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[It's dark out.

It hasn't hit midnight yet, but it was close to it.

Since it wasn't the dark hour, everything seems completely calm. Nothing out of the ordinary happening. That is, until you might hear someone over the feed scream something about seeing Slenderman and then running off as fast as they can.

If you happen to be in the area and investigating the situation, there seems to be a "Slenderman" wandering around the park area.

Feel free to hit him, if you want. You may be surprised as what you will find, since he's putting up notes on the trees.]
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[The Dark Hour wasn't a big deal to him. He's been here for quite some time, so running into a shadow was not a problem. The problem was... If the shadow assimilates into your brother -- Your older brother, in fact, then he had a problem.

Upon hearing his name, he wasn't all that shocked. Upon hearing the tone? You can bet that his phone just dropped into puddle of blood beneath him. Phone flicking on the video on impact.

Those who can see the video, or care to glance at what the sudden feedback was, you'll see (1) shocked Neah. He's not alone though. He has a guest. A guest that looks far too like him. The only difference is that the guest has his hair tied back, and two side bangs that part in the middle.]

Brother --

[He is immediately cut off. The fact that the older brother had just lashed out and the fact that he was just utterly shocked to see his "brother" here? Caught him off-guard. Shocked enough that the blood that had stained his clothes crimson didn't register to him.]

Do you hate me, Neah? [The older one slowly backs away, chuckling.] I won't kill you this time. It seems that you've been killed many times, so I'm giving you a break.

Until next time.

[Before Neah can say anything, the shadow fades away. Leaving (1) injured & pissed off Neah.

You may, or may not see a few tears from Neah's eyes. Shut up. You're imagining it.]
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It appears that this place has taken a liking to kicking me out, and then bringing me back.

[That voice seems familiar, doesn't it? It most definitely does, because he has been here before. In a much cleaner state, really.

His voice is hoarse. He seems out of breath about something; like he's just gotten into a fight and someone punched him right in his throat.


All is explained when the feed clicks on and Neah is much more visible.

Crimson staining his clothes; along with his skin. There also seems to be fresh blood dripping from the tips of his hair. Either way, he doesn't look fazed. He's been through this before. Twice now. His wounds don't hurt as it did the first time, but damn. Does he look happy.]

I complain too much about how this place has awful timing, but I must say... [A chuckle.]

What perfect timing.

[He goes quiet for a moment so he can catch his breath.] What have I missed?
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[1. action or accidental video]
[So in light of people attacking people, and Persona attacking people, or people attacking persona, he somehow evaded all of that. Or he's just ignoring that it happened at all.

If you're close to the community college, you'll find him scouting information around the campus thanks to a certain old woman who was now gone. Call him sentimental, but he was doing this for her sake. It's probably what she would have wanted him to do now that he was in his proper body and, well. older.

If you're not around the campus, don't worry. This whole time, it seems that his phone has been sending the video feed of him pestering the secretaries, the students, and everyone else around this campus.]
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  [This guy. He loves to go missing, doesn't he? 


His phone was left resting idly on the night table near Neah's bed. For some odd reason, it clicks on. Accidental, if anything. 

It's pitch black in his room. Not a single soul, except for the sleeping parrot it his cage, and... What's this? A middle aged man? Opening Neah's room? Sure is. He doesn't look anything like Neah. Or well. What citizens of Prospero probably remember him looking like. Either way, this man steps into the room and goes immediately to the bird cage.]

Marian... [Through the video, you can see this idiot opening the cage. A cage of a bird. 

A bird who's never seen his original face. 

A bird who protects it's master and itself by pecking at everything.]

Ah, good. You are awake. Come here. 

[The bird flies out. As if it knows him. You know. 

That is until you can hear this high pitched squak.]

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[Private to Devola/Voice]

I must ask you something whenever you are free.


[So Prospero. Neah is feeling the effects of the Lovers Arcana at the moment. ... Well, actually. He's vaguely feeling it, and experiencing it at the same time. As in, having several girls bombard him at school. Asking him if he has a date, or if he is free during valentines day, and what have you.

