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[Allen looks quite thoughtful.]

Would you stay here, knowing it means being 'normal'? I'm not talking about our Personas, but...our powers we have back home.

[His Innocence and his curse. He lived this long without them. It's still strange to him; it feels...both lighter in burden and yet?]

I admit, I miss having my Innocence and [it's not something he admits openly, but he feels like saying it] the curse on my eye. My arm still looks different, but it's not the same without using my Innocence.

It's like I'm missing a part of myself.
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[When the video first comes up, the video is lying on the floor. There's nothing on the video at first but the scuffling of footsteps. Then two shots go off.]


[The phone is scooped off the ground, and the video jerks around as Gilbert takes off. Another shot goes off as he's running.]

Why isn't this-

[Gilbert turns and stops suddenly. Dead end. He turns. The camera shows a low level monster standing there, tongue rolling out of its mouth. Gilbert takes a step back and shoots again. The bullet misses. The monster looms closer. Gilbert takes aim. Click. Out. Another step back. Then there's a odd light. Suddenly, the monster is gone.]

It's about time.

[The video jerks around. Oh, look, Gilbert's persona.]

You're... my persona?

Indeed. Now, you better hurry.

[ ooc: If you're interested in a mini-fight plot so Gilbert can get back to his apartment, by all means, make it an action. Any other interaction is fine as well. ]
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[The video flicks on. First appearance, the camera is staring at a sidewalk. The camera turns up and shows Gilbert, staring down at the device, a puzzled look on his face.]

What is...?

[The video turns again, showing the sidewalk a second time.]

First these new surroundings and now this?!

[There's a pause as the video jerks, showing a pair of black boots now.]

And where the hell is Oz?!


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