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[ It just so happens to be mid-afternoon and if you're watching this then you'll notice that Gawain has a fancy new sword. Well it's not new, just new in the sense of he got it back a few weeks ago and hasn't been used here yet. ]

I feel like it's time to see if anyone is interested in training under me again. Last time it didn't last long but I feel like with all the new comers it might work out for the better.

If you're interested please reply, I wish to hold the first meeting with in the next week or so. All I ask is that you bring the desire to work hard.
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It's Valentines day, I hope everyone has made preparations for what ever they plan to do. Forgetting will only get your partner angry or worse. Even if you forgot you should be honest and explain why you forgot.

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[ The video shows that Gawain is out shopping one problem though. ]

To tell you the truth I'm not very good at gift shopping and I'm having a bit of trouble right now. [There's a small sigh]

What do girls like when it comes to holiday gifts?
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So the little party over the weekend was a success, and I hope everyone who came enjoyed it. [He smiles a little somewhat proud of him self for putting it together.]

On a more serious matter, I'm looking for a squire or someone willing to learn the art of sword play. Normally I would keep one of two people who are in their teens as them but in this day and age that might be a bit of a problem.

[There's a small sigh and a look of disappoint but he keeps going like nothing happened.]

If anyone would like to take up the offer then please talk to me as soon as you can so I can get the extra equipment needed.

Also Lancelot we need to go see Arturia sometime soon, it's important I'm sure she has already said something but it never hurts to inform someone again.
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[ Gawain is taking a walk around the island seeing as he has a day off. He has his phone in his hand and is looking at it. ]

I feel like I have much to learn about this time period still. Talking about movies peaked my interest, does this island have a local movie theater? It might be fun to have a movie night and take a break from work and training. [ He smiles a little, popcorn and drinks and a list of movies to watch doesn't sound bad. Though he really has no idea how to work the t.v in his room let alone a DVD player so hosting a movie night not in a theater is out of the question due to technical difficulties....]

I'd like to know if anyone is interested in such a thing, of course they'll be food and drinks so please don't worry about bringing your own.
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[ Gawain had landed him self a job in the shopping district as a security guard, and was keeping a watchful eye out on everyone in case someone decided to shop lift. Though today was a slow day and he was messing around with the phone. ]

I do not mind this work, it's quite entertaining or at least it will give me a chance to earn some coin. I'm sure this job will make somewhat good use out of my skills. Anyone who dares to shop lift will wish they hadn't even set foot in the area.

[He pauses for a second] Before I forget, would anyone be interested in training with me? I think it's a good idea to get a head start and practice during the dark hour before another big shadow decides to reek havoc again like before.
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[Gawain somehow manged to turn on the phone, and was now staring in to the video feed]

It seems like I am not with my master, or with in the realm of the moon cell, or even back in my own time. [He gives a small smile]

I am Sir Gawain, knight of the round table, I will be in your debt if you can inform me of what has happened to me, and why I have been summon. [His tone of voice is quite calm for someone who just randomly showed up. But you have to be ready for anything when you're a knight of King Arthur's standard.]


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