May. 2nd, 2012 10:16 am
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[Anyone out during the Dark Hour on May 2 might hear Kaiji yelling into his phone, moments after dispatching some shadows without the help of his Persona, who seems to be acting oddly tonight.]

Saori? Saori! Where are you?! [Seems like he's trying to respond to this call.]

[He just had to go and make such noise. More shadows draw near and he grabs his bat again, shoving the phone in his pocket. He calls forth his Persona for some spells, but nothing happens. Atropos hovers there ominously, only moving her eyes to follow Kaiji as he dispatches the shadows on his own. Once done, he turns to find her still there, and he takes a step back, still brandishing his bat. He's always been creeped out by his Persona.]

What the fuck are you doing!? You want me to get killed out here! I have to fi--

[Sure seems like she's answering his question. Not seeing it coming, Kaiji is hit with a bolt of lightning, sending him flying a few feet away. He tries to pick up his dropped bat, hands charred from holding the metal object, as he tries slowly to get up.]

I-Is this what you want then? Fine! [And he charges at her with sudden speed. Kaiji doesn't have any powers or abilities during the Dark Hour besides his Persona. Someone might want to help him out or stop him...]

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[Kaiji has spent the day at the police station and the hospital, being questioned and identifying the body of his girlfriend. It has not been a good day.

Everyone will receive a text, since Kaiji knows he's too much of a crying mess to face people on video.]

I will find who did this and you will pay

I will not hold back and I don't care what happens to me as a result

You better fucking be prepared

If anyone knows anything get back to me ASAP

[Action: Anyone looking for Kaiji will find him sitting inside Saori's hotel suite, looking blank. Saori once died in front of him, and she came back. He's not sure how it works, or why. It happened once, it could happened again. But that was during Shadow-related events, and this was a plain, senseless murder. He doesn't know what is going to happen next. But if she does come back, she'll return here. And so here he will stay for as long as he needs to.]

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Mar. 9th, 2012 04:43 pm
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So there's Kaiji. And Kaiji is walking a dog. Actually, it's more like the other way around. Sirius is dragging his his butt all over the city today on a walk. Kaiji figured he'd give it a whirl while Saori was at work, and the excited pup is taking him for a run.

Maybe you see Kaiji and Sirius running past, or you spot him during one of the few moments he's able to catch his breath. Or maybe Sirius has decided to come say hi to you and get all up in your business. Don't worry, he's friendly! Who knows about his co-owner, though...

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[Well, it’s finally here. The holiday everyone either loves or hates: Valentine’s Day. The video flickers on and it’s features a hotel room. Judging by the fact there was a bookshelf filled with folklore books and tea tins, this was Saori’s room. Kaiji sits on the bed, giving Sirius a belly rub. Saori’s voice could be heard even though she’s off camera.]

Sorry, Kaiji, I’ll be out in a second.

[Saori comes out and appears on the screen, her back towards the camera. She’s not dressed in her usual fare, but a cream colored baby doll lined with black lace along with matching panties. Thankfully because it covered up the necessary bits, there wouldn’t be any brain scarring moments from this. Hopefully.]

Saori!  Wow, you, uh, y-you um...

[She had climbed up onto the bed while poor Kaiji was sputtering. After shooing Sirius off from the bed, she blinked at him and tilted her head.]

What’s wrong? You don’t like it?

No!  I mean-- Yes!  I mean, Yeah, I like it, it’s--

Well I just thought considering what today is, I thought we could spend a little private time together. We have been going out for some time after all.

[She moves in closer until she corners him to the headboard. Her hands rest on either side of Kaiji’s head, trapping him even further.]

Saori... Why are you acting like--

Don't tell me you haven't been curious, Kaiji.

[Eyes half-lidded, she smiles and softly laughs. She moves in closer but then at that moment, she passed out. While that happened, she accidentally leaned forward, resulting in headbutting her poor boyfriend and slumping against him.]

Ow! Damnit!  What the hell?  ...Saori?  Saori!

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Feb. 9th, 2012 12:02 pm
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Kaiji is blissfully unaware of the latest effects on the town. For now, that is. But at the current moment he's wrapped up in his own dilemma - trying to find a good Valentine's Day gift for Saori. He and Sakurako made a killing on Super Bowl betting, so he's saved it to get something for his girlfriend, as tempting as taking it all to the casino is.

Okay. Maybe he saved a little to take to the casino.

Today, he'll be standing outside the windows of various jewelry shops and department stores, grumbling and smoking cigarettes at a furious pace. He's also looking around the area a lot, to make sure Saori doesn't pop around the corner. He's trying to keep a low profile. But that means anyone else is free to help him, mock him, or whatever!

