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[Bang Bang!

The sound of bullets being fired ricocheted off buildings and cut through the otherwise "peaceful" Dark Hour. A very low, hushed breathing is coming from the gruff male, as he jumps backward to avoid the attack from a man greatly resembling Vamp. His strength and overall durability reminded Snake of him, so really this seemed like he was going through the motions again. He didn't like it, didn't like how his old opponent had come back to haunt him through his own Persona. Worse yet, Snake never asked for this thing. Two Shadows were there, though dealt with quickly. Rasputin seemed like a very calm, collected, professional yet territorial hunter, wanting Snake's head only for his own.]


[His bullets weren't doing much, especially against his own Persona. The time it took to reload couldn't be wasted, and instead, Snake continued to retreat. Once the line of sight had been cut, Snake did the only intelligent thing he could think to do. He dove into a dumpster. Yes, he literally dove inside of a dumpster. That was the best idea he had at the time. Diving... into... a dumpster. Once his earbuds are placed in, the video feed cuts onto darkness and Snake's hushed voice.] This is Snake...

[That's all he got off, before the dumpster was smashed up into the sky and Snake, being inside it, came crashing down. Crawling out as if crawling out of some burned wreckage, Snake tried to move his right arm. It had broken in the fall, so now it laid limp by his side. This sense of danger was something known well to Snake, and if he had to tell the truth to someone they would notice that he enjoyed it. Injured and holding the video feed up with one hand, Snake grumbled low before speaking.]

I could use some reinforcements.
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[video/action; 3:00 PM]

[You will find our hero, Solid Snake, having just committed a rather unheroic act. What he's holding in his grip, a Heckler & Koch Mark 23 SOCOM, was just recently stolen from the weapon shop. Along with two backup magazines that he was just going to 'look at.' Unfortunately, he couldn't snag a silencer.

You'll see him firing two rounds to check the accuracy of the weapon, along with taking a few moments to inspect it. Feel free to interrupt him, chastise him for the thievery, or just come across him for whatever reason you can think up!]

[action, 12:00 AM]

[Following what Miles Edgeworth had said, Snake is wandering the streets with the previously mentioned SOCOM at his hip. The minute his eyes come across one of the numerous Shadows, his heart skips a beat. It wasn't anything he had seen before, and his SOCOM was in his hands as quick as he could get it. He wasted no time in firing a round toward the beast...

Except... it didn't do anything.

Just what Snake needed. Something that was impervious to bullets. Ducking behind a nearby building, Snake is going to try and stay out of the Shadow's current line of sight. Someone might want to come by and assist Snake, since he has no knowledge whatsoever of his Persona. He'll only hold out as long as three magazines will last, so hurry!]
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[If one were able to see the otherwise sneaky ex-FOXHOUND operative, they would notice that he didn't have a dang clue what was going on here. Every single person that passed him he hid from, not sure whether or not he had just been dumped into enemy territory or if they were allies honestly asking to help. He needed higher ground, somewhere that he could get a good scope of the people that inhabited this place.

So, if you've got a keen eye toward Snake you'll see him do some extravagant feet off a dumpster and the side of a wall that he could only have done with his amount of skill. Fingertips dangled his body as he quickly swung himself up off the edge of the building's roof. Taking a very careful survey with those green eyes of his, he utilized the device given to him for what he assumed to be contact purposes.

A device that, given some modification, came with a headset and microphone attachment.]

This is Solid Snake. Do you read me?


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