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[ Since things have settled down since the move, it's only expected of Saber to try to liven it up with a challenge. So when she makes this call, she's in her full armor with a new weapon? Is that a different kind of sword? No, that's definitely a putter in her hand. ]

Diarmuid Ua Duibhne, hear my challenge. [ In a solemn tone: ] You are to meet me on the field of battle at Prospero's Putt Pirates Bay.

[ No, she's not even breaking a smile at that ridiculous name. Mostly because she doesn't get the reference. ]

Allow everyone to bear witness to your defeat on this very day! [ The call ends when she moves the putter with as much expertise as someone with the knowledge of blades could. Although now everyone can imagine how poor the score card between two ancient heroes might look. ]

[ It isn't until much later that she chooses to address the network once more, this time through text messages. ]

Is there anyone who is keeping everyone up to date on information in this place?
Admittedly this device is a hassle for me to use, so I rather discuss it face to face.
If there is anything to discuss, that is.
I could offer you a duel in exchange.
Thank you for your consideration.
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Accidental video )

[ Much later in the day, there will be a text message from the woman. ]

Sorry to be of trouble, but it appears I need someone to pose as my father and another person to pose as my mother in order to purchase a few things.
Is there anyone who would not be troubled by this to assist me?

[ It sucks and it's hard having the body of a fourteen year old, yet the mentality of an adult in their mid-20's. It sucks and no one understands. ]

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Jul. 18th, 2012 07:14 pm
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[ After Lancer's memories were on display for all to see, Saber did the only respectable thing she can do: ignore her phone. For these were things precious to those who held them and who was she to witness events that were to be kept a secret? It felt cheap, dishonest, and for the woman who held chivalry above all else, these were things she could never engage in. So silence from the King of Knights was becoming more and more common throughout the day.

That was until evening. There's a public call with her phone as a giant paw bats at the device. It seems one of the big cubs knocked it over and it doesn't take long before his brother joins in on trying to make it react. Since it is Saber's phone though, there will be a barrage of memories that flood it.

The King's Memories )

It ends with Saber's green eyes gazing down at the phone without a hint of emotion in them. Sometime during that barrage of guilt, she woke up to the sound of her lions trying to eat the phone. Slowly, she picks it up only to disconnect it. After all, there is no need for her to explain any of her actions or to give an excuse for how she's behaved in the past. ]


Jul. 8th, 2012 08:57 pm
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[My goodness, it's shirtless Issei and a woman.

More specifically, it's Issei looking badly beaten up and being bandaged by Saber, who mutters occasional apologies as she pulls a bandage particularly tight. Issei doesn't say anything besides grunting in pain occasionally, until a minute has passed.]

...My Persona still beat your Persona. Just for the record.

[Joint post with Issei and Saber, both will reply, yada yada.]

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Jun. 24th, 2012 11:10 am
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The night before )

For those who were allies and enemies of Gilgamesh, you should be made aware that he has taken his leave of this place. Not through methods of his own, but due to the powers that be. I took it upon myself to inform his closest lady, Beatrice, but it seems that she too has also left. How fortunate it is that they were to leave together.

[ It's using to deliver such news through text means as to remain unbiased. While that should have been the end of her message, she began to type into her phone an additional message. ]

It is said that one must first learn suffering so that they will be able to experience joy. Please do not find yourself troubled by this loss, but instead use the grief it causes you to push yourself forward towards something that shall bring your happiness. Find a pleasure or two in this world and indulge in it.

[ That would do for now, she's certain as she closes the phone. To twist his words in such a manner, he would surely be upset with her. Even though she remembers them plain as day, even though she knows deep down that isn't what he meant, it was ironic to think of them now.

“You can’t say it because you are too shy? It’s all right; I’ll forgive you no matter how many times you get it wrong. First you must learn suffering, and then you will be able to experience the joy I give you.”

Maybe now she would be able to find joy in her second stay in Prospero. Surrounded by his gifts, there surely had to be something here that could bring her joy. ]

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Jun. 10th, 2012 07:19 pm
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Arrival )

[ Sometime after the Dark Hour passes, when she's found a place to hide herself from any potential snipers and enemies, she'll pull out the phone given to her by this place. It looks different, but it's kept all of her messages from before. Convenient really, as she takes a bit more time to listen to the messages a certain knight had left her during the troublesome week she had before. After she's hesitated for as long as she can, she brings herself to make a public call. ]

For those who have just begun to miss me, it seems that fate has decided to return me to this hellish prison. [ If anything, she sounds more amused than anything. ] It also seems that the numbers here have diminished greatly. Well, that is a shame, but there are many warriors still in this special populace of the city.