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Jan. 25th, 2012 11:21 am
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Hello new fake family members! That would be Issei, April, Sakurako and Cú Chulainn. This afternoon, Kaiji will be stopping by your residences. Working for a pizza shop has its advantages. Namely, cheap pizza and beer! Okay, and soda for the minors. So he'll be stopping by these places today to catch up with his "family". Have a Kaiji knocking on your door with a grin on his face and some food in his hands.

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[Not too far from the hotel stands a woman in rich orange and and blue robes, staring at the rolling grey waves in the distance. It's a good thing the safety rail is there, and that she's clutching it so tightly, otherwise she'd have already toppled herself clear over it and onto jagged rocks. She's leaning forward. She's shaking slightly, possibly from the cold.]

It's quiet.

It's... so quiet.

[This place is too unfamiliar to immediately comprehend. Her head throbs from the sudden lack of what was once there and is now gone. Having to ask "why" and "where" and "how" will come later, more slowly. Waves, she knows. The sea, she understands. She can watch the waves, and think.



[The video feed flickers on, catching the blue-haired woman in the middle of figuring out the new device. She seems to be in a hotel room.] ...ah, and by pressing this, I... [Her expression shifts from curious to deeply pleased. She sits back in her seat, holding herself in a regal fashion.]

I have been informed that this device will allow me to communicate with the others who do not belong in this city. Am I correct? If so, good. Let us... communicate. I have many questions.
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All over the shopping district today, Kaiji can be found zipping about on his bike, or walking from store to store. He's never been much for Christmas, but people seem into it here in Propsero. But his job doesn't exactly afford him much to spend on gifts (not to mention all those gambling losses), and he really has no idea what makes a good gift.

Anyone else out there will find Kaiji forlornly staring into windows or walking out of stores grumbling, hands still empty if any gifts. Care to help him out?


[Later, on the phones:]

So, any plans for Christmas or New Year's parties? I know there's a chance some shit might go down to ruin everything, but that doesn't mean we should sit around and wait for it to happen.

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[Action A: Anyone out during the Dark Hour tonight will hear an altercation a few dozen yards away. It ends with a loud CLANG and the sound of someone running off. If you check it out, you'll find one Kaiji Ito out for the count, crumpled to the ground in a heap. He's got a head wound that's still bleeding.

Video: Elsewhere in town, the feed on Kaiji's phone kicks on to see that unmistakable face on screen, but with a few notable differences. Those eerie gold eyes are one clue, of course. But he's dressed like a construction worker - helmet, goggles, work gloves, smeared with dirt and carrying a shovel.]

Pathetic. This whole place is pathetic. You, me, everyone in this town. You don't even know what you're fighting against. Everyone just goes about their day and tries to ignore the fact what's going on here. People kidnapped from their homes, these "Personas", mysterious calls... No one can figure shit out. Especially not me. Not us.

Useless. A worthless, pathetic fucking loser like us aren't getting anyway, you should all stop even trying to rely on us for an instant. Thinking that a place like this is some sort of second chance, some sort of hope... Bullshit. Someone else is pulling the strings, that's obvious. No matter where you go, you're someone's dog. You'll never amount to anything, even in a place like this. Don't forget it!
[The feed cuts off.]

[Action B: After that, Kaiji's shadow will be roaming around during the Dark Hour, looking to see if his other half has gotten back up yet. Feel free to approach or engage, but beware - he's way stronger than actual Kaiji, and getting too close to him for too long seems to have a negative effect on your psyche. You may just end up as miserable as this shadow.]

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[Kaiji hasn't been around much since the zombie battles. He was utterly exhausted after all that, and felt useless since so many people ended up being killed. Today, though, he'll turn on his phone and make a call.]

Hey, uh, so. We all know bad shit's gonna go down around the time of the full moon, right? Or at least, weird shit. Maybe it's not going to be zombies every time, but at least we should be ready in case it is. Maybe we oughta have meetings, or a place to meet at least. Or a bunker with supplies. Or... something, I dunno. Maybe it doesn't make any sense since we never know what's coming our way.


[Tonight on the town, Kaiji is out enjoy the cool weather for the first time in awhile. He stops at different houses and stores to look at all the Halloween decorations everywhere, and displays in the windows. He mutters under his breath.]

We're supposed to give out candy, right...?
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[Kaiji will be found helping clean up the shore of the victims who have washed ashore. A brave move by Captain Crybaby here, but he feels bad for the people who were just trying to live a normal life on this island. He figures this has something to do with the full moon, shadows, and all that nonsense.

Anyone else who comes to the shoreline might find him helping carry body, eyes squeezed shut as he does. He'll also be taking frequent smoke breaks to gather up his nerves again, but he'll keep heading back.]

