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 Good evening. 

[It's a soft voice on the line, one that seems calm yet slightly unsure. It perfectly matches the confusion in the light eyes peering into the screen.]

I don't recall this place or how I got here. The view is foreign to me as is this room. 

[She'll turn the little device over in her hand. It had taken her quite a bit to make use of the thing. She recognized it as a phone, but it wasn't anything she had seen in her time as a familiar. This only served to concern her further.]

Not that I mind, really, but I must find my way back to Sakura. Can anyone tell me the fastest route back to Fuyuki City? I believe...somehow...I've gotten lost. 
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[ The feeds turns on, showing a beautiful woman with long, magenta-colored hair. She’s putting her finger by her chin in a thoughtful pose. ]

I have spoken with many persons here directly, [ She's indicating the random pedestrians, k? ] yet they seem to give me but one answer: I am in Prospero, a city in America. I am quite unsure of what’s happening, but…

[ Yes, she know. Secondary Magic and Parallel Worlds, isn’t it? ]

If I am going to speak about Servants, [ A small pause. ] Masters, [ Another pause. ] or Holy Grail War… [ Yet another small pause. ] How many of you are familiar with those terms?
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[As the Dark Hour came to an end, so did the horde of Shadows that had gathered in the street. In the middle of the horde was a beautiful woman with ankle-length hair, clutching a pair of nail-like daggers with chains hooked onto their ends.

In Rider's mind, though the threat was gone, there was still more than enough reason to keep her guard up. This was a place unfamiliar to her. She doesn't know what causes those monsters to appear. Her status as a Servant is gone, and she can tell from her strength and speed. Breaker Gorgon is gone, yet she seems unable to petrify anything with her gaze. But most importantly, she doesn't know where Sakura is.

Looking around, Rider notices a cell phone on the ground. No one in her family uses one, but she's seen other people around Fuyuki use it. How difficult can it be?]


If anyone can hear this, I have three questions I require answers to. First, I wish to know where I am. Second, I want to know what those...creatures were that I just fended off.

And third, I am looking for a girl with waist-length purple hair and a red ribbon, and want to know if anybody has seen her.

That is all.


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