I am Saber, although many have taken to calling me Arturia Pendragon in this day and age. [ Yes, the real King Arthur. As much as she would like to add that on, it seems like an unnecessary attachment to her introduction already. ] Who among my allies still remain? [ Heh. ] And who among my enemies are brave enough to speak when addressed to?

[ That seems to be the end of her message, but she holds open the line for a little longer, as though hesitating to ask another question. Eventually though, she cuts it once the silence becomes too much. ]
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[ After finding out that her death was public knowledge, Saber feels it's her responsibility to inform everyone that she's returned. It takes her a while to not only will up the courage to do so, but to find the careful words to say. After all, she doesn't want anyone to think she's weak. Her pride's at stake here and it bothers her that it's already up for question. Adding to her frustration is the fact that no one's told her who's responsible for her death, leaving her to question everyone. Once Archer's gone out, she follows only to make it harder to tell where she might be. It begins with the sound of a motorcycle in the background, Saber clearly on her beloved "metal steed". ]

Worry not my comrades in arms for I have returned. [ There's no cockiness in her tone. In fact, she sounds more hollow than anything. ] I request an update on all that I have missed in the past few weeks.

[ She wants to add a personal message for those she needs to speak with, but instead she cuts the call. There are other ways of getting in touch with those people. With an easier way of travel available to her now, she's off to act on her impulses instead of regarding them with caution. ]
[ Saber wastes no time nor any risk in getting hurt as she rides her bike fast through the streets. Weaving through what cars remain in the street during this hour, she doesn't seem to care about slowing down. No, doing so puts her in a situation where she might be hurt. This is something she must do though. If all of her current allies wish to protect her by neglecting details, then she will approach the only person in this city who respects her. There's a difference, a major one, in being respected as a knight and in being respected as king. While she's lost the former, having been diagnosed as a defenseless maiden by most of her comrades, there's still hope in the latter.

So she can found knocking on the door of one Gilgamesh, not truly understanding why it is he refuses to answer. It's unlike him to resist a challenge or to deny her an audience, so why was he now? Anger eventually starts to kick in as she realizes that she's left with no one who respects her for being herself and while it feels unnatural, it feels almost good to think this way.

For the rest of the night, even through the Dark Hour and beyond, Saber can be found throughout Prospero doing any of the following:
(A) Banging on the door to a Burger King. Even though it's closed, she's demanding they open up for their king.
(B) Raiding another closed buffet to discover that they do not leave the food out overnight.
(C) Sitting grimly outside of the only gas station opened at the late hour with a disgusted look on her face and a cold hot dog in hand.
Eventually she'll return to her hiding place, careful to look over her shoulder and hopefully not getting caught. ]
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[The video feed opens up to a police officers standing in front of Shriou and Saber. Whoever is recording the video is offscreen.]

So basically sir, you’re being charged with the identity theft of Shriou Emiya and harboring the runaway child Arturia Emiya. I’m afraid I’m going to have to take you in.

Arturia Emiya’? [ That’s the sound of one displeased Saber, who stands before the officer with a scowl. ] It is Pendragon. Pen. Dra. Gon. Arturia Pendragon. Please try to understand that.

And what exactly did you mean by identity theft? [That would be the sound of an utterly confused Shirou.]

Sorry mam, but your name is Arturia Emiya, son of Shirou Emiya. He said.. [He gestures over his shoulder to the person recording.] That he named you after one of his favorite mythological figures. Odd name, but that’s what he named you. Once you’re older you can have it legally changed.

As for you. [He turns to address Shirou.] You’re guilty of impersonating Shirou Emiya and trying to kidnap his daughter, or at the very least aiding in her running away. It all depends on what the courts decide.

What!? That’s just ridiculous! [Shirou definitely looks surprised at this revelation, and took a step forward.] I don’t know where you got this information, but you’re wrong!

Ah. [ The knightly girl is just going to shoot a look towards the camera - one that was clearly meant for the person behind the phone. ] Cease with this madness or else I will be quite sour with you.

Actually according to this documentation... [He pulls out a nice stack of papers which he hands to Shirou.] You’re clearly guilty of trying to impersonate Shirou Emiya. I don’t know how you thought you could get away with it since you looking nothing like him. You kids with your computers nowadays think you can get away with anything, but this time you’re busted.

[Meanwhile the man who was standing with the camera makes some kind of gesture, most likely some sort of casual, apathetic shrug.]

What, this doesn’t make sense at all! Unless...

