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[ ♚ text | private to Shizuo ]


remember me? you owe me a favor and aim to collect. i want you to do me a tiny favor. (^_-)≡★
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[ ♚ action ]

[ Sheryl was at the park. He promised her a race.

Fortunately, a group of amateur performers appeared to be performing today. Unfortunately, it wasn't long before she starts a fight with the leader. She was calling them amateurs and told them that at their level they will never become professionals. ]

That is not how you play that song! And even if it is, do you not have an ounce of creativity?

We are still learning! We haven't been playing long! It's only been a year!

A year? And you still only at this level? You should at least be able to read notes! Are you trying to make a mockery of real performers? If you are not taking this seriously, you might as well go home now.

Where is the heart?!

Give me that.

[ Taking his guitar. Of course, the group protests and begins trying to move towards her. The leader stops them and told them that he wanted to see what she can do.]

Let's see if she is as good as she claims.

I will show you the difference between amateurs and pros.

[ ♚ video ]

[ One of the performers was willing to bet that Sheryl was only full of hot air. He decided to take a video of Sheryl's performance. The first few seconds are of Sheryl adjusting the guitar. ]

When you sing, your heart should be in every note. Not just when you feel like showing it.

No matter what you are singing ... believe it ... feel it ...

[ She began playing the first few notes of 'Diamond Crevasse.' Her expression becomes quite solemn. ]

When I was still in love with god,
I never expected such a farewell would come.
If I had known I could never feel your touch again,
I would've hoped to be embraced just one last time.

It's long long good-bye...

Goodbye, goodbye, so many times,
I repeated the word to myself,
Waving my hands. It's only graceful, right?
Now, I long to be stronger.

[ ooc: Sheryl & NPC. Sheryl being her usual Tsun self. She actually thinks the performers were good but she couldn't stand seeing them so uninspiring with their music. It was a waste of good talent. If they weren't any good, she wouldn't have talked to them at all. ]
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[ ♚ Video ]

Make sure to get my good side!

[ Sheryl thought it would be great to stay at the park on such a beautiful day.

She had wanted to take a video of herself riding a bike, a skill she just learned recently. She hadn't expect to enjoy it so much but she did. With the help of a random passerby, he took of video of Sheryl actually having fun for the first time since she returned to this world.

The problem was that --- she learned how to move a bike, she still hadn't worked on another important factor of riding a bike.

And that is using the breaks. And she learned this the hard way --- by crashing into a bush.

A few seconds later, the person holding the camera ran to see if Sheryl was alright. She was alright, but ... unconscious. While trying to see if she was alive, the cameraman left the camera on the ground and at such a strange angle. ]

+ )

[ Enjoy the view! ]
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[ ♚ Text || Private to David ]

David, I need a favor. I need you to get here quick.
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[ ♚ Action ]

[ Sheryl was looking up at the sky then at the sea with an amazed and almost child-like look on her face. She was still in disbelief as she looked out the train window on her . This was her first time seeing the real sea and sky. It was really much more vast than she could have imagined. ]

Is this real? Is all this ... real?

[ Suddenly --- her hand froze as it touched the window and slowly frowned remembering someone who would have loved to see this sky. ]

Alto ...

[ Her thoughts began to wander. Where was she? Why was she brought to this place? More importantly --- how does she go back ---?

--- all of a sudden, Sheryl felt a hand resting on her butt. At first she was much too frozen in shock, but once she got over that she turned and punched the hand's owner right on the nose. She wasn't just angry. She was furious! ]

[ ♚ Video/Voice? ]

[ Considering that Sheryl's cellphone was currently resting between her breasts ... all the viewer will see is complete darkness. The lovely Sheryl's voice can be heard and very clear as day too. ]

How dare you! Do you know who I am?! I am Sheryl Nome!

[ Other voices were in the background. All sounding confused and shocked:

"What happened?!"

"That girl just punched that man for some reason."

Meanwile, Sheryl was ignoring them all. ]

Did you believe you can harass Sheryl Nome and get away with it, Pervert?!


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