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[The feed opens to a purple-haired girl obviously observing the area. She doesn't seem have have noticed that her communicator has turned on quite yet.]

Great, this has to be the worst timing..

[Glancing at her communicator, Yuri manages to keep a calm and collected expression.]

I don't recognize any names on the list, so that doesn't help. [soft, almost silent groan] Where the hell am I..?
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[Action; Morning - Afternoon]
[Between the identity theft problem and Saber's date, Shirou can be seen as always in school. And that he was picked up by a woman in suit just yesterday.

But today? He's just walking around town, asking around and skipping school in general

It could be related to the fact that Saber's sudden disappearance as well as her number being unreachable, though Shirou does not know about the phone number yet.

He has to find her. He promised her that he'll be there for her.

What good would he be if he can't even keep that promise?]

[Text; Evening]
Saber's gone.
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[Tatsuma is out and about these days. In particular, he can be found at the locations of as many of the murder victims as he can possibly find. He's also careful to stay out of the actual investigation space, since he certainly doesn't want to get in a tangle with the authorities. But he's there. Quietly watching.

He won't approach any familiar faces, but he won't exactly avoid them, either. Anyone wanna join in as he checks out the various crime scenes?
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[Edgeworth is looking the part of the stern father and projecting a cold air of confidence, certainty, and determination to a level not many here have seen before as the video feed begins.]

Concerning the recent news, I feel it important to assure all of you that this case is not going ignored. Unfortunately, given the disposition of many within our ranks, I feel it necessary to spell out basic precepts of justice before anyone does something ill-advised and exacerbates the situation.

What I have to say is simply this: if you find someone who you believe to be the serial killer, do not simply kill him or her. Incapacitation prior to turning them in is acceptable, however. Even a criminal as abhorrent as this deserves to be tried and sentenced fairly, and it is my hope that the structure that currently exists is sufficient to the task.

Even if it is not, however, starting a cycle of vengeance is not the answer -- that would only reduce those involved to his level and erode what community we might possess. Now more than ever, we need to show restraint. I realize how foreign that concept must be to many of you given what apparently happened during my time abroad, but we have a responsibility to each other as kidnappees even more so than we would as members of a normal community.

I am not asking you to stand idle as such brutality takes place. I merely insist that any vigilantes keep firmly in mind that your role is not that of executioner, particularly not prior to any attempt to bring any suspect to trial. Even if you should catch them red-handed, steel yourselves against that temptation, capture the murderer if you're able, and do what you can to preserve the evidence. Prove that we can be better than a pack of wild animals.

[With that, the feed ends.]
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[Tatsuma's doing his usual practice in the park today! Because he has totally been doing this pretty much the entire time he's been in the town. Really.

So, should your character be around the park during the day, they might spot a certain high school student practicing martial arts! Sometimes, the movements will be slow as he calmly goes through the different stances. Other times will be faster, as though he is fending off an invisible opponent.

Clearly, this would be a great time to either pester him or even just stare.
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[One moment, he was with them. A momentary break after their latest victory, “he” conquered Babel’s trial and became King of Bel. They’re about to depart the building for “him” to declare war.

Only for Atsuro to found himself in a startling familiar city: Prospero.

Just like that, he remembered. His time spent in this city, trying to unravel the mysteries, helping everyone with what he can do, fighting off Shadows, facing his own Shadow and insecurities... facing Madoka’s confessions and reciprocating it. Talking with Naoya when “his” departure was no longer a stinging pain. Just dulled.

Atsuro checked the phone for the date. If he remembered correctly, he’s been gone for about a week. A week away from this city for a week in something akin to ‘hell’, a place filled with desperation and people driven to survival at any cost. It’s almost funny...but Atsuro’s still mentally tired to laugh at it.

Scrolling through the contact list, almost frantically, for people he knows here. He sighed in relief, not knowing he’s holding his breath, when he saw their names.

He took his time to control himself, so any signs of his tiredness wouldn’t show. But it may slip out.]

Hey, everyone. Atsuro here... Sorry for disappearing on you guys but…I’m back.

Soooo, what did I miss, guy? I know I got like, a week's worth of class notes and homework to catch up! And I hope my boss will let me come back... And I'll get back to working on the database as soon as I can!

[Private to Naoya]
[Unlike his earlier video, he's more serious.] ...Naoya, I'm back from the lockdown.


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[It's after school time on the day of the full moon, and Asuka is...standing behind some bushes? It's not as if she's hiding, exactly, though there is a tension in her body as if she's about to either ambush someone or run. Or both. What's strange is the uncertainty...normally Asuka is certain to do something, but right now, she's hesitating.]

[And also really obvious if someone wants to bother her.]

[Once she sees a mop of navy-blue, overly-stylish hair, though, Asuka springs out with her normal confidence.]

Hey, Minato!