[...a look of realization sort of dawns on his face, and he’s just going to stand there, looking at the document with a perplexed face. The feed cuts before more can be shown.]
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[ Deep within an apartment under the name of a teenage boy is one valiant maiden pinning something to her head. Yes, she's got a wig of coppery hair that's she intending to use to try to draw attention to herself. After all, she recognizes three of the names as people with red hair - so maybe the killer has a fascination with that. She will argue with anyone who dares question the logic of a king though, so maybe people shouldn't try to get in her way.

She'll be wandering the streets after sunset in casual clothing and said wig, her hair down and all with the full intent of trying to entice the killer out. This is bound to fail as she's probably quite obvious, even without a giant sword on her, so feel free to stop her just to ask what's up! ]
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Hello everyone? Is this device working? I am uncertain as to the limits of it, but I suspect it works just as a mobile phone would in this modern time.

[ Hello Saber in a very elegant dress. She may or may not have been trying it on for the masquerade that's going to happen, but whatever the reason, she doesn't seem phased in the slightest for wearing it. ]

I am away from Prospero for a while on what is supposed to be a vacation, but I am afraid I cannot stop worrying about things. Is the book store doing well? Do I need to place another order while I am away? How about my apprentice? Oh! [ She looks rushed and there may be classical music being picked up in the background. ] Has Gilgamesh destroyed anything? Gilgamesh, you better answer my call. I have something of great importance to ask of you.

[ Great importance while she's dressed up like a lady. QUICK, take advantage of this while you can, bro. ]

Archer, Shirou, Lancer, V/V - please tell me if there are any complications in my absence. Diarmuid and I will rush back right awa--[ Her eyes widen as though she's been caught with her hand in the cookie jar. ] No, I am not calling to check up on them, I was simply inquiring about the state of the land in our--Yes, I know I was told to relax, but I cannot without knowing--Would you cease cutting me off before I can fin--Oh... Steak you say?

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[ The feed shows a smug Archer, and in the background a bandaged Saber can be seen. ]

You know, I think I know quite a bit about swords. I've fought with them for my whole life. I've studied them time and time again. I've seen beautiful works of steel, but for some reason I think this Saber of flesh and blood is more beautiful than all of them. What do you all think?

Ungh... [ As though on cue, a voice familiar to those on the network gives out a pained groan. ] What happened?

[ Archer chuckles, setting the device to the side. He doesn't seem to have realized that he has failed to turn it off. ]

Oh? You're finally coming to your senses? You should have known better going out with those injuries.

Injuries? [ Suddenly the King of Knights sounds a lot more indignant. ] How did you discover them?

You are covered in bandages. [ He scoffs. ] It would not take a genius to find them.

A genius or a man who knows not how to keep his hands to himself? [ Quite the accusing tone she takes, but it matters little when she reaches over for the phone he's placed down. ] Or in this situation, a man who lacks the skill to turn off a phone.

Hm? [ He glances at the phone. ] How annoying. I could have sworn i had turned it off.

Need I remind you of your own failures in other tasks? [ Suddenly there's one very groggy Saber staring down the lens of the phone. ] Everyone, this man is another Servant like the rest of us and no, he is not available for a battle tonight.

You would chastise me so quickly? [ He seems inquisitve. ] And even speak for me?

Both tasks completed with ease. [ With that, she gives a nod. ] I suppose the lot of you would enjoy speaking to the newcomer, no? Very well, let us hear it. Be brief, for I have many things to discuss with him.
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[ For those who participate in the Full Moon battles, they might have noticed a certain warrior didn't show. In fact, she's been quiet the past few days, but that's not too strange considering the loss of two of her most important people. So it might come as as surprise when she makes a video call and she's in her pajamas. Yes, the full suit lion pair that Berserker acquired. Her hair's pulled up lazily into a ponytail and it looks like she's mostly bandaged in what spots of her skin should be showing. ]

The Dark Hour.. I missed it? [ Not good, not good. ] I hope there was little trouble. Please forgive me, apprentice. It seems I have been out of it for some time.

[ After that, she'll drop the phone on the couch beside her, not realizing that it was still recording. On the television is a strange game - the screen split to indicate that more than one player was participating. Yes, while injured, she's been playing video games non-stop with Gilgamesh. ]

Did I pass out during our last race..? Surely that does not count as a loss due to my condition...

[ It clicks out before his reply could be heard. ]
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How long does it take one to get over losing a loved one?

[ Any message sent to her will be met with an obvious delay. Her hotel room is empty today and anyone who dares risk visiting Gilgamesh's home will be met with no answer at the door. ]
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[Yep, it's this shit again.]

Arturia, please stop moving around so much.

