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[Will appears on the screen, grabbing his chest with a clenched fist, gritting his teeth in pain. He intended to call Lion, but he wasn't used to the technology still, so he just streamed his message to everyone.]

L-Lion...something is very wrong...I hate to admit but I need your assistance...please come to the lobby, I'll be waiting...

[The pain didn't made this any easier to the point he was actually unable to act rude, he was about to beg Lion to come and see him. It was very embarrassing for him and he blushed slightly at the video he had just recorded, but this wasn't normal, his heart was pounding very fast he felt discomfort on his stomach. He believed it was something he ate but maybe it was something like a virus spreading over Prospero, Will didn't knew all he knew is that he had a human condition right now, and that condition is usually frail.]

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[A very upset Will appears on the screen, squinting his eyes to see the small screen of his brand new phone, apparently he was looking for something on the screen.]

This is a phone...apparently, but where on heaven is the cord?...Why do you need a mirror on your phone? I thought the only reason people talked on the phone was because they didn't wanted to talk to them on person...

I wonder if I can call Lion here and I could talk freely without getting his little punishments...

[He said thinking the video showing on the phone was a mirror, he was so lost. He barely could use the phone as it was on his own times.]

How do...I talk to others again...?

I was supposed to push some buttons, and then...well it's a good thing my reflection it's the only one that can see me now...

[He blushed slightly and kept looking on how to work this blasted contraption.]

That darn rich brat better show me how to use this thing...


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