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[If he count correctly, that date is exactly today. 8th of May, Buddha's birthday in Japan. Well, either on the April or this month, but since last month was very chaotic, he can't bring himself to do this. By 'this' of course he means giving a present to Prospero's favorite Buddhist, Issei Ryudo.

Unfortunately, Kojiro couldn't afford to get anything for him, but at the very least he could say something to Ryudo-dono.

Or so he wished, since the one person he could confide and relate the most from back home... was gone. Vanished. Without a trace.

The video would connect to the whole Prospero. On the screen is none other than Kojiro, without any smile nor seriousness on his face. If any, it's sadness.]

My apologies for interrupting your work, whatever you're doing... But I am afraid Ryudo-dono's number has gone from the list. [An exasperated smile goes here.] Not only him, I guess there's a lot other, in case it goes unnoticed. [There're others, but the one that-- No, thinking about his name again will bring nothing but more remorse.]

Thank you for your time. Have a good day, Prospero.

[His tone is a bit cheery, and it's obviously forced. The video will go off after a short while.]
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[Clouded. His mind was clouded. He wasn't supposed to be like this, unable to control his temper. Kojiro thought that he was only having a bad day, yet it turns out that the days followed after that still engraved what was the thing called 'anger' on his brain.

Thus, he did the only thing he could think to refresh his mind: Hunting Shadows.

However, unlike his usual self, Kojiro didn't swing his katana as elegant as he should. To say that he fought like a savage might not be too wrong. One or two Shadows were nothing, but his anger and recklessness lead him to no other than surrounded by hordes of Shadows.]

Black creatures of void, you thought playing with numbers will gain you victory!?

[As he was about to attack them before they attack him, Kojiro's emotion gets a little on him, which suddenly brought him to a condition where he never experienced before. The purple-clad swordsman was feeling a sudden change inside him.]

Thou art I, I am thou...

[Just behind Kojiro himself, stood a Persona wielding two steel swords by its' hand.]

You'll be my sword, and I'll be your sword. I am Yoshitsune Minamoto!

[With two slashes from his Persona, Shadows around him were no more. Funny thing, Kojiro was probably least amused at the idea of his Persona stealing his prey and he knew who was Yoshitsune Minamoto. He wasn't supposed to get angry at this blessing, but he did anyway.

Which was granted, as suddenly his Persona attacked its' owner.]

So you challenge me, the great Yoshitsune?

[Kojiro's question-- No, Kojiro's threat was answered with nothing but sword slash. Fortunately he was able to block this attack, but fuck his Persona's strength tops him.

Glaring at his summon's previous action, Kojiro was everything but happy.]

Old warlord like you have no place anymore!


Around thirty minutes later, his video would connect to the world. In the screen, there would a messed up Kojiro Sasaki. Yeah, he won, but... damn was it hard.]

So on its' awakening, Persona goes on rampage? Or it's simply I am not quite worth it? The great Yoshitsune seemed to turn calm after a loss on his part... [coughcough OHSHITBLOODONMYCLOTHES.] In any case, I would be quite grateful if someone could-- [Coughbloodcough.] --be free enough to spare a helping hand...

[And because he couldn't afford to speak any further, he's going to turn off the feeds for now. BRB trying to walk... to hotel... FUCK ITS' HARD. Maybe collapsing due to the blood loss on the way idk man.]
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Ah, it seems along with the influx of newcomers [Honestly, he's about to go blunt with saying 'new captives', but he decided not to.], some old faces might have gone instead, as far as I've noticed. [A small pause.] This place still follows the rule of bird migration, a pack enters the nest, while the rest shall move later on. Unfortunately, there's about nothing we can do to prevent that, are we not?

I'm afraid I can't sight the witch anymore around this place. While knowing that there's a small probability that she may travels around the world, I cannot help but conclude that she might be missing as of now. [Well, that sucks. Kojiro just lost someone to annoy.] 'Missing' or 'Sent home', whichever terms strikes you fancy.

That aside, fellow survivors, who else beside Caster is missing in our progress to reveal the truth of Prospero?
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[Ladies and Gentlemen!

This is Assassin, the Japanese one.

This is Assassin, not giving a single fuck about the recent religion post.

This is Assassin, not so jobless.

This is Assassin, working as a part-timer just because he's bored as hell.

This is Assassin, driving a pedobear sushi truck.

This is Assassin, in every red lights and every stops possible, accelerates through like a boss. watch your step Lancer, you might die from a random and sudden ramming due to a relatively low luck. ts;dr, 'Mad Driver' is the word you're looking for.

This play whenever he's in your sight, buddy. Louder, of course. Bonus point if you're actually interested in buying sushis, cue instant braking. WORRY NOT GUYS, KOJIRO GOT ALL OF THIS UNDER HIS CONTROL!! ...Except for the unpredictable accident, obviously.

Now where's my temple gate?]
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Ah, it seems the influences of the colorful texts has died down a bit. I must say, that is pretty creative and eye-captivating. To be honest, I did not know that this mechanical device is capable of sort of things. It makes you wonder who invented them, doesn't it?

Related to that, I am openly amazed by the amount of bright young generations. Contrary on the saying of how self-obsessed teenagers could be, we were served by those who mature faster than they ought to be. There's the young Atsuro, there's young Ryudo-dono... Ah, I can't wait to see more of them in this land. Most interesting, Prospero.

That aside, should anyone interested in entertaining an old warrior to a duel, consider this an invitation. I would gladly settle with the rules and terms any of you might offer. That is all.
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[Tonight, if you're wandering outside during the cursed hour, you may notice an unfamiliar man in hakama defeating tons of low-level Shadows with ease. Even from far, his Japanese sword should be visible due to its' length, which could come in par with a spear. Good luck in seeing his lightning speed slashes, though.

After giving a short time at his current area, Assassin'll wander again without an exact destination in mind. Yep, that is the definite time when one could encounter him/see him through communicators. Worry not, he means no harm. Well... Until he get a clear explanation about those monsters, of course.

Also, expect Video/Phone/Text reply to have a long pause, because loltechnology.]


Technologies these days... This cell phone is as interesting as its' usefulness. I'll be certain to dig further into this little thing when I got the time.

Oh, forgive my incoherent ramblings. I am Servant of the Assassin class, Sasaki Kojiro. So it seems I've been summoned again by a latent Master. That being the case, I have but a short and simple question in which I require a quick answer.

Are you my Master?


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