I must protest this, Diarmuid--I know not what has overcome you, but surely you have gone utterly mad!

You are the one not listening to reason. If you did not insist upon moving so much, this would not hurt.

I--ow--seriously doubt this to be true! If you will not cease this, I will be left with no choice but to--ow--either call for aid or personally force you to stop! [She mad.]

[Honestly confused:] Forgive me, but don't you think you may be overreacting a little?

I will show you an 'overreaction', Diarmuid Ua Duibhne, if you do not stop in this futile attempt immediately!

[ooc: WELP ANOTHER JOINT POST. Blue is Saber, green is Diarmuid.]
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[ Good morning Prospero. Saber's wearing her glasses and casual clothing. For those who know her, that's hint enough to show that she's working at the bookstore today instead of the other locations. Lifting her free hand to push the glasses up along the bridge of her nose, she gives a sigh. There's something on her mind and it takes a lot of courage to speak what that something is. ]

That behavior from before.. if I acted out of line, I ask that you allow me the opportunity to make amends. [ Unless your name is Kiritsugu Emiya, then she just kindly asks you to leave this city. ] It was behavior not fit for a king.

[ Geez Saber, it was just a familial event. The way she goes on about it though makes her seem as though it was the cruelest thing in the world. For a girl who's really never been with true family, it gets a bit complicated for her to believe these strangers are close to her. Her other knight as an uncle, the other Arthur as her twin brother.. While these things felt nice, they weren't real.

So it's only natural she states it out loud so that others don't feel obligated to continue the feelings. Even if Arthur and Arthur is cute!! ]

Ah. [ Time to make this less awkward. ] For those who require training, our first group lesson shall be this Saturday. It's advisable as many of you attend even if you already have spar partners and the like. I have found a suitable location for us to meet up at and afterwards we can account for everyone there, as well as tend to any possible wounds inflicted during this session. [ A sterner tone. ] Apprentice, I expect you to be there. I will provide further details once the week comes to a close.
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(( sorry for spam, but new event AHHH!!! ))

Arthur Pendragon!! [ Hello, what kind of greeting is it for someone to declare their own name and not only that, she's using 'The Tone' - you know, the kind women take on to sound intimidating but it ends up sounding adorable. ] I implore you to answer my call. A striking revelation has revealed itself and I believe it to be one of importance not only to you, but to those who know us. Even though I do not recall you during my time spent in Britain, it is clear as the water purified by the priests of the church. [ And in her excitement, she's a bit too talkative. ] You are my elder sibling!

[ In fact, she seems a bit too eager to please her older brother as she puts a smile on her face. This is totally canon, hello Sir Kay?? ]

There are many things we must discuss. For instance, you must meet the knight I have recruited. Ah! Now that you are here, perhaps we could properly induct Diarmuid in as a proper Knight of the Round Table. Hold on, I shall send you directions to my residency. Neglect to notice the flashiness and the bulk of wealth within, such possessions do not belong to me. Until next we meet, brother.

[ WOW GUYS HAVE YOU EVER SEEN SABER SO MOE?? Hurriedly she clicks to end the call and as promised, a certain "brother" will receive instructions to the golden condo of the King of Heroes. ]
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Pardon my ignorance, but I have noticed that the decor of the shops have changed significantly. Instead of using the colors of winter, they have begun to use reds and pink. Does this mean that another holiday is coming up? [ Even though she's been educated a lot thanks to the hax powers of the Holy Grail and the system behind Heaven's Feel, there's still a great deal of things she fails to understand. In this case.. Valentine's Day. ] There are a large amount of hearts and sweets involved too. [ Listen, she only noticed the latter. ] My apologies again for my ignorance regarding this. If I knew what it was called, I could just look it up well enough on my own.

Speaking of such acts, I do have a proposal to make towards the scholars within this realm. Many times we must repeat ourselves any time that there is a new addition to the stocks known as this city. When I took notice of Atsuro's database of the fiends we fight at night, it came to my attention that one individual could write up a comprehensive document that we can share with newcomers. That way whenever someone is new.. we could focus more on the personal impact of losing their friends and family may cause more than their survival. [ Her gaze travels away from the phone a bit as this was a difficult topic for her to grasp. Opening up was quite the challenge, but one she must do to become a better king. ] I know it to be a strange request from me, so I suppose I ought to issue payment for such services. Nothing is free.. not even something that would benefit others, so I will issue a desirable sum for this duty. I thank you for your time.