((OOC: post intended for Minato Arisato. Anyone else can bother her, though. Minato's thread will probably happen chronologically last.))
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[Text to everyone]

Everything is discounted at Ninja Noodle today to celebrate the year of the dragon. You should come. Bring your family.

[Sure enough, should your character go to investigate, they will find that the restaurant is far more conspicuous than usual. For one thing, it's completely decked out in red and gold decorations. For another, there is a red and gold dragon hanging over the doorway.

And as the text message promised, all dishes are discounted. Now would be a great time to clean out the place if you happen to have an appetite and a craving for Asian-style noodles.

[Audio to MOMO, Atsuro, and Issei]

Want to eat at Ninja Noodle tonight? It's my treat.
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[The feed opens to Saori sitting on her bed with Sirius laying down next to her along with a empty box of tissues. Her eyes are pretty red considering she's been crying for a while.]

I'm pretty sure everyone who goes to the high school would know by now but...Miki got arrested for her "training" attempt a while back. Truth is, I called the police on her because I just didn't know what to do with her. She has good intention and I thought this was for the best but now I'm regretting it.

I hoping to post her bail or pay whatever fines she has to pay but I don't think I'll have enough to cover it. I know there might be people here who don't see her in the greatest light, but if you have it in your hearts, would anyone would like to help?

Anyways, I hope you have a good night. I don't think I'll be going out in the Dark Hour today, by the way.

[With a final sigh, she turns off the feed.]
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[Throughout the day, Tatsuma can be found in one of the busier areas of town. He's got a hefty stack of flyers for... something. Unlike most flyers, there aren't any large logos or words that can be easily identified as belonging to any particular company. And unfortunately, since he isn't exactly forcing them on anyone, said stack is taking a long time to shrink at all.

Should your character happen to be passing by, it's probable he'll give them a hopeful look. Help a guy out?
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Hey, does anyone know a good way to make money?

Or know of any place that will hire thirteen-year-olds?


Dec. 24th, 2011 02:43 pm
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[Kanda's looking pretty frazzled today. Too much holiday work, it seems.]

Oi. I know you idiots are busy with Christmas or whatever holiday you're celebrating. But do us all a favor and go tell that idiot beansprout-- Allen Walker-- "happy birthday". If I see him moping around the room one more goddamn time, I'll gut him.

[He's not even joking. Anyhow, that's all.]

...Have a merry Christmas, Hanukkah, whatever.
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[If you're in a room near Deacon Hall's 408 during the Dark Hour, you may hear some crashing sounds. The door is locked, however, making entry without force impossible. Thankfully(?) a timely video message should satisfy the curiosity of those people rather quickly.]


So this is how it works...

[A yellow-eyed Tatsuma smiles and waves at the camera, before turning it away from him. The dorm room he is in looks absolutely trashed; there are actually a few holes in the walls, splatters of... something dark on the ground, and a slumped figure leaned against the desk.]

This would be the best way, wouldn't it? For getting my point across. After all, if I record this for everyone to see, they'll finally know about everything. Everything about me... and everything about you.

[The original Tatsuma shifts a little at this, but judging from the pained sounds and ragged breathing, he's not in the best shape to stand.]


I think some of your friends would be interested in getting to know you better. But you don't let them, do you? Who have you told about it? Not Sakurai... not Daigo... not Anko... not Kyouichi... not Atsuro... not Neah... not Allen... Oh, but you told Misato, didn't you? [He chuckles coldly.] But that just to make her feel better. She felt like she was weird because of that scar... But you know how that feels more than she ever will, don't you?


[Staggering to his feet, the original Tatsuma attempts to throw a punch at the Shadow. The phone is dropped, giving an askew view as the Shadow grabs the original by the arm and hurls him out the window. Still smiling, the Shadow grabs the phone and jumps out after its original, providing viewers with a lovely scene of the camera flying at the ground... only to stop as he lands, perfectly unharmed.]

[Action outside of the dorms/Video]

...You're running again. Are you really so ashamed of it? Those powers of yours... [The Shadow begins to examine his hand, which bears an unusual marking.] Being able to sense things... being stronger than an ordinary human even without the powers from the Dragon Stream... It's not surprising the others all avoided you. So you keep it to yourself.

[The hand clentches.]

...But not anymore. For I am a Shadow... the true self.

I won't be silenced.

[The original Tatsuma gets to his feet once more, taking on a fighting stance. The Shadow drops the phone, taking on the exact same pose. In but a second, the two begin their battle on the streets.]
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[Action 1]

[People wandering around the Dark Hour may suddenly notice Tatsuma nearby. Which is odd, because in many cases, there won't exactly have been many routes for him to take, save jumping from the very rooftops. But it's not like he would do something like that, right?

Anyway, regardless of who you are, he'll pause to give a wave (with bare hands, even. Looks like he isn't wearing his usual gloves for some reason) before starting to go his own way. He's taking his time at least, so catching up to him shouldn't be a problem if you want to talk to him that much.

