided and her clothes rumpled, but after a moment of trying fruitlessly to adjust herself, she gives up and grins sheepishly. ]

P-people here are really friendly, aren't they? My name is Makoto Kikuchi, and I have no idea where I am!! It's nice to meet you!

[ she probably shouldn't say that so cheerfully. ]

By any chance, has anyone here heard of 765 Pro?
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[In the commons at Deacon Hall, there is a young brunette standing there in a bit of a huff. Her arms are crossed and it looks like she's giving some poor attendant an earful. Honestly, her yelling is probably echoing up to the rooms upstairs...]

What do you mean I have to share a floor with some other girls! That's completely unacceptable! Do you even know who you're dealing with?! One call to my father and you can say goodbye to that desk job of yours!

Ugh, why am I even bothering with you. I want to talk to your manager! Right. Now.


[And now for something completely different! It's the same brunette, but instead of wrecking havoc, she is smiling brightly at the camera.]

Hi there, Iori Minase here! I'm sure you all know me, so I was wondering if I could ask a question. Anyone who answers will get a special surprise, nihihi~!


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