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I. Video

I got a job recently, working at a gardening supply shop. I know we should be grateful that there's a free place for us to stay, but I'm kind of uncomfortable with the setup. It feels like the hotel's connected to whoever brought us here and it bothers me that we're living right where they want us to.  I've got some places in mind but if anyone knows of a place, I'd be grateful to hear about it. And if anyone is thinking of moving, I wouldn't mind roommates. I'm kind of used to living with others anyway. 

Miss Saori, I imagine you don't really want to think about it right now but whenever you decide to start your roof garden project, well I get a nice employee discount. You'd be free to use it for whatever you need. 

II. Action

[Neville's finally gotten a hold of a proper weapon for the dark hour, namely a rather rough looking sword he's managed to get from Felix. And it seems he's finally figured out the whole 'Persona' thing because a naked lady helping him with those pesky shadows. He's sticking to the first floors of the dungeon; care to lend a hand?]

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Mar. 6th, 2012 11:37 pm
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I think I've finally got this thing working. [Neville appears sideways on the screen. He's not holding it right, but give the kid some credit for figuring out this wacky muggle device.]

I've already been told the general gist of what's going on around here. And I've had the chance to experience it a bit for myself. And, well, I want to help if I can. It looks like there's still a lot of questions to be answered about what's happening and if I can do anything- not to mean that you lot haven't been working hard and all. I'm sure you have. It just, you know, an extra set of hands and all that.

[He's beginning to feel a little stupid for making the post, but he needs to feel useful. Being trapped in a new culture with nothing to work towards is testing his nerves.]

I'm Neville, by the way. Neville Longbottom. Anything I could do to help, if you'd let me, I'd be grateful for.


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