[Later, a text to all:]

Does anyone have any fucking clue as to what is going on now? Anyone out there know someone who's gone missing?

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[The video feed pops on to Kaiji this night, who is sitting on a ledge overlooking the ocean. The phone sits next to him, pointed upwards. He's smoking a cigarette and looking thoughtful.]

A whole month now. That's how long I've been here. Hard to believe. It's gone by so fast. Especially since the last place I was, time seemed to stand still.

I know sometimes shit gets crazy here. The shadows every night, people getting hurt, big fights like at the casino... But trust me, it could always be worse. Hell, I'm sure a lot of ya know that already. We've all been dragged into this. A lot of us have nowhere else to return to. But that means one thing - we're all in this together. We can all help each other out. We can figure this place out, maybe make it safe again someday. No more shadows, no more Dark Hour.

[He takes a long drag of his cigarette and finishes it off, tossing it into the sea and watching it fall.]

I need to go back sometime though. It's already too late - what's past is past, and even though it's not my fault, there were some guys back there that were counting on me. I don't know what I can do to fix it, but... Shit, at this point, they probably think I'm dead anyway. Does it matter anymore? By this point they might--

[Kaiji cuts his muttering off, shaking his head and squeezing his eyes shut. It might be hard to see from the angle and the light, but there might be some tears there.]

I've fucked up a lot, and I probably will keep fucking up too. I'm not smart, or lucky, or brave, or anything like that. But I can promise you guys this: while I'm on this island, I'm on your side. I'll fight by your side. Let's show these monsters what we're made of.

[Kaiji absently wipes a sleeve at the corner of his eyes.]

Fuck it. I'll be at the bar.

[Feel free to meet him there. Like a lot of you, he's in a talkative mood and doesn't want to sit alone, for a change.]
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[Kaiji is still new to the world of fancypants cell phone ownership and occasionally forgets he has this thing. So have a call today!]

Hey guys. So, um, I hear a lot of people making calls about lookin' for fight training. Anyone out there actually giving lessons? I figure it's in my best interests if I wanna keep living here.

I don't really have a lot of experience - Well, I mean, I know how to throw a punch right and stuff like that - but I'm willing to give something a try.


[Action 1:

Later on, Kaiji will be found at the library! He can't even remember the last time he was in one. You can tell, since he looks lost. Help him find his way?

Action 2:

Kaiji has gotten himself an illustrious career in Prospero as a pizza delivery man! If you made an order, you might find him at your door. Or you might find him zipping on town on a bicycle with some pizzas strapped to the back of it. LIVING THE DREAM.]


Aug. 18th, 2011 11:50 am
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backstory/introspection )

Today, with the money he showed up with in Prospero and a few tips from his new job - about $1100 - Kaiji heads into Golden Heaven. He looks tense as he wanders around. He's got a lot of money he needs to win. He needs to gamble. What surprises him is the amount of normal townsfolk here, gambling away their household possessions, cars, jewelry... It was a little off-putting, but he wasn't interested in items. He needed money. He has to turn $1100 into $800,000. His fellow prisoners were counting on him, and had absolute faith in him. He could do this.

Kaiji will be hitting up small tables to start - a few hands of poker, or a few mid-range slot machines. But mostly, he's scoping the place out. He's looking for a game where he can score big - and something that would no doubt be shady. Feel free to stop to talk, or play a few hands with him, or maybe make him an offer he can't refuse...
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[Anyone close to or passing room 301 of the Bay View hotel this morning will hear a very sudden and loud ruckus. Its new resident is tearing the place apart in a frantic rush, trying to figure out where he is and what happened. He'd worked so hard to get out of the underground labor camp, and was only out for less than a day before he woke up... wherever he was now. He could only assume the yakuza screwed him over once again, and he was furious.

Finding no clues in the room itself, Kaiji flings the door open and dashes out, looking for the nearest exit. He at least needs to find out where he is.

That place is not Tokyo. Not even close. Excuse him while he gawks in shock at his new surroundings.

It's at this point he realizes there's a cell phone in his pocket. He doesn't have his own, and he doesn't recognize any of the names on it. He'll manage to get the call broadcast to everyone, though.]

I don't know who's sick idea of a joke this is, but I want an explanation now! We had an agreement! There would be none of your fine print bullshit! I was to have three weeks in Tokyo, not-- not wherever the hell this is. Send me back!

[Later, residents will find Kaiji wandering about the town, still in a bit of shock. Maybe he's calmed down a little more at this point too. Maybe. Feel free to approach him before the call, after, or return his call. I might be a good idea to catch him before he's out too late...]


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