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Margulis ([personal profile] misplacedxsheath) wrote in [community profile] tvk2013-01-19 12:06 am
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Seventh Duel (Forward dated to Sunday morning.)

*The dusty red-purple hair and bright violet eyes on the screen are unmistakably Margulis', but the face they belong to is significantly younger. He doesn't look much older than fifteen, with his hair cut short instead of slicked back and no scar to be seen. And he's standing just outside the hotel.*

This is too elaborate for a joke, but any kidnapper who would just leave the front door open is more idiotic than I can imagine. But since this thing seems to have UMN access of some sort, I'm going to assume someone else can hear me. Anyone who's familiar with the name Bayview Hotel had best tell me where I am before I track you down and find a way to make you talk regardless.

*He taps a wooden sword against his shoulder defiantly, but his expression wavers slightly. He's worried and trying not to show it.*

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