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*The dusty red-purple hair and bright violet eyes on the screen are unmistakably Margulis', but the face they belong to is significantly younger. He doesn't look much older than fifteen, with his hair cut short instead of slicked back and no scar to be seen. And he's standing just outside the hotel.*

This is too elaborate for a joke, but any kidnapper who would just leave the front door open is more idiotic than I can imagine. But since this thing seems to have UMN access of some sort, I'm going to assume someone else can hear me. Anyone who's familiar with the name Bayview Hotel had best tell me where I am before I track you down and find a way to make you talk regardless.

*He taps a wooden sword against his shoulder defiantly, but his expression wavers slightly. He's worried and trying not to show it.*

Sixth Duel

Sep. 24th, 2012 07:35 pm
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*Margulis must have dropped his phone at some point during his last fight with a group of Shadows, because it's on the ground, looking up at him. He seems as calm as ever, sword in one hand and Persona standing in front of him, but he abruptly turns when an even, relaxed voice sounds behind him.*

Hello, colonel.


*Margulis' eyes go wide as a black haired man walks into view.*

I guess it's too much to hope for you to be glad to see me. You really are stubborn, aren't you?

*Margulis' eyes narrow and he turns the rest of the way around, gripping his weapon tightly.*

What reason would I have to be glad to see you?

How long are you going to keep up this charade? Why don't you admit how you really feel?

What kind of nonsense are you spouting this time?

*The dark haired man gives a soft smile that still manages to come across as somewhat patronizing and shakes his head.*

You really are a sad man, colonel. Is admitting that you care really so terrifying?

Maybe I am a sad excuse for a man, but it's not for that reason.

Is that so? Then can I assume that Pelligri's death didn't bother you?

*That's the last straw. With an angry shout, Margulis charges the other man, swinging his saber harshly down to meet with a swiftly drawn katana. Chips of ice fly when the blades meet and Margulis' eyes widen in realization.*

You-I should have known. Even Uzuki wouldn't be shameless enough to talk about her so easily after killing her himself.

*Margulis dodges a counter slash from the katana, evidently even angrier for realizing the deception.*

Your point?

It would be an insult to a worthy opponent to allow an imposter like yourself to live.

*Margulis charges in again, and this time the pair exchanges blows without stopping. The Shadow obviously has a distinct upper hand in terms of both speed and strength, occasionally moving in a blur and once slicing a lamp post in two when Margulis dodges a swing. Paschar manages to even the odds somewhat, but the Shadow is wearing him down fast. Fortunately for him, the combat kicks the phone around enough to give a good idea of where they are, before it finally shuts off.*

(If nobody rescues him, odds are he's going to die during this. Either way, he'll be incredibly grumpy when it's all over.)
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As I'm sure some of you have already noticed, Caliban's location changed last night. Given recent events, I'm left to wonder if that's all that's changed about our infamous "dungeon". I'm planning on making another excursion into Caliban's depths, but for that I'll need people.

Anyone who's interested should reply with an idea of what sort of role they would fill in an exploratory group. I'm not necessarily looking strictly for combat oriented people. Healers will also be necessary if we're to last a significant amount of time in there and people with abilities geared toward information gathering, while not a requirement, would still provide a distinct advantage. The only real requirement is that you not be dead weight. I'll make sure that people with non-combat roles are protected, but this isn't a training expedition. Don't expect me to give special treatment if you can't pull your own weight.

Depending on how fast recruitment and preparation goes, I'd like to get this over with some time within the next two weeks. The exact date will depend on all of you.
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*Think you're safe just because you've already had memories shared? Apparently not, because the video turns on not to Margulis in Prospero, but to a completely different scene that fades into another one. It cuts to Margulis' startled face for a brief second, before switching to one last memory.

When it comes back to the present for real, Margulis looks more somber, much like he did at the end of the final memory.*

Of course...getting it out of the way early would have been too easy, wouldn't it...? Hmph...

*He reaches over to turn the phone off, still scowling.*

(Please ignore the female voice over in the second video and only pay attention up to about 1:56. Likewise, the third video is only relevant up to 2:22.)
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*Margulis clearly didn't intend for the phone to turn on, as he's sitting crosslegged in the middle of the room with his eyes closed when the video starts. Viewers will get just long enough to realize this before the scene cuts away, first showing the inside of a ship, then immediately cutting away to a church and finally showing a conversation between two mecha pilots.

When the scene shifts back to Margulis, his eyes are wide, but they quickly narrow in outrage, especially when he sees the blinking recording light. The feed ends before he can react.*

(Trigger warning in that last scene for suicide.)
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*The phone is set up to record three short logs, each set on one end on small tables on the roof of the hotel, arranged in a wide trinagle. Margulis is standing in front of them, a new looking scabbard hanging at his side and a pleased smirk on his face.*

It's about time I stopped having to suffer this place without a worthwhile weapon. But all things considered, I think it was worth the wait.

*He turns away from the camera with a flurry of movement, ending with him holding his new weapon as the logs fall off their tables, each cut into three pieces. Slowly, he turns back to face the phone, running gloved fingers along the flat of the blade with a more serious expression.*

Since many of you are obviously from non-combat backgrounds, I'm willing to do you all a favor to minimize the problems caused by the Shadows. Ideally, they would be elimnated, but obviously that's not a viable solution in the short term. So if any of you civilians are seriously interested in learning the art of swordsmanship, I'm willing to accept a small number of students. But I warn you now, my lessons aren't to be taken lightly.

*His smirk returns, proud but not entirely cruel, and he sheathes his blade with the same carefully controlled movements he used when turning back to the camera.*

However, if you can withstand my training, I can assure you that your skills will be more than adequate for your needs here.

And Ms. Nakagawa...unfortunately, I don't think I can continue in your employ. Even aside from personal incompatability with one of your regular customers, the job itself is ill suited to my own temperament.

First Duel

May. 21st, 2012 06:30 pm
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*There is a very irate looking man glaring out through the feed, although he looks like the kind of person who considers 'irate' his base state.*

An antiquated communications device to say the least, but no matter. Someone had better be on the other end of this pathetic thing and ready to answer my questions. I find it highly questionable that this is any sort of afterlife, but I'm quite certain that explosion would have been fatal. Since the only remaining explanation is that someone saw fit to violate the Species Preservation Act to revive me, I want to know who and why, and for what purpose I've been left in this ridiculous reproduction of an ancient city.


The Velvet Key

March 2013

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