[Action 2]

[Maybe you just saw Tatsuma going the complete opposite way. Maybe you haven't encountered him at all tonight. In any case, he's here, pausing mid-run to take a look around as though searching for something - or possibly, someone.

On a closer inspection, he's looking decidedly battered. There's a nasty bruise on his cheek for one thing, and some dried blood on his chin. And that's only counting what is visible, what with long sleeved shirts and pants and all.

Bother him? Help him out? It's up to you!
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[The message is short and to the point. If your character isn't checking their phone at the time, it's possible they may miss at least part, if not the entire message.]

Ishtar has disappeared from the island.
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[Lion had admittedly been harboring the feeling that something unusual would happen today. Randomly appearing in a place that wasn't even the least bit familiar wasn't exactly it.

The poor headphoned boy had ended up wandering for about... what was it? An hour? Two hours? Before finally giving up on the thought that he had taken a wrong turn somewhere. However he got here, it wasn't a place he'd ever seen before, and not a thing here was familiar, though he could sense some strange, foreboding feeling, like his gut was telling him there was something weird about this place.

Not that he had any idea what, and he had simply dropped onto the nearest thing that seemed even remotely like it could be sat on (what was that sign he had just passed? Felix's Finds? He didn't remember). However, a quick, unusual pressure against his leg made him dig into his pocket curiously, coming out with... a phone that certainly wasn't his. Had he been reversed pick-pocketed or something?

Curiosity had gotten the better of him, though, and a quick look through the phone offered some sort of conversation option, and it was better than wandering around like a lost rat in a maze, even if this idea seemed silly.]

Could someone tell me exactly where I am? I'm kind of... lost. [A pause, then a second text.] Atsuro, Yuzu, if you're here somewhere, let me know, okay?
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[Bodies have washed up again. Once more, Tatsuma has gone to the shore. However, this time he's standing with his head down in front of one particular corpse.

It's easily identifiable as a teenaged girl, probably in high school. If your character has a good memory of faces, she probably looks familiar.
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[Action; School]

[Tatsuma's got company today! And it's not even one of the Persona users. Looks like the guy's picked up a ladyfriend from school, because he's totally helping a girl carry a stack of books after classes, and we all know what that means.

...Unless it's because she's kind of a klutz. Because there's a high chance that while your character is around, they may spot a 10 point faceplant, complete with flailing arms and books flying in the air.

Come talk to the "couple"? Badger Tatsuma afterwards? Up to you!

[Action; Shore]

[Some hours after school, Tatsuma can be seen checking out the shore. He doesn't get close enough to actually interfere with the bodies, but he will crouch down to check them out as best as he can.

Later arrivals may notice a small pile of rocks on which can be found a bundle of flowers, accompanied by a small package of strawberry-flavored snacks.
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[Even after the slight click that signals someone is on the other end of the line, it's so quiet it could easily be mistaken as a prank call. However, before too much time has passed, a voice will begin speaking.]

When I tried going home to Tokyo... I couldn't believe it. All of the people and places I knew were gone. They never existed here.

But... I was happy. The people of Tokyo don't have to worry about attacks from demons anymore.

[There's a hefty pause. This is the most he's spoken in a long while.]

They don't need me there to protect them. But the people of Prospero do. For that, I'll stay here and use my powers to defend them as long as I can before I go to my real home.

[And then another.]

...Please lend me your strength.
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[The video feed pops on to Kaiji this night, who is sitting on a ledge overlooking the ocean. The phone sits next to him, pointed upwards. He's smoking a cigarette and looking thoughtful.]

A whole month now. That's how long I've been here. Hard to believe. It's gone by so fast. Especially since the last place I was, time seemed to stand still.

I know sometimes shit gets crazy here. The shadows every night, people getting hurt, big fights like at the casino... But trust me, it could always be worse. Hell, I'm sure a lot of ya know that already. We've all been dragged into this. A lot of us have nowhere else to return to. But that means one thing - we're all in this together. We can all help each other out. We can figure this place out, maybe make it safe again someday. No more shadows, no more Dark Hour.

[He takes a long drag of his cigarette and finishes it off, tossing it into the sea and watching it fall.]

I need to go back sometime though. It's already too late - what's past is past, and even though it's not my fault, there were some guys back there that were counting on me. I don't know what I can do to fix it, but... Shit, at this point, they probably think I'm dead anyway. Does it matter anymore? By this point they might--

[Kaiji cuts his muttering off, shaking his head and squeezing his eyes shut. It might be hard to see from the angle and the light, but there might be some tears there.]

I've fucked up a lot, and I probably will keep fucking up too. I'm not smart, or lucky, or brave, or anything like that. But I can promise you guys this: while I'm on this island, I'm on your side. I'll fight by your side. Let's show these monsters what we're made of.

[Kaiji absently wipes a sleeve at the corner of his eyes.]

Fuck it. I'll be at the bar.

[Feel free to meet him there. Like a lot of you, he's in a talkative mood and doesn't want to sit alone, for a change.]


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