It took much will-power for him not to shove them off and run. Instead, he pardoned himself and THEN he ran.

Which is when the video feed clicks on, and Neah is shown pulling a Metal Gear Solid out of the school.

Little does he know that his phone is not on mute.


[One who stumbles upon him in a corner will probably notice that he's out of breath from running and slouched against the pillar. He doesn't looked very pleased. At. All.]
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[The feed clicks, and an exhausted Neah appears on the feed. His demeanor very different from how he normally is, or, well. Was about a month ago.

Either way, he's back in his room after not occupying it for quite a long time. Or what seemed to be a long time.

... What have I missed?

[The camera remains on, though he moves it away from his face, because. Fuck that.]
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[Some of you might be familiar with the musician in Prospero. Those who are? Well. When you approach your door, there will be a My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic pony waiting for you. To be more specific, it could be your favorite pony, or what he thought could have been your favorite pony. No matter -- The plushie is wrapped around in a crimson ribbon which also has a card attached to the ribbon that's simply signed "Neah".

Not to worry, though. Those who don't know him will still find a pony sitting at their doorstep.

If you manage to catch up when he leaves, feel free to question him. He will just be wandering around the hotel, as well as the dorms passing around his presents.

[ooc; HAVE FUN.]
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[Neah can be seen setting a bird's cage on his desk and putting his face near it so he can speak to it.]

Stay right here, Marian. Alright?

[The bird ruffs it's feathers and also scoots it's face closer to Neah.]

Stay right here, Marian. Alright? [Of course. That makes Neah make a face at his new pet bird.]

My name is Neah.

My name is Neah.


Entertain him guys. Really. Or make him get no sleep.
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Knock knock~ 

[There is no video to go along with the voice. However, the voice seems to be muffled by the barrier of the door blocking it's way from entering. Which was a good thing, seeing that Neah wasn't prepared for his shadow to appear at the moment. Luckily, his shotgun had been near him, and the sound of a shotgun can be heard loading. That is, until, another sound can also be heard.] 

My, how rude~ You are not opening the door for me? Then allow me to open it myself. [Remember all those times that Neah used a shotgun to break into many rooms? Well. It's happening to him now. Except for the fact, his shadow just ripped off the doorknob with it's hand and kicked the door open and off the hinges for good measure. Which, for some odd reason, caused the video feed to flick on to reveal it was Neah and his shadow.] 

I was beginning to wonder when you would arrive. How rude of you to interrupt my slumber... [Neah knew that his gun wouldn't work. Not against this thing.] Now, what can I help you with? Are you here to sprout nonsense in my face? 

[The shadow simply smiled and stepped into the room. The video feed begins to static, but you can faintly see a few creatures following the shadow who were pretty damn ready to kill Neah on the spot.] 

Nonsense? I'm here to tell the city of Prospero what you've been hiding... [A pause, and the shadow sneers at him.] Why not tell everyone why we wear this face? How we robbed someone -- No, not just someone but Allen Walker, your nephew -- of his life and memories just for revenge...

How about we speak about the fact you feel guilty for not protecting and allowing the the one person you swore to protect die~? 

[None of you have probably seen Neah mad, but the original is starting to get just a bit angry. Knowing this would happen did not help the fact that it was happening to him right now.]  You call other's pathetic... But you are nothing but a pathetic lying fool. 

Kill him. 

[The shadow glances over at the video. get ready for a paranormal activity moment Smiling pleasantly at the camera while the two creatures that followed behind embrace themselves to attack what they were ordered to kill.] 

We do not need an audience for this. [The feed clicks off.] 
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[The video feed clicks on. Shown through the feed is a familiar white haired teenager that resembles Allen, yet it's Neah. Looking a tad bit concerned, yet almost too apathetic at the bodies surrounding the sand on the beach.]

Hm. [He'd check out the bodies, but he figures that it would be best not to touch them, so he wouldn't be framed for something he didn't do. ... Even though he was a liable suspect now that he was here.] Poor souls. I am sure they did not see it coming.


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