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Saori's, like... gone, man.

*Jupiter pets Saori's cat, who is walking around her house with the other animals. She sighs.*

If you're bummed out, wanna talk? You can all hit up my pad any time. Like, share the love.


Feb. 19th, 2013 07:44 pm
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...Valentine's Day is a stupid holiday. But you all seem to like it.

How was yours?

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[There's a new face on the network. One that doesn't seem too upset to be here, either. Just really confused. It was difficult to tell where he was, but the amount of sunlight suggests he's outside.]

Hello? If there's anyone actually listening to this I would... appreciate an explanation. I'm not sure how I ended up in this place. If anyone could tell me how I got here, I'd be grateful.

[Wanting to keep the message short and to the point, he shuts the feed off. But not before he accidentally lets the device record him mumbling angrily.]

Stupid primitive piece of junk...


Feb. 14th, 2013 08:25 pm
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*You like Valentine's Day, right? Course you do.

What you wake up to if you live in the hotel or if Mila knows where you live, though, is the outside of your door and various other surfaces having wrapped chocolate hearts stuck on with adhesive mounting squares. Where Mila got this many of either is probably best left unexplained.

You'll probably be spending a long time pulling them off, but at least they're edible?*
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[Billy stares at the camera for just a moment, making sure it's on before beginning.]

Heehee! That was funny! Everyone was around my height for a little while! But that's not what I'm here to talk about today. No, it's something much more important...

February 14th is my Buuday- er, birthday, everybody! Actually, it's the day I met my best friend, since I don't know when Mama made me. Yes, it's Valentine's Day, too, or at least it is in my friend's world! I don't know how to throw a party, so I need your help to help me get one together so we can celebrate. Or if you're just throwing a normal Valentine's Day party, can I come and celebrate my birthday there?

Let me know! Thanks, everybody!


Feb. 2nd, 2013 06:54 pm
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So. Groundhog Day. AKA "day in which we predict how long it's going to stay cold by watching a small animal, then compare and contrast with neighbouring states'/provinces'/countries' small animals just to make sure". Yeah, that's today. Apparently none of the groundhogs are agreeing this year, but the closest one to us says early spring, so that's something. Even if nobody actually believes in it.

What weird holidays do you guys celebrate? We've got a ton right here, so might as well spark a discussion. I've had nothing else to do aside from experimenting with replacing the phone's power supply to see if it shuts down during the Dark Hour with foreign parts.


Jan. 31st, 2013 01:45 pm
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It's my birthday today. If I had a party, would anyone come?
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[The phone's camera sees to be on the ground, as though it has been dropped. Zelgius can be seen a short distance away, striking down Shadows with his sword. Behind him, Lugh appears, unleashing a mighty Cleave on a Shadow that was trying to sneak up behind him. Once the current round of Shadows dissipates, he picks up the phone and talks into it somewhat desperately.]

I'm trying to keep the Shadows from reaching the hotel, but there are too many of them! Any assistance will be appreciated! There are civilians that need to be protected here, and so we must work to defend them!

[A Shadow strikes him from behind and knocks the phone out of his hands once more.]
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 [It's the middle of the Dark Hour and little 8 year-old Saori is hiding underneath her bedsheets, using the phone's backlight as her only light source.]

I can't sleep. Is there anyone up right now? Hold on, I heard something outside.

[She pulls off the sheets and goes to the window. There's the loud squishing noise outside that should be familiar to everyone. A Shadow pops up from below and Saori screams. She even rolls off the bed and runs out into the lobby with a smaller blanket in tow.]

W-wh-what was that?!

[There's a heavy bang at the front door and the Shadow from before has an arm reaching out at the poor girl. Saori goes to hide behind the couch.]

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[The video feed shows a face that is obviously Applejack, though for some reason younger. And many more freckles. She looks a little confused, but mostly angry, and in ill-fitting clothes. If there was any doubts this was Applejack, when she speaks with the familiar accent, that should at least confirm who it is.] you hue-mins shrink sometimes? Ah woke up this morning way shorter than Ah've been here since showing up. And the clothes don't fit right either. This normal?

[Action, outside the hotel, seconds before the Dark Hour]

[With finally getting use to staying up during it, AJ has been doing her best to help clear shadows out during every Dark Hour she can. Just because she's smaller at the moment as a human doesn't mean when she changes back to her usual pony self she'll be any different. Right?

Well, she's about to find out, standing out on the sidewalk in those big clothes again. She didn't want to risk any of the small clothes that fit getting ripped when she changed into a full-grown pony.

She really shouldn't have worried though. At the start of the Dark Hour, instead of turning into a full grown pony in clothes she's wearing, she turns into a little filly pony that is swimming in the humongous clothes she's draped in.]

What the hay?! OH COME ON!!


Jan. 24th, 2013 07:22 am
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This full moon is ridiculous. How many of the captives have become children so far?


Jan. 21st, 2013 07:53 am
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*Is this actually Lucia? ...Presumably?*

Hi, everybody! ♥ This is a little embarrassing and it's difficult to do a lot of things, but at the same time, isn't this sort of fun?

(Forgive the mermaid icons. She's never shown as a human in any of the little-kid flashbacks, so...)
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This is not funny.

[Spoken by the English-accented voice of a young woman, dressed in only the finest clothing. Her youthful face held no sign of the prominent scar she would carry later in life--in fact she seemed no older than a teenager.]

None of my clothes fit. And I mean my clothes, not this bloody embroidered tent.

Does anyone have a proper shirt and pants I can borrow?
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[Little Yayoi is hiding under her bedsheets but pokes her head out a few seconds later.]

H-hello? Mommy? Daddy? Where are you?? This isn't home...

[She tries hard not to cry but starts bawling.]

I don't wanna be alone!
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*The dusty red-purple hair and bright violet eyes on the screen are unmistakably Margulis', but the face they belong to is significantly younger. He doesn't look much older than fifteen, with his hair cut short instead of slicked back and no scar to be seen. And he's standing just outside the hotel.*

This is too elaborate for a joke, but any kidnapper who would just leave the front door open is more idiotic than I can imagine. But since this thing seems to have UMN access of some sort, I'm going to assume someone else can hear me. Anyone who's familiar with the name Bayview Hotel had best tell me where I am before I track you down and find a way to make you talk regardless.

*He taps a wooden sword against his shoulder defiantly, but his expression wavers slightly. He's worried and trying not to show it.*
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Allen..? Anyone? Can someone explain what's going on?

[There's a little girl on screen. She's standing in the hotel lobby, and she looks panicked.]

I-I don't know how this happened!


Jan. 14th, 2013 10:02 am
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Why do you people have more than one outfit anyway? Some of you have even taken obtaining new clothes as some kind of hobby where you get as many of the kind you like as you can. None of this makes any sense to me.
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Has anyone ever gained more than one ability for their Persona at once?, I guess that's anyone else, now...


Jan. 11th, 2013 08:45 am
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*Jupiter turns on the video to show her animals wandering around the room. As usual, Io is leading the four young cats around, but right now they in turn are being followed by a bunny. A bunny that, like Io, has a space helmet on.*

Like, check it out! This is my bunny, Europa. The phone was just, like, "want something?", and I was, like, sure, dude. It's starting to feel more like home already. 'Course, my pad had a lot more space...

So what'd you guys get from home? Lay it on me.


Jan. 5th, 2013 09:13 pm
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Hey, Prospero. Since we're talking about weddings and everything... can you tell me about your most important person?


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