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[Will appears on the screen, grabbing his chest with a clenched fist, gritting his teeth in pain. He intended to call Lion, but he wasn't used to the technology still, so he just streamed his message to everyone.]

L-Lion...something is very wrong...I hate to admit but I need your assistance...please come to the lobby, I'll be waiting...

[The pain didn't made this any easier to the point he was actually unable to act rude, he was about to beg Lion to come and see him. It was very embarrassing for him and he blushed slightly at the video he had just recorded, but this wasn't normal, his heart was pounding very fast he felt discomfort on his stomach. He believed it was something he ate but maybe it was something like a virus spreading over Prospero, Will didn't knew all he knew is that he had a human condition right now, and that condition is usually frail.]

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[The video feed flickers on to reveal two figures sitting in the hotel lobby—one is Ushiromiya Lion and the other is Willard H. Wright. They're both staring intently into the camera and looks like srs bsnss is going to go down here. Lion is the first to speak. He stands and makes a bow.]

Good afternoon, Prospero. It's come to my attention that certain ones of us have conflicting perspectives on the Ushiromiya family and the island of Rokkenjima. I've spoken with my acquaintance Willard H. Wright and he's agreed to clear up any misconceptions.

Name's Willard Huntington Wright as he said, I can't proclaim my detective rights, but I'm quite knowledgeable in Witch Trials, so I proclaim my part as judge, at least to clear this...situation. I'm not here to sentence anyone, so don't worry I'll serve as a judge and information source.

Witch trials...? [Lion pauses for a moment.]
His information is highly accurate, though I'm unsure how he knows so much. As he said, rest assured, this isn't a trial.

Before we start I wanna leave some points clear, there are two truths being judged, they are different but that doesn't make them any less valid. We are proving the reality of those truths, Lion's truth is one side of the coin, the other is the opposing side, first both sides should be named and have a record of such.

This—this is the first I'll be hearing about it as well.

I won't list names, but the ones involved--please come to the Bayview Hotel's lobby, where we will be waiting. Video response is also an option, but an in-person explanation is strongly preferred in this situation so that we may clear up this confusion as efficiently as possible. Thank you for your time.

[And the feed cuts.]

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[Lion's been fidgeting with this...phone thing for a while now, and finally manages to broadcast his voice—he hasn't figured out the video feature yet because hey he's from the 80's okay and technology.]

Hello? Can anyone hear me? Will...?

What…exactly is this? I’m afraid I don’t quite understand it…I don’t recognize where I am, at all. This definitely isn’t an uncharted area of Rokkenjima, and I know there are several places that I‘m unaware of in the forest… But, no…

I’m certain this is a completely different place altogether, it's far too huge. The climate is so much different, and…this place is actually quite a bit more remarkable than my island.

Besides, I doubt an entire city could fit on my home island. The thought alone is bizarre.

[He puts a hand over his mouth in thought, looking pensive and a bit troubled.]

More importantly, I believe leaving the church should have been impossible. It was...well, I can't quite explain why. Not even I understand it... In any case, I must return there as soon as possible. Someone, anyone, please tell me where exactly I am so that I can make the necessary arrangements to get back to my family.


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