Private to Minato )Private to Diarmuid )
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G'evening, fellow captives of Prospero. [ Saber pauses briefly to consider her words, before her face scrunches up in displeasure. ] There must be a kinder term to refer to the community as a whole. Regardless, I have read many traditions on how others celebrate the coming of the new year and have tried to adapt best I can. Might I inquire as to how you celebrate such an occasion back home?

[ There's another pause as she reflects on just what she's done. Allowing a certain someone to have a clean slate. Such a trial was difficult, yet her word was given not only as a knight but as a king. ]

Disorganization has also been rampant in the past year, so I have taken it upon myself to ensure that we act more responsibly as a group. Those who are injured should report in so that we can watch over them. It appears these shadows care little for being fair and I will not witness further blood spill. Children who cannot fight should also speak up now so that we can assign proper guardians and combat teachers. In fact, if it is not terribly bold of me to ask it, might I start a list of roles that individuals are willing to uphold? Unless there is another who has started one - in that case, I request you speak with me.

Thank you for your time. May your captivity be as pleasant as you can make it.
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[ Ah, that infamous accidental video. How Prospero has grown to both adore and loathe you. For tonight, on apparently on of the most holy nights, you'll find two [ profile] best_king [ profile] caliburns actually getting along for once. Of course, there's various drinks involved. Most noticeably eggnog and wine. They happen to be seated upon a very nice red leather couch, and appear to be dressed in rather antique looking clothes. ]

See? I knew you could use a drink or two. I've been telling you to stop worrying about these stupid mongrels and take the time to enjoy yourself for once.

Hoh, so you are right in that respect, Archer. [ Despite the strange situation, Saber herself appears to be relaxed in a manner unlike her. The solemn expression she often wore was replaced with a splash of scarlet along her cheeks and a tone unfit for her calm demeanor. Something was definitely amidst in her behavior as she leans in closer towards the man as though it were a challenge. ] A king never turns down another king's invitation to a drink, so did you truly expect otherwise from me?

True, true. It would be dishonorable to deny a drink with your fellow king, right? If only that worked for everything else. Though I admit being surprised that you actually agreed to my terms.

[ Consider how much of a fuss she had tried to raise about her work uniform, it really did come as a surprise when she agreed to wearing such revealing clothes. Well, revealing for someone as regal as Saber. He almost found it impossible to keep himself from pulling himself closer to her buuuut he'll resist for the time being because he's totally an honorable guy, right Prospero? Still, it's pretty obvious he's eying her in all the wrong ways. ]

Reasonable terms are met with reasonable manners, Archer. [ That only causes her to shy away from his form to take another sip from the much-too-rich-for-her-tastes glass in which he presented her with. ] Although, do you not find it in poor taste for us to do so without inviting others to partake of these luxuries? Merry we might become, but I long to share this wealth with the world around us.

Oh? And who else would you find worthy of such merriment? I would have invited Rider, but he seems to have wondered away without a word just as my dearest brother has done.

[ And the more he thought about it, the more a certain knight came to mind. Yes, he was pretty jealous over how close these two seemed to be. And no, he would never include that mongrel in anything that would actually be pleasant. Because fuck people trying to steal his treasure away okay. ] do not think I would actually invite him into our home, do you?

In Britain, my knights were permitted to drink from the same goblet my lips touched upon. [ There's pride in her voice as she speaks, Saber's faith in her Knights of the Round being one of the true things she's proud of in her life. Why, she might even get indignant with him for suggesting otherwise. ] For if it will please them to have my lips, then my lips will be theirs and the honor thereof.

To openly share yourself with those who rank below you is something only a foolish king would do. Make no mistake, you'll share nothing of yours with anybody once you are my Queen. Especially not your lips.

[ Not that she would ever agree to being his queen in the first place, not even in such an agreeable state. But nonetheless, he was going to claim what was his. A hand reach out behind her head and pulled her forward into a rough and slightly intoxicated kiss. It was only for a brief moment really, but it probably seemed like eternity for him. And anyone currently watching. ]

They are fit only for mine.

[ And with that, the video cuts out. ]

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Dec. 12th, 2011 07:04 pm
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[This video also appears accidental. All good videos are, and the fact that V/V and Saber are in pretty white and blue dresses with bows suggests that they would probably not be intentionally showing this.

Well, Saber probably wouldn't. V/V seems as comfortable as ever.]

Gilgamesh and everyone told me to wear a costume and look appealing, and that's fanservice, so other fanservice things like two pretty girls together would help too, right?

[Saber nods.] Your logic is sound.

Okay. Hold still, I'm going to practice for the advertisement.

[Without further warning, V/V leans in and smooches a rather startled-looking Saber, who knocks the phone off the table in her surprise, shutting it off.]


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