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So. Groundhog Day. AKA "day in which we predict how long it's going to stay cold by watching a small animal, then compare and contrast with neighbouring states'/provinces'/countries' small animals just to make sure". Yeah, that's today. Apparently none of the groundhogs are agreeing this year, but the closest one to us says early spring, so that's something. Even if nobody actually believes in it.

What weird holidays do you guys celebrate? We've got a ton right here, so might as well spark a discussion. I've had nothing else to do aside from experimenting with replacing the phone's power supply to see if it shuts down during the Dark Hour with foreign parts.
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What a strange holiday. The only holiday after Valentine's Day this month my world has is Setsubun. It's to sweep out any bad luck from last year and call for good luck this year.

Oh, we have a thing called Golden Week which almost a whole week's worth of hoidays in a row!
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Yeah. Someone wears an oni mask and we toss beans at them. We say "Oni wa soto! Fuku wa uchi!". How do you translate it..."Out with the oni, and in with the luck!"

They're not stat holidays. I kind of wish they were though. It's mostly observe famous, historical or just-for-fun holidays.
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Oh that does sound like a good idea! It'd be kind of fun to see what everyone celebrates!